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Learn more about our 100% Organic Bamboo Kitchenware

ECO SOUL bamboo kitchenware is made from 100% organic bamboo and is the right food-safe, healthy choice for the chopping and meal prep needs of your family. All of our bamboo kitchenware is made from 100% bio-based materials and is USDA Bio-Preferred Certified. Our bamboo products are free of toxins, BPA, chemicals, or formaldehyde common to other cutting surfaces or cooking utensils. All our bamboo products are UV sanitized for healthy food consumption.

Our cutting boards are chef-grade, sturdy, and durable, and available in five different sizes, designed to meet all your kitchen needs. Each ECO SOUL board is made from a single solid bamboo piece, unlike several competitor boards, which are constructed with multiple pieces of wood with a hollow center, reducing the durability, life-span of the board. Our cutting boards are made from organic bamboo that makes them not only lightweight but more durable than traditional wooden boards. They have gentle edges for easy and safe handling. Our boards are resistant to scarring and non-slip for an easy cutting experience. Our boards are gentle on the knives keeping them sharp.

Our two large bamboo cutting boards have a deep juice groove design to gather juices from cutting meats and fruits. It keeps your kitchen countertop clean, thus ensuring mess-free cooking. These cutting boards are waterproof (dishwasher safe) and easy to clean.

Our bamboo cooking utensils come in a beautifully packaged 6 piece set that includes two spoons, two ladles, and two turners making it a perfect choice for your kitchen. Our utensils are non-stick, they won't scratch plates or leave their mark. Easy to grip and effortless to serve. Prepare a delectable meal with our lightweight, durable organic bamboo utensils while making a green, eco-friendly lifestyle choice. 

Why wait?! Replace your plastic cutting boards and silicone utensils with ECO SOUL organic bamboo kitchenware. Make a healthy choice for your family and contribute to a greener planet!


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