Protecting Our Planet

More Trees + Less Plastic

We Believe It's Time

...for humankind to be kinder to the Earth.
So, we’re reinventing the way everyday goods are made.

By replacing plastic and timber with fast-growing and self-replenishing plants, we're minimizing plastic waste, preventing deforestation, and reducing carbon emissions.

As of February 2023

We've collectively made a big impact

  • 3 M

    Pounds of plastic reduced

  • 2.4 M

    kg of CO2 equivalent reduced

  • 24 K

    Trees saved

Meet Our Materials

How we're harnessing Earth’s most renewable resources to help give back to this planet

  • Palm Leaves
  • Sugarcane Fiber
  • Bamboo
  • Corn Starch
Palm Leaves

Our palm leaf tableware uses naturally-fallen palm leaves to create beautifully unique, exceptionally durable plates and bowls.

The Palm Leaf Journey

Areca palm leaf trees shed leaves naturally, which fall to the ground.

We harvest them — clearing out space for healthy tree growth and preventing carbon emissions from leaf burning.

The leaves are pressed into plates and bowls by women-led operations in India.

You enjoy the resulting 100% bio-based USDA certified palm leaf tableware.

They’re made from leaves after all and degrade naturally when composted, enriching the soil.

Sugarcane Fiber

Our sugarcane plates and bowls use plant waste to create an alternative to tree-based paper products.

The Sugarcane Fiber Journey

Sugarcane starch is used to create a pulp that goes into making our everyday line of tableware - plates, bowls, cups, and food service containers.

>90% of sugarcane starch from sugar mills is burnt today causing harmful emissions and pollution.

We upcycle this byproduct from sugarcane production to make sturdy, leak proof, microwave and refrigerator/freezer safe tableware that is plastic-free and tree-free.

Our products are compostable in industrial, commercial and municipal compost facilities and turn into nutrient rich manure for the soil post-use, significantly reducing carbon impact on the planet.


Our kitchenware uses USDA certified organic bamboo, an ultra renewable material to create an alternative to tree-based products.

Bamboo Journey

Unlike trees, bamboo regrows and replenishes quickly.

We harvest board-based bamboo and make it into kitchenware — like cutting boards and serving utensils.

You enjoy the resulting, durable products for years to come.

Corn Starch

Our corn starch bags and cutlery use plant waste to create a durable alternative to single-use plastic.

The Corn Starch Journey

We transform the corn starch, a plant-based starch into a resin to make compostable waste bags, compostable cold cups and cutlery.

Our products are compostable in industrial and municipal compost facilities as well as your backyard compost, and degrade in 90-120 days

Our products are leak proof and sturdy, and you enjoy a fully compostable, plant based option that is truly functional

Empowering Women In India.

Women’s empowerment has been central to our culture since day one. We’re proud to have women-led operations throughout our supply chain — especially in areas of the world where opportunities are often limited.

We employ over 70 women in rural India for our manufacturing operations, where company benefits include free meals and transportation.

Always Improving.

We’re currently required to package some of our products in plastic for quality assurance purposes, particularly food-safe products like tableware. Rest assured, we use post-consumer recycled plastic to help minimize our footprint. But we still want to be better. So, we’re pursuing new innovations to get us closer to plastic-free packaging using materials such as biolefin. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on our progress.