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Our palm leaf dinnerware is produced in India from handpicked naturally fallen palm leaves. You can dispose of our plate and bowls guilt-free as they are compostable; when thrown away, they will degrade naturally, transforming into nutrient-rich soil that helps other plants to grow. As our dinnerware is made from fallen palm leaves, NO trees are cut in the process. The making of these plates and bowls does not cause deforestation and is great for the environment. Our dinnerware is 100% natural and bio-based and is made without any harmful BPA or chemicals, making them a healthy choice for food consumption. Our dinnerware is USDA certified for 100% bio-based content.

Each plate or bowl has slight variations in texture and color that comes from the variations in palm leaves that are handpicked. Our dinnerware has a beautiful rustic feel that can be the star of the show at weddings, parties, or BBQs. Our palm leaf dinnerware is 100% compostable and can be disposed of guilt-free, making for easy cleanup. 

Our plates and bowls have a mild, pleasant, woody scent that does not distract. They are hard and extremely durable (could be mistaken for wood) but are lightweight like paper or cardboard. Our dinnerware products are impressive at handling hot foods and liquids. You can use them safely in a microwave or an oven up to 340F (up to 30 minutes). All of our dinnerware is steam compressed and UV sanitized for healthy food consumption.

Our palm leaf dinnerware is manufactured to the highest standards of quality. Unlike leading competitor brands, our dinnerware comes in consistent, even stacks with smooth sanded edges and a smooth textured eating surface.

Our cutlery set is made from 100% natural, compostable birchwood hence, eliminating harmful BPA, chemicals, and plastic from your day-to-day lifestyle and promoting eco-friendly living. Our birchwood cutlery set is a healthy, eco-friendly alternative to plastic flatware. Our cutlery set is lightweight but very durable. As our cutlery is compostable, you can dispose of them guilt-free after weddings, parties, or BBQs making for easy clean-up, and your contribution to a greener planet.

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