As of February 2023

We've collectively made a big impact

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  • 3 M

    pounds of plastic reduced

  • 2.4 M

    kg of CO2 equivalent reduced

  • 24 K

    trees saved

What our customers are saying

Jenna Joy

“Your products are a breath of fresh air. When buying eco-friendly, one might think you have to compromise on quality. But that's not the case with EcoSoul products.”

Patricia Nunez

“I still can't believe these bags are biodegradable. It feels so good to be doing my part to help our environment.”

John Grasso

“I care about the environment, so I never feel good about using ordinary disposable plates. With EcoSoul, my family will be using them all the time without worrying that we are harming our world.”

Maureen H.

“I love how EcoSoul
products are environmentally-friendly AND beautiful.”

Edward Davis

“I have been on lookout for eco friendly disposable plates for a long time that won't be super expensive... Then I found these plates which fit all my criteria. Now I can host my kids' birthday parties and know that by using these plates I am passing on a cleaner earth to these kids as well!”

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