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Bag It Right with Compostable Trash Bags

Looking for some cool hacks to embrace a net zero waste lifestyle? Well, we have something in mind. It's true that going absolutely zero on waste is not possible. However, responsibly disposing of the generated trash can be a good start to adopting a lifestyle that is gentle to the planet. And, while we all use single-use plastic trash bags to dispose of the trash, how about going all plant-based on this one too?

Yes, we're talking about plant-based trash bags. Our collection of compostable trash bags is made from plant material like plant starch. With absolutely no plastic or toxins, these trash bags are a great choice to dispose of the trash, without actually relying on plastic bags. Moreover, unlike regular plastic trash bags, which tend to tear apart, compostable kitchen trash bags are heavy-duty with an ultra-light footprint.

With that being said, here's what you need to know about our range of compostable trash bags, and why you need to switch from plastics today!

Compostable Trash Bags: A Sustainable Alternative To Plastic

Contrary to regular plastic trash bags, our compostable trash bags are made from plant-based material and are certified compostable. The reason they stand a fair chance over plastic is the fact that plastic never really goes away. While everything in our ecosystem sometimes breaks down, plastic bags take about 1,000 years to decompose. So, the first plastic bags, which was invented back in 1965, might still be around. Apart from this, plastic bags are made by exhausting non-renewable resources like petroleum. This implies that besides just relying on nonrenewable resources, the production of these bags takes a lot of energy, time and effort. Our biodegradable trash bags, however, stand to differ.

For starters, our trash bags are made from plant starch called PLA. Also called polylactic acid, PLA is a kind of starch (or bio-plastic) that is extracted from sugarcane or corn. All plant-based trash bags, available at EcoSoul, are made from corn starch. Meaning, these PLA Trash bags are absolutely plastic-free. Moreover, because they are plant-based, these bags are also chemical-free.

Moving on, these compostable trash bags are also certified compostable. Meaning, these bags are certified to break down into tiny pieces within just a few weeks post disposal. And, when they do break down, they form into compost, which can be mixed with the soil to increase the nutrient content of the soil. On the contrary, plastic bags can never be compostable. Technically, the used plastic trash bags usually end up in our oceans or the landfills, where they always manage to enter our food chain.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

From being super mindful of your waste generation to generating a lot of waste, we offer different sizes of compostable trash bags. Here's what we have to offer:

Large Compostable Kitchen Bags 13 Gallon

Have bigger needs? We promise we won't judge! These large trash bags are here to deal with all the waste generation. Offering an ultra-strong build, these trash bags are a great choice to dispose of liquid trash. In short, they do not tear apart under pressure and always manage to lock in the odor, leaving behind nothing but a greener footprint. You can go for 75 counts, and can also choose to subscribe to the product to save up to 15% on your purchase.

Compostable Small Kitchen Trash Bags - 4 Gallon

Whether it is for small stationary scraps or your artwork, these small-sized compostable trash bags are a great pick to keep you all covered. Like the ones available in bigger sizes, these bags are made from PLA (corn starch), and are certified compostable. Also, these bags are heavy-duty and do not tear apart under pressure.

Multi-Pack Compostable Kitchen Bags 13 & 4 Gallon

Looking for a combo deal? We have that in store as well! Offering a multipack of 13 and 4-gallon bags, this pack is a good choice if you are looking to save some $$$. Plus, offering an astounding quality and durable build, these bags are here for a greener tomorrow.

6 Reasons to Switch To Plant-Based Compostable Trash Bags

Now that you know why going plant-based over plastics is a good choice, here are some reasons why choosing our compostable trash bags is a good deal.

They are plant-based.

That's right! These trash bags are made entirely from plants. To be precise, these bags are made from corn starch, and do not contain even a single bit of non-renewable resources. Made entirely from plants, they are a highly sustainable alternative to single-use plastic trash bags and are here to handle and tackle all the mess, without making you cause a huge ecological impact.

They are certified compostable.

When it comes to our sustainability claims, we have made sure to go to the ends of the world to get all our products rightfully certified. That being said, all our compostable trash bags are backed and rightfully certified for all their sustainability claims. They are proven to break down in nature within a couple of days. Once they break down, these bags become compost. This compost can, then, be used to increase the nutrient value of the soil.

They embrace a circular economy.

Because these bags are made from plants and go back to nature after disposal, we can say that they embrace a circular economy. By relying on nothing but renewable resources, these trash bags are a good choice for all those who are willing to make mindful changes in their daily routine.

They are absolutely plastic-free.

Starting again, these bags do not contain plastic. USDA-certified for being made out of bio-material (plant material), these trash bags are plastic-free and perfectly safe for the planet.

They are toxin-free.

Apart from being plant-based, our range of compostable trash bags is also free from any chemical nasties. That being said, these trash bags are toxin or chemical-free.

They are heavy-duty.

We get it, finding a product that is sustainable and heavy-duty is a tough task. But, we are here to make it easy for you. So, while they are plant-based and a sustainable alternative to plastic trash bags, they are also surprisingly strong and sturdy. Meaning, they do not break or tear apart, even if you fill them up with trash. In addition to this, these bags also lock in the odor. Moreover, even if it's that solid trash or something runny, they still manage to lock all the mess inside.

Subscribe & Save 15%!

Make some massive savings and ensure that you never run out of our compostable trash bags. Choose to subscribe to these products and save up to 15% on your purchase. You can choose to go for a monthly subscription or choose to go for a subscribed delivery every 2 or 3 months.

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We have more in mind. Every time you choose to buy our products, make sure to invest in a cause, powered by +purpose, for FREE. In short, all you need to do is select the cause during checkout, and we will make sure to invest a certain amount of your purchase, on your behalf, for FREE.

Wait, There's More

We provide much more than compostable trash bags. Make sure to check out our whole PLA collection, which includes plant-based compostable resealable bags, biodegradable straws, and PLA party cups. In addition, we provide a diverse selection of plant-based and biodegradable tableware, cookware, drinkware, party supplies and personal hygiene items manufactured from natural materials such as naturally fallen Areca palm leaves, recycled sugarcane bagasse fibers, fastest-growing bamboo pulp and corn starch.

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