5 Green Pledges to Take for Earth Day 2023

Earth Day 2023 is here. And we all can agree that we are a few months into the new year. However, this does not stop us from making a new resolution (or five), especially if it is for the good of the environment.  

We believe that a slight change can make a bigger difference. And even the tiniest of adjustments toward reducing carbon footprints can go a long way.  

So, if you are ready to become a part of this fast-evolving movement, here is how to get started. Read on to explore the best five pledges you can take to initiate a greener Earth Day.

Eat Sustainably  

Did you know your diet alone can have a significant impact on carbon emissions? And, while eating mindfully is good for healthy living, it is, in fact, beneficial for the environment too! 

The best way to start eating environmentally is to switch to local food systems. The shorter the supply chain, the more we will be able to cut down on transportation, waste, and poor agricultural practices. To execute this, you can visit your local farmer's market. 

Furthermore, our obsession with beef, pork, chicken, and seafood has simply reached a tipping point. In fact, the livestock sector alone contributes more than the entire transportation sector combined when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. 

Reducing meat consumption is the key here. If we reduce our dependence on animal products, it can radically affect climate change for the good.

Cut Waste 

Apart from going vegan and shopping at the local market, you can make a difference by eliminating (or at least controlling) food wastage. In the US, almost 40% of our food supply goes to waste. You can easily make a difference by avoiding overbuying, buying compostable products, increasing awareness about sustainable storage methods, and using as many leftovers as possible.

Looking for another way to go waste-free? We say, eliminate paper altogether. We get it; this one can be a little challenging. But paper of almost 1 billion trees worth goes to waste every year. Moreover, paper production also contributes to contaminated air quality and water pollution.

So, how do you cut on paper altogether? The best alternative is going digital, like paperless billing, donating papers to schools, and simply switching to a more sustainable approach.

Buy Bulk  

We agree that this one is a bit ironic. But what we mean by buying bulk is buying sane, not extra. For instance, rather than buying small pouches for hand washing, you can buy a big pack. It is that simple.

No More Plastic 

After food, plastic is the worst form of waste on Earth, and 91% of this plastic cannot even be recycled. Moreover, reusing your plastic bags is not going to make a massive difference. 

While swearing off plastic is a bit tricky, you can switch to alternatives. Like, use natural and bio-degradable kitchenware and tableware.

Save Energy  

When it comes to energy, small actions can go a long way. And, if you are searching for some ways to conserve energy, how about saving some water? Water is a non-renewable resource, and the shortage is getting real every day.

So, a small measure like restricting your shower time during the weekdays to just 5-7 minutes can save gallons.

Apart from just water conservation, you can also save on other forms of energy, like electricity. Know that it is not just going to wear off a massive financial burden on you; it is great for the planet too!

A Bit About Us 

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