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Dine Guilt-Free with Sugarcane Plates

Whether it's a fall picnic or a spring soiree, food is an important part of all gatherings. From sides to mains and some super delicious tarts to end the meal with, a picnic, party, or soiree is technically all about food. And, while you are planning one of the best gatherings, one thing that always dreads the host is having to deal with the mess later. To be precise, the dread of having to do the dishes later is actually what makes hosting a gathering a challenging job.

But what if you could dispose of all the used tableware at once without ever contributing to the kind of waste that could mess with the planet? It's true that single-use plastic plates and other items are what people rely on to ditch doing the dishes later. However, plastic plates can never be a good option for you and the planet. They are slathered in chemicals and rely on non-renewable resources to be made. But we have something that could help with some guilt-free gatherings. Our sugarcane plates are here, so you can host any gathering like a pro without ever having to do the dishes later.

 As the name suggests, our compostable sugarcane plates are entirely plant-based and promise a return to nature. Made from upcycled sugarcane bagasse fibers, these plates are a great pick for the planet and allow you to host any kind of mealtime without feeling the guilt of contributing to a negative ecological impact.

With that in mind, here's what you need to know about our sugarcane plates. Also, explore some reasons why you need to make the switch today.

Sugarcane over Plastics: Why Switch?

Did you know that 50% of all plastic produced worldwide is single-use plastic? And where exactly does it end up? Well, in our oceans and landfills. The point is that single-use plastic contributes to much waste generation, particularly because it is meant to be used just once. Another hard hitting fact about this is that single-use plastic plates are usually made by relying on non-renewable resources like petroleum. The petroleum is extracted by using high amounts of energy and is converted into plastic plates. This increases our reliance on fossil fuels and leads to using extreme amounts of energy.

On the other hand, plates made from sugarcane are a far greener option. For starters, they do not rely on non-renewable resources. In fact, they are made from upcycled agro waste, sugarcane bagasse. This agro waste, which usually ends up in landfills, is extracted, dried and heat-pressed into molds to form our sugarcane plates.

Another good thing about using these compostable plates is that they are compostable. While plastic plates take years to decompose and break down into tiny pieces, it still manages to leave a long trail of microplastics behind. However, our sugarcane plates are certified compostable. This means that these plates are certified to go back into nature within a couple of weeks post-disposal. And, when they break down, they form compost. This compost, or called humus, is pretty rich in nutrients and can be mixed in with the soil to increase water retention levels and provide important nutrients.

Why Bagasse Is A Better Pick?

Bagasse is generally the agro-waste left behind when the juice is extracted from sugarcane stalks. This bagasse is usually dumped into landfills and is burnt, leading to land and air pollution. However, we, at EcoSoul, believe in embracing a circular economy. This is why we upcycle this plant waste and rely on nature's fastest and most abundant resources to forge the best everyday essentials.

That being said, we upcycle this highly abundant agro-waste and forget it into sugarcane plates, bowls and cups. Besides being a planet-safe alternative to single-use plastic disposables, they are also pretty sturdy and durable. They can hold your food without buckling under pressure and are super easy to dispose of.

10+ Reasons To Choose Sugarcane Plates

Here are some 10+ reasons why you should ditch single-use plastic or paper plates and switch to our compostable sugarcane plates instead:

Made from Plants, Made for All

Starting again, these bagasse plates are made from plants. They are made by upcycling sugarcane bagasse and do not contain any chemicals. Being absolutely tree-free and plastic-free, these plates are a perfect way to make all your meals sustainable and happy. Plus, because they are made from upcycled agro-waste, they do not rely on non-renewable resources during manufacturing.

The Promise of Back-to-Nature

 Our plates are certified to go back to the planet. This means that they are certified to break down into compost within a few weeks of disposal and convert into humus. This humus is ultra-rich in nutrients and is often mixed into the soil to increase its nutritional health. You can simply dispose of them in your compost bin or do a small backyard composting activity with your family.

Embracing the 3 Rs

These sugarcane plates are made to support a circular economy. Made from agro-waste, they embrace the idea of reusing, recycling and reducing by cutting off our reliance on non-renewable resources. Thanks to their compostability claims, these plates come from nature and go back to nature.

Ease of Disposal

Another good thing about these compostable plates is that they are super easy to get rid of. Unlike a regular single-use plastic plate, which can take decades (or even more) to decompose, they are meant to break down and form compost within a couple of weeks. Plus, all you have to do is dispose of them in your compost bin and quit worrying about generating a lot of waste.

Less Waste, More Fun

 Starting again, these disposable sugarcane plates contribute to lower waste generation. They are certified to go back to nature within a few weeks and do not lead to high generation of your countertops being slathered with single-use plastics. In short, this is how you host a zero-waste party!

Safe for Microwave

 Although these plates are sustainable, they are also quite robust. Our disposable plates are microwave, oven, freezer, and refrigerator safe. And, because they contain no toxins, they will not emit any dangerous compounds into your food, even if exposed to high temperatures.

Free from Toxins

 These all-natural plates are constructed entirely of plants. They contain no toxins or chemicals and are safe for both your food and the environment.

Non-Saggy Ease

Unlike traditional single-use plastic plates, which become mushy with heavy gravy, these plates will never bow under strain. Our palm leaf plates are non-soggy and of superior quality.

Easy to Carry & Strong Enough

 Aside from their exceptional quality, these sugarcane plates are also rather lightweight. They are extremely portable and strong enough to withstand all of the sizzling food.

Different Sizes to Choose From

Our sugarcane plates are available in a wide range of forms and sizes. These biodegradable plates come in square and circular forms in three sizes: appetizer, snack, and dinner plate.

Giving Back to the Society

 Our sugarcane disposable plates are handmade to perfection. We hired numerous folks from rural India for this project. And choosing palm leaf plates allows us to contribute back to society.

Shop In Sustainability, Shop With Purpose

Let's face it: sustainability is extremely dear to our hearts. This is why we worked with +purpose and are helping a variety of organizations. To put it simply, after checkout, you can select any of the causes, and we will automatically invest 1% of your purchase amount on your behalf. In summary, you may help your favorite cause for free while doing more good for society.

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Our bagasse bowls, like our sugarcane plates, are composed of recycled bagasse and certified compostable. In addition to our bagasse line, we provide a diverse selection of plant-based and compostable everyday staples such as tableware, cookware, drinkware, partyware, personal care, and much more. All of our goods are manufactured from organic materials such as naturally fallen Areca palm leaves, recycled sugarcane bagasse, plastic-free compostable plant starch, and nature's fastest-growing bamboo. 

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