Plant Based Compostable Resealable Bags


Store Your Leftovers Like A Pro With Compostable Resealable Bags

Are you still storing your leftovers in a plastic container? How about going all plant-based on this one, too? Whether you want to store your leftovers, freeze some fruits in the oven or simply carry your favorite trail mix nuts on the go, our compostable bags are a great way to choose sustainable lifestyle options without making a compromise.

Our compostable resealable bags are made from plant starch, which is usually extracted from corn. Besides being entirely plant-based, these ziplock bags are also toxin-free and certified compostable. So, if you are planning to make sustainable choices and looking for options that are also convenient, here are some reasons to buy our compostable resealable bags online.

What Are These Compostable Resealable Bags Made Of?

All compostable resealable bags available at EcoSoul are created from plant-based materials such as PLA. PLA is a starch derived from plants such as sugarcane or maize. In brief, these bags are constructed entirely of corn starch.

Furthermore, because they are plant-based, these cups are compostable. This means that after a few weeks of disposal, they will break down into little bits.

PLA vs Plastic: Why Switch?

Traditionally, ziplock bags made of plastic are created from nonrenewable resources such as petroleum. Furthermore, because they drain these man-made resources, manufacturing requires a significant amount of energy, time, and money.

ο»ΏPLA resealable bags, on the other hand, are completely plant-based. They are created from the planet's quickest renewing resources, such as corn starch, and need substantially less energy or time to produce. Furthermore, single-use plastic does not go away.

After disposal, plastic resealable bags wind up in our seas or landfills, where they either entangle and suffocate marine life or enter the food chain via microplastics mixed into the soil. Plastic residues also produce toxic compounds, which, once in the food chain, can hurt human health and cause difficulties. However, this is not true for our compostable resealable bags. We mean it when we say they return to nature. Offering a back-to-nature guarantee, our eco-friendly PLA ziplock bags break down into small bits and return to nature, leaving no trace of microplastics behind. In a nutshell, these bags are here for a good time, but not for long.

Different Sizes for Different Moods

Compostable Gallon Resealable Bags - 11.5" X 10.6"

Do you love storing your dinner for morning leftovers? Well, then, this one's for you! Made from plants like corn, these bags are perfect for holding, sealing and locking your heavy gravy foods in the refrigerator or freezer. Being the biggest size available, these bags are also a great choice to store already-cut fruits or marinated meat pieces, especially if you are planning a barbecue the next day.

You can purchase 50 or 100 counts at once, or you can subscribe to the product with a delivery frequency of every one, two or three months and save up to 15% on your purchase.

Compostable Quart Resealable Bags - 10" X 6"

If you are up for smaller food items or simply your fruit or vegetable peels, this size is a perfect pick. These bags are also perfect for storing cheese, lettuce or other veggies. They are made from PLA and are certified compostable.

You can also choose to subscribe to these products and save up to 15%.

Compostable Sandwich Resealable Bags - 7.25" X 6"

This is a great choice for those who carry their lunches to school or work. Perfect for storing your favorite sandwiches, these resealable bags also have a tight zip lock mechanism, which ensures that your food stays fresh all day long.

Compostable Snack Resealable Bags - 3.34" X 7"

If you fancy some healthy (or unhealthy) munchies for your evenings, this size is a great pick to carry your favorite trail mix on the go. Whether you are traveling, camping or simply want to munch on your favorite chips in between those hectic work days, these bags are perfectly portable, lightweight, plastic-free and toxin-free.

10 Reasons To Switch To Compostable Resealable Bags

Now that you know what we have in store for you, let's talk about some reasons to switch today.

They are plant-based.

These bags are constructed entirely of plant-based materials, such as cornstarch. These Cornstarch resealable bags, made from nature's quickest regenerating materials, are light on the environment. They are manufactured from plants and are suitable for everyone, having a heavy-duty structure and an ultra-light footprint.

They are certified compostable.

We went to great lengths to guarantee that all of our goods, including these environmentally friendly resealable bags, are compostable. Certified compostable, they return to nature by breaking down into small bits after a few days of disposal.

They are toxin-free.

These resealable bags contain no chemicals or toxins, making them safe for both you and the environment. Because they are devoid of contaminants, they keep all of your food safe for consumption. Furthermore, they do not emit or release any hazardous compounds into the soil after they are composted.

They support a circular economy.

Unlike single-use ziplock bags, which are created from nonrenewable resources such as petroleum and then discarded, these bags remain in the environment. What we're attempting to indicate here is that these bags follow a circular economy. These bags, made from plants such as corn, decompose and become one with nature, enriching the land.

They are odor and taste-neutral.

One of the most significant benefits of these compostable resealable bags is that they are taste and odor-neutral. These bags, made of bioplastics, are 100% toxin-free and do not react with the food in any way, therefore preserving your meal's flavor and odor.

They are strong and sturdy.

They are very strong and enduring. So, whether it's standing up for all of your hectic work days or accompanying you on any kind of travel, these bags have you covered.

They are easy to dispose of.

Once used, just place them in your compost bins. If you don't have a compost container at home, you can go to the local composting center. Once discarded, these compostable resealable bags will decompose within a few weeks. So, unlike in the past, when you'd wind up with a massive stack of old dishes, post-party cleanup with these compostable bags is simple and mess-free.

They are child-friendly.

Because these compostable bags contain no chemicals or pollutants, you may keep your child's favorite meal or snack without worrying about their health. They are entirely plant-based and safe for all forms of food contact.

Wait, There's More To Explore

Aside from compostable resealable bags, we have much more to offer. Make sure to browse our whole PLA line, which includes plant-based compostable trash bags, Compostable straws and party cups. In addition, we offer a wide range of plant-based and compostable tableware, kitchenware, drinkware, party essentials and personal hygiene products made from natural materials such as naturally fallen Areca palm leaves, upcycled sugarcane bagasse fibers, fastest-growing bamboo pulp and corn starch.

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Certified For Your Peace Of Mind

We believe that certifications are vital to transparency and the overall health of our planet. That’s why we always validate our products to ensure that they’re better for people and the environment.

While not every certification is appropriate for every product, we go to the ends of the Earth to attain the right certifications for the right materials β€” so you can have peace of mind that you’re doing right by the planet.