Our Sustainable Promises


Our home essentials are certified compostable. They can easily be broken down within 90-180 days


We've made sure to go the extra mile to get all our products certified for sustainability.


Planet-safe? Yes! But also health-safe! All our products are non-toxic and free from chemicals.


While sustainability is our motto, we make sure not to compromise on quality.

Tree - Free

With reliance on natural materials like sugarcane and palm leaves, our products are tree-free

Plastic - Free

Our entire range of home essentials has absolutely 0% plastic.β€―

Why EcoSoul

Plastic has infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives, appearing in nearly everything we use. Recognizing this as a major threat to environmental well-being, we are dedicated to substituting single-use plastic with sustainable alternatives. At EcoSoul, our mission goes beyond merely selling products. We firmly believe that even small actions can make a significant impact, and sustainability starts right at home.

HOT Off The Press

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