Compostable Bags: A Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Bags

Eco Soul Kitchen Trash Bags

Ready for a zero-waste journey? The do's and don'ts for an eco-friendly lifestyle is a pretty long list; so let's start from the basics. That being said, the burning question is how do you trash the scraps if you are following a zero-waste lifestyle?

Well, the solution is to generate less trash (pretty obvious), but also to ditch single-use plastic bags and use compostable trash bags instead.

And, here's what you need to know about compostable bags, and how they can be a great alternative to plastic bags.

What Are Compostable Bags Made Of?

It's well evident that plastic is created from polymers. However, not all polymers are plastics. meaning, polymers can be synthetic and natural. Natural polymers, and biopolymers, include materials like cellulose or starch.

In most cases, biodegradable bags are made from starches derived from plant starch like corn or sugarcane.

In a nutshell, unlike plastic bags, compostable bags do not rely on non-renewable resources like petroleum. In fact, compostable trash bags, like the ones available at EcoSoul, are made from 100% plant-based materials like corn starch.

And, besides being plant-based, these trash bags are also compostable. Offering a back-to-nature promise, all compostable trash bags, available at EcoSoul, break down into tiny pieces in a compost facility and can be used as compost to nourish the soil.

Are They Worth The Hype?

Let's admit it, we all want to do our bit to the planet and protect the future generation. However, you don't need to alter your lifestyle altogether to make a difference. A choice, as small as choosing compostable trash bags over plastic ones can make a huge impact.

Moreover, besides being safe for the planet, all biodegradable trash bags at EcoSoul are pretty functional too. Offering an uncompromising quality, these trash bags lock in that trash odor and are tear-resistant as well. Moreover, with a leak-resistant build, these bags are a good choice to trash all liquids with absolutely no mess.

In short, these bags are heavy-duty with an ultra-light footprint.

Bag Your Trash Right

Eco Soul Compostable Kitchen Trash Bags

Our plant-based and compostable trash bags are here to compliment all your zero-waste kitchen tactics. Made out of PLA (cornstarch), these trash bags are a great sustainable alternative to plastic. With absolutely no plastic or paper, these can be used to trash all your super heavy or running trash without ever having to worry about the mess.

Storing Your Leftovers Like A Pro

Besides providing compostable bags in multiple sizes, you can also explore compostable resealable bags. Made safe to store all your leftovers, our refrigerator-safe resealable bags come with a tight ziplock mechanism, ensuring absolutely no leaks or seepage.

Moreover, with no chemicals or toxins, these bags are made safe for your food and the planet. Available in different sizes, these compostable ziplock bags are easy, convenient, and perfect for on-the-go.

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