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We Promise It's Not Plastic

Planning a cozy family party or an all-night rager with your friends? We believe drinks are a major part of any gathering, whether it is those fizzy sodas or some chic beverages (with or without a splash of brandy).

And, if you are looking for a cup that's high on the fun but low on the environmental impact, our compostable cold cups are here to make all your gatherings fun, mess-free, and planet-safe.

Sustainable Sips with Compostable Cold Cups

Planning a party can be stressful, especially if it's at your place and you'll end up doing the dishes later. And, because single-use plastic products like plastic cups are not a great option when you are planning to go eco-conscious, our compostable cold cups are here to save the day.

Made from natural plant-based materials like corn starch, these cups are also certified compostable, lightweight, sag-free, and toxin-free.

What Are They Made Of?

All cold cups available at EcoSoul are made out of plant-based source materials like PLA. Also known as polylactic acid, PLA is a starch obtained from plants like sugarcane or corn. Cold cups, offered by EcoSoul, are made from 100% corn starch.

Moreover, because they are made from plants, these cups are also compostable. This implies that once you are done with them, they break down into tiny pieces after a couple of weeks post-disposal.

PLA vs Plastic: What's The Verdict?

Traditionally, cups made out of plastic are made from non-renewable resources like petroleum. Moreover, because they exhaust these man-made resources, the production consumes a lot of energy, time and money.

PLA cold cups, on the other hand, are 100% plant-based. They are made from the planet's fastest replenishing resources, like corn starch, and consume significantly lower amounts of energy or time to manufacture. Moreover, single-use plastic doesn't really go away.

After use, these cups end up in our oceans or landfills, where either they get entangled in marine animals and choke them or enter the food chain through microplastics being mixed into the soil. The remains of plastics also emit harmful chemicals that, once they enter the food chain, can affect our health and cause health-related problems. However, this is not the case with our cold cups. We mean it when we say they go back to nature. Offering a back-to-nature promise, our eco-friendly cold cups break down into tiny pieces and go back to nature, leaving absolutely no trail of microplastics behind. In short, these cups are simply here for a good time, and not a long time.

A Cup For Every Mood

Because we love complimenting all your needs, however lavish or minimalist they may be, we provide compostable cold cups in two different sizes. Available in 12oz and 16oz, these cups are here to fit every party mood, whether it is chugging down on those drinks, laid-back sipping experiences, or absolutely anything in between.

12oz Compostable Party Cups

These ones are planet-friendly and ready to party! Available in 12oz, these 12oz compostable party cups are perfect for handling all your minimalist drinking soirees with no mess. Featuring a compostable nature, these cups offer easy disposal and are super light on the planet.

16oz Compostable Party Cups

Here's something strong, sustainable, toxin-free, and lightweight (cheers to that!) Perfect for handling heavy drinks, these 16oz compostable party cups are here, so you don't end up doing the dishes later. Being 100% compostable and planet-safe, these cups are perfect for hosting a party without mess or guilt.

10 Reasons To Switch To Compostable Cold Cups

Let's admit it, our plant-based cold cups are here so you can party stress-free without worrying about doing the dishes. And, with that in mind, here are ten reasons why compostable cold cups are a better alternative to single-use plastic cups.

1. They are plant-based.

Stating again, these cups are made from 100% plant-based material like corn starch. Derived from nature's fastest replenishing resources, these cold cups are light on the planet. Offering a heavy-duty build with an ultra-light footprint, these cold cups are made from plants and made for all.

2. They are certified compostable.

We have made sure to go to the ends of the Earth to ensure that all our products, including these sustainable cold cups, are compostable. Certified compostable, these cups go back to nature by breaking down into tiny pieces within a few days post-disposal.

3. They are toxin-free.

Made from zero chemicals or toxins, these cold cups are made safe for you and the planet. Because they are free from any toxins, they keep all your drinks safe for you. Moreover, once they become compost, they do not emit or release any harmful chemicals into the soil.

4. They embrace a circular economy.

Unlike single-use plastic cups, which are made from non-renewable resources like petroleum and end up getting disposed of, these cups remain in the ecosystem. What we are trying to imply here is that these cups follow a circular economy. Made from plants, like corn, these cups, when disposed of, become one with nature and end up nourishing the soil.

5. They are lightweight.

Perfect for carrying around all your heavy or light drinks around the scene, these cold cups are super lightweight and convenient. They are also pretty easy to hold.

6. They are available in different sizes.

Available in two distinct sizes, 12oz and 16oz, our cold cup collection is perfect to fit all your moods, and make sure to keep your plans guilt-free and mess-free.

