Compostable Cutlery


From an intimate gathering to planning a summertime picnic with all your friends, food is an important part of our plans. And, if you are looking for a way to enjoy your meals without messing up the planet's ecosystem, our compostable cutlery has got you covered.

Made straight from plants, our compostable cutlery sets offer the promise of planet-safe gatherings without any mess.

Slice, Slurp & Scoop Sustainably with Compostable Cutlery

It's time to ditch those flimsy plastic cutlery. Here to make a greener impact, our set of eco-friendly cutlery is made from PLA. Also known as polylactic acid, PLA is a plant starch derived from plants like corn or sugarcane. Offering uncompromising quality and convenience, this PLA cutlery is a better alternative to plastic ones in terms of their environmental impact, usability, and quality.

What Is Compostable Cutlery Made Of?

Unlike plastic, which is derived from exhausting non-renewable resources like petroleum, PLA, or bioplastic, it comes out from plants. We, at EcoSoul, firmly believe that we don't own the Earth, we simply borrow it from pur future generation. And, here to make a greener impact, we rely on the planet's fastest replenishing resources and upcycle waste to forge everyday essentials, like PLA cutlery, to help people cut down their reliance on single-use plastic.

And, because our eco-friendly cutlery is made from plants, they are also compostable. Offering a back-to-nature promise, our cutlery sets go back into nature by breaking down into tiny pieces within a couple of weeks post-disposal.

How is PLA different from Plastic?

As stated above, single-use plastic products come from exhausting non-renewable resources like petroleum. And, besides just exhausting non these resources, the production of plastic products consumes a lot of energy, time, and effort.

This implies that these products do not consume a lot of energy during the manufacturing process. Moreover, besides just being good for the planet, PLA cutlery sets also goes back to the soil. Being certified compostable, these products come from nature and go back into nature, helping us embrace a circular economy.

Plastic Cutlery vs PLA Cutlery

We bet no one likes those flimsy plastic cutlery that tend to get soggy under the weight. But, we still use them because of the most-meal mess we don't want to deal with. However, our compostable cutlery set is here to offer guilt-free convenience without any mess.

For starters, they are made from plants and are good for the planet. Moreover, unlike plastic, which tends to stay around forever, PLA compostable cutlery is only here for a good time. Also, this cutlery is entirely free from toxins or chemicals.

Lastly, offering extraordinary sturdiness and durability, forks, spoons, and knives made out of PLA are here to handle the pressure without getting soggy or mushy.

Multiple Sets For Multiple Needs

At EcoSoul, we thrive at offering you the best form of mess-free and guilt-free convenience. This is why we offer a wide collection of PLA cutlery to choose from. In short, you can find four kinds of cutlery sets.

Compostable Knife Set

Whether you like making your way through a juicy steak or simply want to cut through that delicious chocolate cake, our PLA knives are here for all the fun. High on the fun and super low on the environmental impact, these knives are 100% plant-based and certified compostable.

Available in a pack of 50, 100, 200, 500, or 1,000 counts, this compostable knife set offers extreme sturdiness, toxin-free goodness, and the promise of compostability.

Compostable Spoons Set

Chop chop, because it is time to embrace sustainability by the spoonful. Made straight out of plants, this spoon set is here for a good time (and not a long time). Made from PLA and offering a back-to-nature promise, these compostable spoons are perfect for slurping on those pipping hot soup, relishing some tasty chili, or absolutely anything in between.

Also, with heat-resistance properties and a non-toxic build, these spoons are made safe for your food and the planet. Our compostable spoons are available in 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 counts.

Compostable Fork Set

Love slurping on those thick ramen noodles? These compostable forks are here to make your slurpings planet-safe and toxin-free. Offering high-quality sturdiness and strong build, you can easily relish delicious ramen, pad chai noodles, or some usual noodles without the guilt.

Plus, being certified compostable, you don't have to worry about doing the dishes later either. Like spoons and knives, our compostable fork set is available in 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 counts.

Compostable Cutlery Set

Available in sets of 24, 150, and 300 counts, our compostable cutlery set offers the best of PLA. Offering spoons, knives, and forks all in one, this pack is a perfect choice for your picnics or cozy, intimate gatherings without making a huge mess.

10 Reasons To Switch To Our Compostable Cutlery

Here are ten compelling reasons why our compostable cutlery should be your next eco-friendly choice:

1. They are plant-based.

Our compostable cutlery is proudly plant-based and derived from renewable resources like cornstarch or sugarcane. By choosing plant-based alternatives, you are opting for a sustainable solution that minimizes the reliance on fossil fuels.

