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Compostable Clamshells: Sustainable Packaging Made Easy

Ever wondered if your takeout containers can be plant-based? Yes, it's true, and we at EcoSoul are here to add a touch of convenience to it as well.

Compostable clamshells are usually takeout containers mostly used for food packaging. However, you can use them however you want. For carrying some crunchy salad to word, packing your food on the go or absolutely anything in between.

Take Your Food On-The-Go With Compostable Clamshells

From carrying your food on the go to storing your leftovers in a planet-safe way, our compostable clamshells offer an uncompromising quality along with a promise to be gentle to the planet.

Available in different sizes, our Eco-Friendly clamshells are purely plant-based and offer a back-to-nature promise. Moreover, with a tight lock mechanism and heat-resistant properties, these clamshells are perfect for keeping your food fresh without causing a huge impact.

Wait, what are clamshells made up of?

All compostable clamshells available at EcoSoul are made up of plant-based materials like sugarcane bagasse. Unlike paper or plastic clamshells that are made up of non-renewable resources like timber or petroleum, these clamshells are made from upcycled plant waste.

By upcycling sugarcane bagasse, our compostable clamshells are made safe for your food and the planet. Moreover, with absolutely no chemicals and a back-to-nature promise, they break down into tiny pieces and go back to the soil after a couple of weeks post-disposal.

Different Sizes for Different Moods

We love making sustainability available, accessible and affordable. And, with these eco-friendly clamshells, we make sure to offer you the power of choice while integrating planet-safe changes into your life.

That being said, we at EcoSoul provide clamshells in two different sizes. With a promise that's not only planet-safe but also fits every mood, our clamshells are available in two sizes- a 9-inch square shape and a 9-inch square shape with three compartments

9 Inch Square 3 Compartment Compostable Clamshells

Planning a full-fledged meal, or do you simply love variety when having a mid-day meal? Whatever your preference may be, these compostable clamshells with three compartments have got you covered. Offering a sturdy build and properties like compostability, heat-resistance and toxin-free build, these clamshells are perfect for a hearty chicken burger coupled with some fries and a smooth dip or some scrunchy salad, chicken strips on the side and a touch of fruity delight.

Here, to accommodate three kinds of food at once, we mean it when we say the food doesn't get mushy. So say goodbye to those soggy fries or dried-up chicken strips because these clamshells offer not only sustainability but also convenience. Moreover, with a tight lock mechanism, these compostable clamshells keep the food, liquids, and odor inside, thus keeping your food fresh and safe from unwanted spills.

9 Inch Square Compostable Clamshells 

Trying to keep it simple? If yes, then these 9 inch square compostable clamshells are here for you. There is enough space to accommodate a wholesome burger, a couple of chicken wings, or even a small pizza; nothing can go wrong with this compostable clamshell. 

Made out of all-natural resources like sugarcane bagasse, this clamshell is super strong and sturdy enough to keep all your messy and juicy meals in place. With absolutely no leak and microwave-safe properties, these eco-friendly clamshells are perfect for carrying your meals on the go without compromising on your convenience. 

10 Reasons To Switch To These Sustainable Clamshells 

Whether you like taking your meal with you or simply visiting your nearest street food shop, these clamshells are here for a guilt-free convenience. And, here are ten reasons why you need to make the switch today to our compostable clamshells. 

They are plant-based. 

Unlike other plastic or paper containers, these clamshells are made from upcycled sugarcane fiber. Bagasse is a residue left behind when juice is extracted from sugarcane pulp. Traditionally, this plat waste is either burnt or ends up in landfill. However, we upcycle this plant waste and curate everyday essentials like clamshells to suit everyday convenience. Moreover, by relying only on plant materials during manufacturing, these containers do not exhaust non-renewable resources like petroleum or timber and consume a limited amount of energy. 

They are certified compostable. 

With a back-to-nature promise, these compostable clamshells go back to the soil within a couple of weeks post-disposal. Because they are made from sugarcane fiber and do not have any plastic or paper, they do not leave a trail of microplastics behind. In short, unlike single-use plastic products that break down into tiny pieces and allow microplastics to enter the soil and our food chain, these bagasse clamshells are only here for a fun time and not a long time. Moreover, we have made sure to back this sustainability claim with the right kinds of certifications. All our compostable clamshells are certified compostable. 

They are toxin or chemical-free.

We mean it when we say they are made from plants. With absolutely no toxins or chemicals, these containers are made safe for your meals and the planet. By relying only on plant materials, the clamshells are toxin-free. This implies that your food would never come in contact with any harmful chemicals. Moreover, they won't also emit any harmful radiation when heated in a microwave or oven. Lastly, these clamshells will become compost and nourish the soil rather than leaving a trail of chemicals or microplastics behind. 

They are microwave and oven-safe. 

