Bamboo Facial Tissues


 Is this the day to lay back, relax and pamper yourself with love? Well, your skin-care routine is never supposed to be harmful to the planet, and our bamboo facial tissues are here for that.

Extracted straight from the green tropical bamboo forests, every wipe of our soft bamboo facial tissues is here with a touch that's not only gentle to your skin but also to the planet.

Elevating Your Skin Care Routine with Bamboo Facial Tissues

Made only from bamboo, the fastest replenishing plant on the planet, our facial tissues are made for a perfect skincare time that is also pretty light on the impact.

In fact, did you know that producing a single ton of paper napkins requires 17 trees? And, because a single tree is home to over 2 Million living species, relying on contemporary napkins is nowhere near sustainable living.

Plant-Based Tissues For A Toxin-Free Touch

As stated above, our facial tissues are made up of bamboo. We at EcoSoul rely on the planet's fastest-growing natural resources and upcycle pat waste to forge everyday essentials that are good for the planet and also pretty convenient for you.

Our bamboo facial tissues offer extraordinary softness, helping you embrace a touch that is lighter on the planet and gentle to your face. Made with absolutely no plastic or timber, these tissues are also certified compostable.

Because these tissues are 100% plant-based, they also come with a back-to-nature promise. This implies that they break won into tiny pieces within a few weeks post-disposal and nurture the soil by becoming humus.

Moreover, we have made sure to back all our sustainability claims. That being said, these facial tissues are certified compostable and FSC-certified for sustainable sourcing of the base material.

Top 10 Unknown Facts About Bamboo

It's true; bamboo has been around for ages. However, there are a lot of misconceptions about it. And, below are some of our favorite myths we would like to bust.

1. Bamboo is not a tree.

Bamboo is a member of the Poaceae family of grasses and includes more than 1,400 species. Bamboo has an amazing range of species, from little shrubs to enormous giants. While some species are small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, others may reach heights of up to 100 feet.

2. They grow rapidly.

The fastest-growing aspect of bamboo is one of its most amazing characteristics. Under ideal circumstances, some species of bamboo may reach a height of three feet in just one day. Bamboo is among the plants that grow the quickest on Earth because of its unmatched rate of development.

3. It is renewable and sustainable.

Bamboo's capacity for regeneration is demonstrated by its sustainability. Bamboo takes only three to five years to attain maturity, in contrast to decades for typical hardwood trees. Bamboo grows very quickly and may regenerate from its roots after harvesting, which makes it a highly renewable resource.

4. It is strong and sturdy.

Bamboo is stronger than steel in both tension and compression due to its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. It is widely used in construction due to its tensile strength and flexibility, especially in areas where it has been a traditional building material for generations.

5. It has natural antibacterial properties.

Bamboo textiles are renowned for having antimicrobial qualities. A substance known as bamboo kun, which inhibits the development of germs on its surface, is naturally produced by the plant. Because bamboo maintains this property even after being processed into products, items made out of bamboo still manage to possess such qualities.

6. It has natural antifungal agents.

Bamboo possesses natural antifungal agents, including bioactive compounds like phenolic acids, flavonoids, and lignans. These compounds contribute to bamboo's ability to resist fungal infestations, making it a naturally robust and resilient plant.

7. It is a bioindicator.

Bamboo is a bioindicator because of its sensitivity to changes in the environment. Certain bamboo species have been seen to display modifications in their growth patterns, leaf shape, or blooming cycles as a reaction to changes in the climate or surrounding environmental factors. These indicators are used by scientists to track and investigate ecological changes.

8. It has fire-resistant properties.

Bamboo exhibits remarkable fire resistance. Bamboo fibers are naturally fire-resistant due to their high silica content, adding another degree of security. Because of this quality, bamboo is used in buildings in areas that are vulnerable to wildfires.

