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6 Reasons Why We Should Start Living Green And Save Our Planet

The greatest threat to our planet-someone else will save it. At EcoSoul Home, the only way we can save the Earth is by changing our way of living.

eco-friendly lifestyle


People have been striving for an eco-friendly lifestyle. From reducing the usage of plastic products to embracing sustainable products, people have found out a lot of effective and sustainable ways that can help them go green. Though the idea of adopting green products has gained plenty of momentum over the years, there are still hundreds of people who are not concerned about environmentally safe products and have seen absolutely no point in embracing this high moral concept. However, understanding the reasons for going green might be the best way to motivate you and other people to follow this popular eco-friendly trend.

Plastics Harm The Environment

Plastic Harms the Environment

Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today and research says that 73% of beach litter worldwide is plastic and plastic is killing more than 1.1 million seabirds and animals every year from single-use plastic bags and other plastic garbage that ends up in the ocean. According to them, plastics can break down into microplastics and researchers found that this reduced the growth of microalgae and the efficiency of photosynthesis.

So producing more microplastics could degrade plankton’s ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, which contributes to climate change (B. Bauman, 2019). Most plastics contain additives to make them more flexible, stronger, and durable and have been estimated to take at least 400 years to break down.

Less waste in the environment

less waste in the environment

One of the most powerful aspects of eco-friendly living is recycling, which is done to ensure that no waste goes to the environment. It calls for use of reusable home essential products instead of relying on products that can only be used once and then disposed of to the environment. Once you go green, you will generate less waste and for this reason, you will save the earth a huge load of waste daily or even annually.

Helps with conserving natural resources

Conserve Natural Resources


The natural resources that are available and present today could happen to not be around in the next century or the next generation if they are not conserved properly. Green living is also about making resource conservation a top priority. If the entire planet was to embrace green living, it would be easier to conserve the available resources for future generations.

Going green is vital for making a difference in the world. Every person on earth is morally bound to go green if at all the concept of green living has any impact.


In conclusion, all it takes is just one person to impact change in a community. When other people will see how healthy you are because of your lifestyle or because of going green, they will be encouraged to follow. The planet needs us to stop thinking about ourselves alone. Adopting a green lifestyle helps in maintaining a cleaner environment. People will slowly learn how to conserve the environment if someone will just show them how.

With all this information, EcoSoul Home decided to take action to start making lifestyle choices that are kinder to the world. All our products are made 100% eco-friendly and great for the environment.

This is just a reminder that you can't change what's going on around you until you start changing what's going on within you. You can start changing by living green and be eco-friendly with the help of EcoSoul Home.

Start living green today and start realizing the many advantages of going green!