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A Tree-Free Organic Toilet Paper That Delights

Up for a planet-safe and chemical-free toilet experience? We, at EcoSoul, vouch for what we call a guilt-free convenience. And, with our extensive tree-free and planet-safe range, you can easily start making sustainable choices right at home. That being said, if you are looking for the best bamboo toilet paper, you are at the right place. Our range of organic toilet paper, made out of bamboo, is plant-based, FSC-certified for sustainable source material, and certified compostable for being able to go back to nature within a few weeks post disposal.

Here are some reasons why you need to switch to bamboo toilet paper, and why bamboo is a superior choice over other traditional options:

Bamboo Over Traditional Paper: Why Switch?

 Did you know that over 200 million trees are chopped down each year to produce paper products? This means that a tree is chopped down every 2.5 seconds. Because an ordinary tree may support up to 1 million kinds of plants and animals, our decisions can have a significant influence on our world.

The point here is that using bamboo toilet paper instead of standard paper can be an excellent way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. And, unlike regular toilet paper, which tends to break off quickly and leave nasty scraps behind, our bamboo TP has a strong build and a high absorbency rate.

Top 10 Facts About Bamboo

Bamboo toilet paper is considerably more environmentally friendly than ordinary toilet paper. Bamboo is one of nature's quickest-renewing resources, and here's all you need to know about it.

Bamboo is a grass.

Precisely! In fact, it is one of the tallest grass species we have ever come across. And, because bamboo is not a tree, you will not have to contribute to deforestation each time you try to have a safe and sound bathroom experience. Bamboo belongs to the Poaceae family of grasses. With over 1,400 bamboo species, the grass comes in a variety of morphologies, ranging from massive monster shoots to small little bushes. Some bamboo grasses are tiny enough to fit in your hand, while others can grow to be 100 feet long.

Bamboo grows at a staggering rate.

 Compared to trees, bamboo grows at an incredible rate. Some species have been reported to grow 36 inches every 24 hours. At the correct temperature, bamboo can grow up to three feet in a single day, making it one of the fastest-growing plants.

Bamboo is extremely renewable.

 Bamboo is a highly sustainable and renewable resource due to its rapid growth and ease of reharvesting. In fact, whereas it takes an average tree 30 years to grow 600 inches, bamboo may do it in less than two months! Bamboo is utilized to replace a variety of single-use items, including eco-friendly paper napkins, because it is abundant in nature and has a sustainable appeal.

Bamboo is one of the strongest materials in our ecosystem.

Did you know bamboo is stronger than steel? That's due to its impressive weight-to-strength ratio. Because of this remarkable property, bamboo is employed in building and is also quite flexible.

Bamboo contains inherent antibacterial properties.

Another advantage of bamboo is its inherent antimicrobial properties. Bamboo contains a substance called Kun. The kun is generally present on the plant's surface and inhibits germ formation. Furthermore, the plant retains this quality even after being cut off and turned into some of the best bamboo toilet paper. This implies that bamboo essentials such as bamboo paper napkins, bamboo facial tissues, bamboo toilet paper, and bamboo paper towels have inherent antibacterial characteristics.

Bamboo is also antifungal.

Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. In summary, bamboo contains various antifungal compounds, such as phenolic acids, lignans, and flavonoids, which enhance the plant's inherent capacity to restrict fungal infections, making it extremely durable and strong.

Bamboo is a bioindicator.

Despite its strength, bamboo is extremely sensitive to even the slightest environmental changes. In reality, some bamboo species have exhibited changes when exposed to anomalous climatic circumstances. Scientists frequently research and track ecological changes by studying variations such as leaf form, growth patterns, and blooming cycles. Bamboo is also a fire retardant.

Bamboo is also fire-resistant.

Because of their high silica content, bamboo fibers are frequently used as a building material, particularly in wildfire-prone locations.

Bamboo has unparalleled durability.

Did you know that bamboo was the first plant to regrow after the Hiroshima explosion in 1945? Aside from being an excellent sustainable alternative, bamboo is quite robust. And, all bamboo-based items, such as bamboo toilet paper, are built to last.

 Bamboo is quite versatile; its paper may be used to produce paper products.

Finally, bamboo is a fairly adaptable plant. Aside from architecture, bamboo is used to manufacture a variety of products. Bamboo serving trays and bamboo drawer organizers are among the kitchenware basics available for purchase. Furthermore, bamboo fibers may be used to manufacture bamboo paper, which is then utilized to make other paper goods such as bamboo face tissues, compostable bamboo toilet paper rolls, bamboo toilet paper, and so on.

 10 Reasons To Switch to Bamboo Toilet Paper

 Here are some of the best reasons why you need to switch to bamboo toilet paper:

 They are plant-based.

Our bamboo toilet paper is manufactured from bamboo sourced from FSC-certified forests. This suggests that plant-based toilet paper is entirely plastic—and tree-free. It does not rely on nonrenewable resources for manufacture and is entirely natural.

They are certified compostable.

Our bamboo toilet paper also includes a back-to-nature guarantee. When you're finished using it, just dispose of it in a compost bin. These towels are certified compostable and will break down into tiny bits, generating compost within a few days of disposal. This compost may then be mixed into the soil to improve its water retention and nutritional value.

They promote a circular economy.

 Because these bamboo toilet paper are created from natural materials and return to nature after use, they contribute to a circular economy. A circular economy is typically defined as one that promotes reuse, recycling, and upcycling. These organic toilet papers are manufactured from bamboo, one of the world's fastest-growing plants, and are compostable after use.

They assist in minimizing deforestation.

Our bamboo toilet paper is completely tree-free. It doesn't rely on trees or contribute to deforestation. These TPs are made entirely of bamboo and are ideal for living a more sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing convenience.

They are completely chemical-free.

There are no nasty chemicals here! Our bamboo toilet paper rolls are plant-based and contain no chemicals or pollutants. In fact, they are ECF-free and completely safe to clean up without relying on harsh chemicals.

They are really powerful.

 Because bamboo is a highly resilient plant, our bamboo toilet paper rolls are also quite durable. They do not tear easily when cleaning up messes and are highly absorbent.

They're inherently antimicrobial.

Our bamboo toilet paper is inherently antibacterial since it contains a natural chemical known as kun. With each wipe, you leave behind cleaner and healthier surfaces and make a sustainable choice.

They are quite absorbent.

Our bamboo toilet paper rolls are 2-ply constructed, which suggests that they are extremely durable and tear-resistant. These towels can quickly absorb moisture without breaking or leaving crumbs behind.

They are safe for the skin.

Because these toilet papers contain no chemicals or toxins, they are safe for even the most sensitive skin and the planet.

They come with perforated lines that are simple to rip.

 Because we like making sustainability simple for you, our bamboo toilet paper line has readily visible and tearable perforation lines. This allows you to quickly peel away the necessary amount of paper without damaging the section you wish to save for later.

 Wait, There Is More

 If you want to buy bamboo toilet paper online, we offer the greatest quality and will help you make a greener effect. In addition to toilet paper rolls, our soft paper bamboo collection includes cleaning wipes, tissue paper, face tissues, and toilet paper. You may also view our hard bamboo collection, which includes serving trays, bamboo chopping boards, and organizers.

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