Bamboo Disposable Napkins vs Paper Napkins vs Cloth Napkins: What's The Verdict?

An image illustrating the contrast between bamboo paper napkins and cloth napkins for easy comparison

If you are like us, we bet you have countless table-setting photos saved, full of aesthetically pleasing elements and rustic effects. And, while the meals are still delicious, the appreciation doesn't quite add up, given the amount of multiple used paper tissues being shoved to the side of your dinner plates.

It's true that paper napkins are, in fact, pretty convenient. They are easy to find and super easy to get rid of. However, they are not very "easy" on the planet. On the other hand, cloth napkins do have that aesthetic appeal, but, let's admit it, sometimes we are way too busy to wash and iron them before every meal. So, the solution? Well, we say, bamboo disposable napkins.

Here's our take on what napkins are the best for all kinds of gatherings and also easy on the planet, at the same time. Read on to explore more.

For Tackling Mess

Does anyone love barbecue? Because we, for sure, do. Or, do your Friday night plans involve eating pizza? If yes, you might be using a huge amount of paper napkins. In fact, did you know that the US uses over 160 billion paper napkins every year?

It's apparent that paper napkins are not an environmentally conscious choice. But, what about cloth napkins? Cloth napkins are durable and helpful when it comes to wiping your messy hands, but it's not exactly convenient.

Bamboo paper napkins, on the other hand, are convenient and eco-friendly. Made from the fastest replenishing bamboo, disposable napkins by EcoSoul are timber and plastic-free. Moreover, with a back-to-nature promise and certified compostability, our bamboo paper napkins also hold valid FSC certification for sustainable sourcing of source material.

For Higher Durability

We bet no one likes those flimsy paper napkins getting all torn up whenever you try to wipe your hands. But, that's not the case with bamboo paper napkins. With a tear-resistant build and a durable texture, these napkins are perfect for wiping your mess after you are done devouring any saucy, juicy meal.

And, while cloth napkins are also pretty durable, with bamboo paper napkins, you won't have to worry about washing them after every use. Offering a guilt-free convenience, you can just use them and dispose of them in your compost bin. Being plant-based, these napkins go back to nature by turning into compost within a couple of weeks after disposal.

Wait, There's More!

A wooden table with a bamboo napkins neatly arranged on top.

At EcoSoul, you can browse a huge range of bamboo dinner napkins. However, besides just that, we also have a huge assortment of other bamboo paper products like bamboo facial tissues, bamboo toilet paper, and much more.

Perfect for everyday use, our bamboo paper range is here, so you can follow sustainability like a pro.