More than 95% of plastic is not recycled

Deforestation is the leading cause of mass extinction.

(We) Serve to save: 

We’re harnessing earth’s most renewable resources to help give back to this planet – transforming leaves to save trees, and upcycling plant waste to reduce our carbon footprint. Creating products that nurture Mother Nature, because they’re cut from her very same cloth. And forging solutions that are sustainable for the day, the week, the year, and the long-haul. So taking care of the earth is no longer a choice, but a lifestyle, and one that all of us can easily enjoy. Every day and everywhere. 

100% tree-free

Our Impact by Numbers

At EcoSoul, we strongly believe that we borrow our planet from our children and future generations and do everything we can to leave it a better place for them. And, with every purchase, you play a part in our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to a more sustainable lifestyle. As of Feb 24, our brand has made a massive lifetime impact. The numbers below reflect that our customers are playing a huge part in advancing our mission.


Kg of Co2 Emission reduced


Pounds of Plastic reduced


Trees Saved

Meet Our Materials

Palm Leaves Sugarcane Fiber Bamboo Corn Starch PLA

Palm Leaves

Our palm leaf tableware uses naturally-fallen palm leaves to create beautifully unique, exceptionally durable plates and bowls.
CO2 emissions from palm leaves per kg of raw material are 98% lower than paper and 90% lower than plastic.


Areca palm leaf trees shed leaves naturally, which fall to the ground.


We harvest them - clearing out space for healthy tree growth and preventing carbon emissions from leaf burning.


The leaves are pressed into plates and bowls by women-led operations in India.


You enjoy the resulting 100% bio-based USDA certified palm leaf tableware.


They’re made from leaves after all and degrade naturally when composted, enriching the soil.

Sugarcane Fiber

Our sugarcane plates and bowls use plant waste to create an alternative to tree-based paper products.
CO2 emissions from Bagasse per kg of raw material are 93% lower than paper and 69% lower than plastic.


Sugarcane starch is used to create a pulp that goes into making our everyday line of tableware - plates, bowls, cups etc.


>90% of sugarcane starch from sugar mills is burnt today causing harmful emissions and pollution.


We upcycle this byproduct from sugarcane production to make sturdy, leak proof, microwave and refrigerator safe tableware.


Our products are compostable in industrial, commercial and municipal compost facilities and turn into nutrient rich manure.


Our kitchenware, toilet paper, tissues, napkins, and towels are crafted from certified organic bamboo, an ultra renewable material to create an alternative to tree-based products.
CO2 emissions from Bamboo per kg of raw material are 94% lower than paper and 72% lower than plastic.


Unlike trees, bamboo replenishes quickly and is the fastest growing plant in the world.


We harvest board-based bamboo and make it into kitchenware — like cutting boards and serving utensils.


You enjoy the resulting, durable products for years to come.

Corn Starch PLA

Our corn starch bags and cutlery use plant waste to create a durable alternative to single-use plastic.
CO2 emissions from PLA per kg of raw material are 90% lower than paper and 55% lower than plastic.


We transform the corn starch, a plant-based starch into a resin to make compostable waste bags, compostable cold cups and cutlery.


Our products are compostable in industrial and municipal compost facilities as well as your backyard compost, and degrade in 90-120 days


Our products are leak proof and sturdy, and you enjoy a fully compostable, plant based option that is truly functional

Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprints gauge environmental impact, especially in climate change. A larger footprint harms Earth, but  EcoSoul helps to control or reduce the negative impact associated with larger carbon footprints. 

Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint vs Material

  • 30
  • 20
  • 10
  • 0
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • PLA
  • Bagasse Paper
  • Bamboo Paper
  • Palm Leaf


CO2 emissions per kg of raw material

We Envision A World Without Plastic

Plastic is everywhere. However, we strongly believe ethical consumption is the key to a better world. 

At EcoSoul, we are more than just a brand. We practice sustainability like a lifestyle. With us, sustainability doesn't have to be super intimidating. A change, as small as switching to eco-friendly home essential products, can go a long way to reducing your carbon footprint. 

We forge eco-friendly choices that help you alter your impact on the planet, while ensuring uncompromisable quality.

Empowering Women

Since our launch, empowering women has been something close to our hearts. We proudly indulge in women-led operations throughout our supply chain. 

By sourcing our raw materials from places with limited opportunities, we also provide well-deserving compensation, free meals and transportation to over 100+ women in rural India. 

We not only aim to make a positive eco-consciousness impact but also empower the local communities from where our products are born.'


Sustainability is close to our hearts, which is why we have collaborated with Add Purpose. With every purchase you make with us, we'll make sure to donate 1% of it to the cause you care about. All you need to do is select the cause during checkout, and we'll make the magic happen.