2. They are certified compostable.

Not all "green" claims are equal. Our compostable cutlery comes with certifications ensuring they meet strict compostability standards. Look for logos like the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) to guarantee that your cutlery is truly compostable, leaving no harmful residues behind.

3. They are toxin-free.

Traditional plastic cutlery can leach harmful toxins into your food. Our compostable cutlery is toxin-free, providing a safe and healthy dining experience for you and your loved ones. In short, no more worrying about coming in contact with harmful chemicals.

4. They embrace a circular economy.

Embrace the circular economy with our compostable cutlery. Unlike single-use plastics that persist in landfills for centuries, these utensils can return to the earth, completing a sustainable life cycle. It's a step towards a waste-free future.

5. They offer easy disposal.

Disposing of our compostable cutlery is a breeze. Simply toss them into your compost bin, and let nature work its magic. Unlike the guilt of contributing to overflowing landfills, you can now dispose of your cutlery with a clear conscience.

6. They are strong and sturdy.

Don't be fooled by the eco-friendly tag – our compostable cutlery doesn't compromise on strength and sturdiness. Whether you're cutting through a juicy steak or stirring a hearty soup, these utensils are up for the task.

7. They are anti-soggy and anti-mushy.

Ever had your fork succumbed to sogginess halfway through a meal? Our compostable cutlery defies the odds. They are anti-soggy and anti-mushy, ensuring that your dining experience remains enjoyable from start to finish.

8. They are safe for children.

Concerned about the safety of your little ones? Our compostable cutlery is a parent's dream – completely safe for children. With no harmful chemicals or sharp edges, you can let your kids enjoy their meals worry-free.

9. They do not alter the taste.

One common concern with alternative utensils is the impact on the taste of your food. Fear not – our compostable cutlery ensures that your meals retain their delicious flavors, unaffected by any unwanted aftertaste.

10. They are available in different sets.

We understand that one size doesn't fit all. That's why our compostable cutlery is available in a variety of sets, catering to different dining needs. Whether you're hosting an elegant dinner party or enjoying a casual picnic, there's a set tailored just for you.

It's Time To Shop With Purpose

Sustainability is close to our hearts. This is why we have decided to invest 1% of every purchase into a cause YOU care about. In short, you can invest in a cause you want for free.

With that in mind, we have collaborated with +Purpose, allowing you to choose a cause you care about at the checkpoint.; and we'll automatically invest 1% of the purchase into that, helping you make the world a better place.

Currently, you can invest in fighting against climate change, supporting female farmers across India, encouraging plastic recycling, or choosing to support BIPOC women who run small businesses in vulnerable communities across California.

What To Look For When Buying Compostable Cutlery Online?

Not all green claims are created equal. When you're looking to make a sustainable choice online, here are key factors to consider to ensure you're making a well-informed decision:

The first and foremost thing to look for when buying compostable cutlery online is certifications. Ensure the product proudly displays certifications from reputable organizations like the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) or similar entities. At EcoSoul, we prioritize transparency and proudly showcase our certifications, giving you confidence in the compostability of our products.

Going green doesn't mean compromising on quality. Your compostable cutlery should be durable, sturdy, and able to handle the demands of your meals. At EcoSoul, we provide you with compostable cutlery that not only supports the environment but also stands up to the rigors of your dining experiences.

One of the primary advantages of compostable cutlery is its plant-based composition. Look for products made from renewable resources like cornstarch or sugarcane.

An eco-conscious consumer is an informed consumer. Ensure that the product listing provides comprehensive information about the compostable cutlery – its materials, certifications, and disposal instructions.

Compostable cutlery should not only be environmentally friendly but also functional. Check for heat resistance, especially if you plan to use them for hot foods. Our compostable cutlery at EcoSoul is designed with durability and heat resistance in mind, ensuring they perform well in various culinary scenarios.

Customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the real-world performance of compostable cutlery. Look for reviews that specifically mention the compostability, quality, and overall satisfaction with the product. At EcoSoul, we value customer feedback and use it to continually improve our offerings.

Wait, There's More!

Looking to explore more of our PLA collection? Make sure to browse through our straws, bidegradable garbage bags, and more made out of PLA (corn starch).

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Certified For Your Peace Of Mind

We believe that certifications are vital to transparency and the overall health of our planet. That’s why we always validate our products to ensure that they’re better for people and the environment.

While not every certification is appropriate for every product, we go to the ends of the Earth to attain the right certifications for the right materials — so you can have peace of mind that you’re doing right by the planet.