From heating up your last day's leftovers or baking some scrumptious cookies in the oven, you can rest assured that these compostable clamshell containers won't buckle under high temperatures or won't emit any harmful chemicals. In short, your food and the planet will remain safe. 

They are freezer and refrigerator-safe. 

Whether you want to cool off some homemade chocolates or store your leftovers in a convenient way, these compostable clamshells are perfect for all your requirements. With a strong build, these containers are here to withstand extreme temperatures and hold their shape. 

They have a tight lid. 

With these compostable clamshells, you don't have to worry about spills. With a tight lock lid, the container keeps your food intact and fresh. 

They are here for fresh food. 

No more stale food. With a tight lock mechanism and a  toxin-free material, these clamshells can hold and keep your food intact, minus the unnecessary spills and leaks. 

They are sag-free. 

Featuring extraordinary build and durability, these compostable clamshells are sag-free. Unlike other plastic or paper containers that tend tp get saggy with pressure, we promise that these clamshells would never buckle under the pressure, even if you want to add some super juicy meals in it. 

They are lightweight. 

Not only are they easy on the planet, they are pretty easy on the go as well. In a nutshell, these clamshells are super lightweight, allowing you to carry all your meals in style and without the mess. 

They are available in different sizes. 

We at EcoSoul sell two different shapes of clamshells. Available in 9-inch squares and 9-inch squares with three compartments, these compostable containers are here to fit all your mood without causing a huge impact on the planet. 

10+ Creative Ways To Use Compostable Clamshells

These versatile containers not only contribute to a healthier planet but also offer an exciting canvas for culinary innovation. Read on to explore 10+ creative ways to use these compostable clamshells in a super creative way.

Mini Salad Bowls 

Transform your compostable clamshells into miniature salad bowls, perfect for individual servings. Layer fresh greens, colorful veggies, and a drizzle of your favorite dressing for a visually appealing and eco-friendly salad experience. These mini bowl containers are not only convenient for picnics but also eliminate the need for disposable plastic plates.

Taco Holders

Give your taco nights an environmentally conscious twist by repurposing compostable clamshells as taco holders. Their sturdy design ensures that your tacos stand tall, preventing any messy spills. Load them up with your choice of protein, veggies, and salsa for a sustainable fiesta.

Dessert Delights 

Create charming dessert displays by utilizing compostable clamshells as individual dessert containers. Whether it's creamy puddings, fruity parfaits, or decadent mousses, these containers provide the perfect vessel for your sweet creations. Customize each clamshell with colorful toppings for an extra dose of sweetness.

Portable Pasta Meals 

Take your pasta on the go with compostable clamshell pasta pots. Fill each container with your favorite pasta dish, securing the lid for a mess-free, travel-friendly meal. Ideal for picnics, office lunches, or a quick bite on the run, these pasta pots combine convenience with sustainability.

Appetizer Appeal 

Turn compostable clamshells into a versatile appetizer arsenal for your next gathering. Load them up with bite-sized treats like bruschetta, sliders, or stuffed mushrooms. The clear lid keeps your appetizers fresh, while the compostable base ensures guilt-free indulgence.

Fruit Fiesta 

Host a vibrant fruit fiesta by using compostable clamshells as fruit bowls. Load them with a colorful assortment of fresh fruits for a visually stunning and healthy treat. Perfect for parties or as a quick snack, these bowls make fruit consumption a joyous experience.

Breakfast Bites 

Start your day right with compostable clamshell breakfast bites. Craft individual portions of overnight oats, yogurt parfaits, or granola, sealing in the freshness with the clear lid. These convenient breakfast containers are a sustainable solution for busy mornings.

DIY Bentos 

Embrace the art of bento-making by crafting your own eco-friendly bento boxes with compostable clamshells. Segregate different components of your meal, from rice to proteins and veggies, creating a visually appealing and well-balanced lunch. The sturdy design ensures that your bento creations stay intact until it's time to indulge.

Mini Pita Sandwiches

Craft adorable mini sandwiches using compostable clamshells. The compartments provide space for various ingredients, allowing you to create a diverse assortment of bite-sized delights for parties or lunchboxes.

Customizable Nacho Trays 

Create the ultimate nacho experience with clamshells designed for customization. The clamshells can house chips, cheese, salsa, and other toppings, ensuring each bite is a flavor-packed delight.

Candy Buffet

For sweet celebrations, repurpose clamshells as candy buffet containers. From gummy bears to chocolate-covered almonds, the compartments keep different candies separate, creating an organized and visually appealing display.

Wait, There's More!

Looking for the best compostable everyday essentials made out of bagasse? We, at EcoSoul, have got you covered. Made out of natural resources like sugarcane bagasse, our bagasse everyday collection is here for all your diverse needs. Check out our compostable hot cups, compostable bowls and compostable plates in different shapes and sizes and integrate sustainability in your lifestyle like a pro. 

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