7. They are odor and taste-neutral.

One of the best advantages of these cold cups is they are taste or odor-neutral. Being 100% toxin-free, these cold cups, made out of bioplastics, do not react with the beverage in any way, thus, helping to maintain the taste or odor of the drink.

8. They are strong and sturdy.

They are super strong and sturdy. So, whether it is standing up for all your fizzy celebrations or companioning you for those late-night party soires, these cold cups have got you covered.

9. They are easy to dispose of.

Once used, you can simply ditch them into your compost bins. If you do not have a compost bin at your place, you can visit your nearest composting facility. Once disposed of, these cups will turn compost within a few weeks. So, unlike the times when you would end up with a huge stack of used dishes, post-party with these compostable cups is easy and mess-free.

10. They are children-friendly.

Because these cups are made from no chemicals or toxins, you can easily serve your kid's favorite soda or smoothies without worrying about their nature affecting their health. These cups are purely plant-based and made safe for all kinds of food contact.

10+ Creative Ways To Use Our Compostable Cold Cups

Read on to explore 10+ creative ways to use our compostable cold cups exclusively for cold beverages.

1. Morning Iced Coffee

Transform your morning routine with an iced coffee extravaganza. Brew your favorite coffee, let it chill, and pour it into our compostable cold cup. Add ice cubes, a splash of milk or your preferred dairy-free alternative, and a drizzle of flavored syrup. Don't forget to top it off with whipped cream for a cafe-quality treat right at home. With their lightweight build, you can easily carry these around at your work or during your meetings.

2. Fruity Smoothies

Upgrade your hydration game with fruity infusions. Fill our cold cup with ice, water, and an assortment of fresh fruits like berries, citrus slices, and mint leaves. Allow the flavors to meld for a refreshing and healthy alternative to sugary drinks. Experiment with different fruit combinations to find your signature infusion.

3. Tropical Smoothies

Take a mini vacation with a tropical escape smoothie. Blend together mango, pineapple, coconut milk, and ice for a luscious and creamy delight. Pour it into our compostable cold cup for a tropical indulgence that transports you to a sun-soaked paradise.

4. Minty Lemonades

Elevate the classic lemonade by adding a touch of effervescence. Mix fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and sparkling water for a sparkling lemonade sparkler. The fizziness adds a playful twist to your drink, making it perfect for warm afternoons or outdoor gatherings.

5. Classic Mocktails

Embrace your inner mixologist and craft unique mocktails in our compostable cold cups. Combine different fruit juices, herbs, and soda for a delightful non-alcoholic beverage. Garnish with our PLA straws and fruit slices for an Instagram-worthy drink that's as photogenic as it is delicious.

6. Herbal Elixirs

Infuse your cold cup with the healing power of herbs. Brew a refreshing herbal tea, let it cool, and pour it over ice for a chilled herbal elixir. Experiment with combinations like mint and chamomile or basil and hibiscus for a soothing and aromatic experience.

7. Icy Mojito

Put a refreshing spin on the classic mojito by incorporating icy mint. Muddle fresh mint leaves with lime juice and simple syrup, then add ice and club soda. Pour the concoction into our compostable cold cup for a minty-fresh burst that will leave your taste buds tingling.

8. Frozen Chocolate Bliss

Who says hot chocolate is only for winter? Blend together cocoa powder, milk, ice, and a dash of vanilla for a frozen hot chocolate bliss. Pour the velvety mixture into our compostable cold cup and top it with whipped cream and chocolate shavings for a decadent treat year-round.

9. Cold Brews

Unleash your creativity with cold brew concoctions. Experiment with flavored syrups, nut milk, or even a scoop of vanilla ice cream to elevate your cold brew experience. Our compostable cold cup is the canvas for your coffee masterpiece.

10. Coconut Refreshers

Stay hydrated with a coconut water refresher. Combine coconut water with slices of cucumber, a splash of lime juice, and ice for a revitalizing drink. The natural sweetness of coconut water, paired with the crispness of cucumber, makes for a hydrating and delicious beverage.

11. Bubbly Berry Fizz

Create a bubbly berry fizz by muddling fresh berries and adding them to our compostable cold cup. Top it off with sparkling water for a fizzy and fruity delight. This effervescent drink is perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply treating yourself to a burst of flavor.

Wait, There's More!

Looking to explore more of our PLA collection? Make sure to browse through our biodegradable straws, biodegradeable trash bags, and more made out of PLA (corn starch).

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