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Eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper made from bamboo fibers. Soft, strong, sustainable, and biodegradable.
6 Reasons To Switch To Bamboo Toilet Paper
Earth Month is all about exploring new ways to embrace eco-friendly choices and follow a lifestyle that is simply more in sync with the planet. And if you...
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Eco-friendly tea party setup with a cupcake and tea on a table.
How To Plan A Planet-Safe Tea Party Like A Pro?
How do you envision spring? Whether you're planning a little beach getaway or hosting a picnic brunch, planning a tea party is perhaps our favorite part. Whether you're...
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Eco-friendly Picnic Party featuring a Weber BBQ grill with cover.
6 Ways To Plan A Mess-Free Spring Barbecue
There's nothing as good as hosting a good, old-fashioned cookout. Whether it is the fragrance of the sizzling grill, the delicious range of side dishes, or good conversations,...
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Colorful field of flowers under a clear blue sky, showcasing the beauty of spring season.
5 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves For A Spring Picnic
Ready to feel the blooming air and lushful flowers all around you? Spring is here, and honestly, there's a lot to connect to nature besides just taking a...
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A charming picnic scene with a basket filled with flowers and a cozy blanket spread on the grass.
7 Fun Activities To Do During Spring
It's officially that time of the year. The chilly winters are behind us, the snow has melted, and we no longer need to drag ourselves in heavy coats....
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A basket filled with plates and utensils, showcasing Eco-Friendly Picnic Products.
Top 5 Eco-Friendly Picks To Plan A Mess-Free Picnic
Planning a picnic out in the open? Whether you are planning a casual summer lunch or a chic spring brunch out in the open, it's important to keep...
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Celebrate Women's Day with us!
4 Unique Ways To Celebrate Women's Day, This Year
Wondering how to make the women in your life feel special? Well, with International Women's Day just around the corner, we have some unique ideas brimming. Plus, if...
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Eco Soul Sustainable toilet paper made from bamboo fibers.
Top 6 Brands For Bamboo Everyday Essentials
Who said sustainability can't fit the right aesthetic? If you are one of those who love adding a raw, natural touch to your kitchens, bamboo essentials can be...
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Eco Soul Bagasse Plates Filled with Nuts
Behind the Scenes: Making Bagasse Bowls
How about serving some super-crunchy breakfast cereal in plant-based bliss? We get it, single-use plastics are here, so you won't get caught up in the post-meal mess. But,...
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How You Can Help Save The Endangered
World Wildlife Day: How You Can Help Save The Endangered?
Did you know that almost 1 million animal and plant species face extinction right now? And, at the rate we are going, we are most likely to lose...
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Apple pie with a fork and a spoon on bagasse plates. A delicious dessert served with utensils on eco-friendly plates.
Choosing Bagasse Plates For Minimalist & Eco-Friendly Picnics
Planning a bougie lunch under the sun? We bet food is, perhaps, the most important part of any gathering. And, if it is a picnic or a cozy...
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Eco Soul Compostable Hot Cups
Compostable Hot Cup Benefits: Here's To Planet-Safe Coffee Breaks
If you can't get started on your day without a hit of caffeine, we bet we're on the same page. And, because we absolutely love those early mornings...
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Four cups of orange juice on a tray with compostable straws.
Biodegradable vs Compostable Straws: Know Your Impact
Out of all the single-use plastic being dumped in landfills, plastic straws are, perhaps, more likely to be found. While plastic straws are convenient and allow you to...
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Eco Soul Bagasse Bowls
10+ Creative Ways To Use Compostable Bagasse Bowls
Ready to combine sustainability with your daily life? At EcoSoul, sustainability is all about being easy. And, with easy and accessible options like our compostable and plant-based everyday...
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Eco Soul Green Compostable Straws
5 Reasons To Choose Compostable Straws Over Plastic Straws
Planning a cozy gathering? And, if some fizzy celebrations are a part of your plan, we bet compostable straws will be a great part of it. Sipping on...
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Eco Soul Compostable Cold Cups
Top 5 Reasons Why Compostable Cold Cups Are Perfect For Eco-Friendly Party Ragers
Did someone say party? We bet it's super fun to go a bit easy and relish some delicious food and drinks at an all-night rager. But, hosting one...
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Macarons with almonds, pistachios, and raspberries on Sugarcane Bagasse Plates.
Sugarcane Bagasse Plates Over Paper Plates: 5 Reasons To Switch Today
Are you looking for a guilt-free way to ditch doing dishes? If yes, we bet you must have tried disposables. And, while single-use plates like plastic or paper...
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Two women toasting on a bench overlooking the ocean with compostable hot cups.
10 Steamy Brews To Relish In Compostable Hot Cups
If you need some steamy hot brews to kickstart your day with, our compostable hot cups are, perhaps, the best way to relish some morning drinks without worrying...
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ECO SOUL PLA Ziplock bag of food placed on a table.
10 Must-Try Ideas for PLA Ziplock Bags
The world is rapidly shifting towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. And, with several eco-friendly alternatives now available in the market, PLA ziplock bags have definitely offered a great...
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A wooden tray with a cup of coffee and oranges, accompanied by compostable hot cups.
5 Reasons Why Compostable Hot Cups Are Great For An On-The-Go Convenience
How do you kickstart your day? For us, it mostly involves brewing some Americano and sipping it in our compostable hot cups. And, ever wondered how to make...
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Eco Soul Pla Ziplock Bag
10+ Creative Ways To Use PLA Ziplock Bags Like A Pro
In the wacky world of sustainable living, we have something for you that would help you go beyond mundane storage solutions. Yes, we're talking about PLA locks, made...
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