4 Easy Ways for Eco-Friendly Holiday Season Parties 

Sustainable Christmas

Colder weather, snuggly blankets, and warming drinks (with or without some brandy), there's nothing quite like the holiday season. And, with it, comes the dinner parties, Hanukkah feastings and casual brunches. 

Let's face it: Christmas is all about being merry and spreading joy. But, it's also about giving back, feeling grateful and going on those super long shopping hauls. 

The crux here is that Christmas is about gathering together and having a great time. And, if you are looking out for some jingling ideas to make your gatherings more planet-safe, this blog is just for you.

Read on to explore four unique ideas to make your Christmas-time parties a sustainable Christmas.

1. Host a Dinner in Plant-Based Single-Use Tableware

We get it; no one wants to do the dishes later, especially if you are tired (or hungover) from last night's parties. And that's why people tend to stick to single-use plastic plates or cups. 

But did you know that almost  50% of the plastic produced worldwide is single-use plastic? And, once used, where does it end up? Our oceans, marine life or the landfills. 

The solution? Switch to plant-based single-use everyday essentials like palm leaf plates, compostable party cups, or compostable trash bags. And besides being planet-safe, these essentials are also super convenient. 

EcoSoul has one of the largest ranges of plant-based and compostable everyday essentials, made straight out of Earth's natural resources like palm leaves, sugarcane bagasse, cornstarch or bamboo. (Yes, no plastic!)

In fact, besides being 100% plant-based, these products are also certified compostable and tend to go back to nature in a couple of days, leaving no trace behind, unlike plastic. 

They are also strong, sturdy and here, so you don't have to do the dishes later.

2. Try a Plant-Based Menu

Sustainable Christmas Tree

Turkeys are definitely a must-have during Thanksgiving. But you can certainly choose to cut back some of your carbon footprints. 

Let's admit it: we've all seen the tables and plates squeak under the extra weight of the food when most of it ends up as leftovers. So, instead of cutting out meat entirely, you can choose to cook responsibly, especially if meat is something you love. 

And, if you still have some leftovers, you can always give them to the shelters instead of throwing them in the trash. Meat significantly adds to our carbon footprint, but there are several ways to limit it. So, if you want the meat to be served, consider poultry than beef. (Around 10% of US emissions are due to beef consumption.)

Also, go local and shop organic. This helps reduce your carbon footprint and also allows you to give back to the local communities. 

3. Switch to Eco-Conscious Decor

There's nothing more horrifying than the holiday decor. It's either glitter, or plastic, or both. Yes, it surely looks pretty, but not too "pretty" for the planet. 

So, instead of buying thousands of twinkly lights, why not consider scented or beeswax candles? And, if you still want that flickering effect, you can use LEDs. 

Moreover, you can also look for better options like recycled glass baubles, foliage door wreaths or making an ornament out of cinnamon, cranberries or oranges. In fact, you could even plan a short activity with your kids and make eco-friendly dazzling decor while spending quality time with your family. 

Moreover, if you are wrapping up some Christmas presents for your loved ones, think about re-utilizing last year's gift wrappers. In fact, you can also choose to buy gift cards instead of real gifts. This would help you save on wrapping and give freedom of choice to one you just gifted. 

4. Choose to Give Back,

This Year One of the best things you can do this Christmas is honor the holiday spirit, which means giving back and spreading smiles. Honestly, there are over a million ways to give back. You can choose to visit senior housing and spend some time with older people or visit an orphanage and give some (eco-friendly) gifts to the children. 

Moreover, if you have that animal lover nested in your heart, you can visit an animal shelter and spend time with the animals. It's not always about giving hefty donations; it's about making those around you feel loved.