Choosing Bagasse Plates For Minimalist & Eco-Friendly Picnics

Avocado toast on bagasse plate with spoon and green food coloring bottle

Planning a bougie lunch under the sun? We bet food is, perhaps, the most important part of any gathering. And, if it is a picnic or a cozy brunch, we don't want you to be caught up with doing the dishes later.

This is why our range of compostable bagasse plates has got you. Made entirely from plants and being certified compostable, these plates are made to compliment all your table settings without causing a huge impact.

With that in mind, here's everything you need to know about the hype on bagasse plates and some reasons why you need to ditch plastic or paper plates and plan an eco-friendly picnic plan with these compostable plates.

What Are Bagasse Plates Made Of?

Bagasse is a leftover extracted from sugarcane stalks that are left behind once the juice is extracted. Considered agricultural waste, bagasse either ends up in landfills or is burnt to get rid of the waste. However, we, at EcoSoul, believe in embracing a circular economy. This is why we rely on natural resources and upcycle plant waste, like bagasse, to make planet-safe everyday essentials.

Our bagasse products, featuring plates, bowls, cups and tissues, are not only eco-friendly but also highly convenient. Offering spectacular quality and ease of disposal, these plates and bowls are perfect for planning a perfect picnic under the sun, without worrying about making a huge mess.

Reasons To Use Bagasse Plates For Eco-Friendly Picnics

Below are some of the reasons why you need to ditch those super flimsy plastic or paper plates and use bagasse plates instead for all kinds of gatherings, including picnics.

1. They are plant-based.

As stated above, these plates are made entirely from plants. They are free from plastic or paper and also rely on natural resources during manufacturing.

2. They are certified compostable.

All bagasse plates and other products, made from bagasse, are certified compostable. This implies that these plates are certified for breaking down into smaller pieces into the soil within a couple of weeks post-disposal, and make sure to nourish the soil. So, unlike plastic plates, which take forever to break down and still manage to leave behind microplastics, these plates are good for you and also for nature.

3. They are toxin-free.

We mean it when we say that these plates are toxin-free. Being entirely free from any kinds of chemicals, these plates are made safe for all kinds of food contact.

4. They are microwave-safe.

Because bagasse plates are safe to use in the microwave, you can easily reheat meals on them without worrying about the plates' structural integrity being compromised. Because of this characteristic, they are a useful and adaptable option for people who value the convenience of use in their everyday lives.

5. They are strong and sturdy.

Bagasse plates are excellent for a range of culinary applications because of their sturdiness and durability. These plates hold their form and integrity while serving hot or cold food, making them a dependable choice for get-togethers, parties, and other occasions.

6. They are heat resistant.

Bagasse plates withstand heat better than certain conventional paper plates, which can go mushy or lose their shape when exposed to hot food. Because of this feature, the plates are guaranteed to be sturdy and useful even while delivering heated food.

7. They are water resistant.

Bagasse plates are resistant to water, which keeps them from getting too wet or crumbling in the presence of moisture. This characteristic increases their robustness and qualifies them for a variety of culinary uses.

Choosing Bagasse Plates For Minimalist Picnics

Eco-friendly bagasse plates made from sugarcane fibers, perfect for serving food at parties and events.

1. Reducing Single-Use Plastics

Using bagasse plates for picnics is a simple but effective way to lessen your dependency on single-use plastic as the globe struggles with the effects of plastic pollution on the environment. An eco-friendly substitute for plastic that fits well with a minimalist lifestyle is bagasse.

2. Mindful Consumption

The concept of minimalist picnics revolves around the practice of mindful consumption and the embracement of simplicity. Bagasse plates support this idea by offering a useful and environmentally responsible solution that is consistent with minimalism's principles.

3. Spreading Awareness

People who choose bagasse plates or sugarcane plates are helping to normalize sustainable habits. By educating others about the advantages of bagasse over conventional solutions, you may encourage others to live more sustainably and start a positive chain reaction.