9. It has unmatched durability.

Bamboo was the first plant to regrow following the World War II bombing of Hiroshima, which is a stunning monument to the plant's tenacity and perseverance. Bamboo shoots appeared in the ravaged terrain, where devastation and hopelessness were the norm, and became a representation of nature's unwavering energy. Bamboo proved its resilience in the face of the devastating effects of the atomic bomb, growing to become a symbol of hope and a testament to the tremendous strength that this plant possesses.

10. It is highly versatile and can be used to make tissues.

Bamboo fibers have many applications, but they are also becoming more and more popular in the paper sector. Bamboo is a durable and ecological material that is perfect for making face tissues, bamboo toilet paper, and tissue paper. Paper products made from bamboo are an environmentally beneficial substitute for traditional wood pulp, which helps to lessen environmental effects and deforestation. This shows how versatile bamboo is and how committed it is to a more sustainable and green future.

Top 10 Benefits Of Using Bamboo Facial Tissues

Besides just being a planet-safe alternative to other kinds of facial tissues, soft bamboo facial tissues also offer a lot of added benefits. Read below to explore ten reasons why you need to make the switch today.

Plant-Based Bliss

Bamboo facial tissues, which are derived from the rapidly growing bamboo plant, provide a plant-based substitute for conventional wood pulp tissue sheets. This reduces ecological footprint by guaranteeing a renewable supply and adhering to eco-conscious ideals.

A Back-to-Nature Promise

Bamboo facial tissues, available at EcoSoul, are certified compostable. Because of this environmentally beneficial feature, the tissues naturally break down and return to the ground without causing any long-term damage. Choosing items that are certified biodegradable supports sustainability and is consistent with the circular economy's tenets.

No Toxins, No Chemicals

The absence of toxins is guaranteed by the use of bamboo fibers in facial tissues. Bamboo is a good material for products that prioritize skin health and well-being because of its natural purity and lack of chemical additions.

Super Soft

Compared to standard tissue sheets, bamboo facial tissues have a naturally higher level of suppleness. Every usage is made more opulent by the smooth, delicate texture, which enhances the tactile pleasure. The silkiness of bamboo tissues improves comfort, whether using them for light face cleaning or gentle wiping.

Strong & Sturdy

Bamboo facial tissues are delicate, yet their strength is not compromised. Under frequent usage, the tissues retain their structural integrity since bamboo fibers are naturally durable. This resilience improves the tissues' overall functionality and helps to save resources.

Hypoallergenic Qualities

Bamboo is a great material for facial tissues because of its inherent hypoallergenic qualities. The danger of skin irritation or allergic responses is reduced by the plant's natural resistance to allergens and the lack of harsh chemicals. Those who are sensitive to certain materials can safely use bamboo facial tissues for a soft and comforting experience.

Antibacterial Properties

The inherent antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities of bamboo help to keep facial tissues hygienic and clean. Selecting tissues that are made with bamboo fibers improves the product's overall health-consciousness by adding an additional layer of protection against bacterial contamination.

High Absorbency

Bamboo facial tissues are particularly notable for their great absorbency. The fibers are especially useful for jobs requiring absorbent materials, such as dabbing, wiping, and face care, because of their exceptional capacity to swiftly and efficiently absorb moisture.

Reduced Deforestation Impact

People who use bamboo facial tissues are making a tangible difference in the fight against deforestation. Because of its quick growth, bamboo may be harvested without seriously harming the environment, safeguarding forests throughout the world and maintaining biodiversity.

Embracing Circular Economy

Because these tissues are made out of plants, like bamboo, they go back to nature without leaving any trace behind. Being certified compostable, these Tissues go back to the soil by breaking down into tiny pieces after a few weeks post-disposal and turn into compost (humus), which helps provide important nutrients to the soil and increases the soil's water retention.

Wait, There's More

If you are looking to buy bamboo facial tissues online, we are here to offer the best quality build, helping you make a greener impact. And besides just offering facial tissues, our soft paper bamboo range also includes bamboo cleaning wipes, tissue paper, and toilet paper. Moreover, you can also explore our hard bamboo range, which includes serving trays, bamboo cutting boards and bamboo drawer organizers.

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Certified For Your Peace Of Mind

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