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A beautifully arranged table with Palm Leaf Bowls, Compostable Fork, and Compostable Spoon.
Disposable, Biodegradable, Beautiful: The Allure of Palm Leaf Tableware
A new year always calls for some cozy gatherings, spending time with your nearest and dearest, and pondering on some resolutions. And, if hosting a gathering is the...
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4 ways to celebrate Hanukkah
4 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly, This Hanukkah 
Love, Latkes, and Hope: Hanukkah is almost here.Here's how to celebrate it in an eco-friendly way. The miraculous times are here! Yes, Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights,...
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Biodegradable Tableware Why You Need Them In Your Kitchen
Biodegradable Tableware: Why You Need Them In Your Kitchen?
There are green alternatives to almost everything. Locally grown food for chemically synthesized food, tap water for bottled water and compostable bags for plastic trash bags. And one...
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