Everything You Need To Know About Polylactic Acid (PLA) Products

Three individuals proudly display three PLA cups filled with refreshing lemonade.

Just starting out with an eco-friendly lifestyle? We bet you must have come across buzzwords like PLA products or alternatives to single-use plastics.

PLA or Polylactic Acid products are everyday essentials made out of natural resources like cornstarch. Offering a stunning alternative to single-use products like cups or straws, these products are toxin-free and compostable. And, while they might resemble somewhat plastic-texture, these products are usually plastic-free, tree-free, and paper-free.

If you are someone keen on sustainability and want to try PLA products as a plastic alternative, here's everything you need to know. Read on to explore what exactly is PLA, its benefits, and why you should be switching to it.

What's Exactly PLA?

In scientific terms, PLA (polylactic Acid) is a biodegradable substance produced from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane. Offering firm applications for several products like PLA straws or PLA composting bags, this material is also referred to as "bio-plastic."

However, unlike those traditional plastic products that tend to stay in our ecosystem for centuries, these PLA products are compostable and go back to nature within 6 months.

Here's a bit of why PLA is a sustainable alternative to plastic. Traditionally, plastic products are made from nonrenewable petroleum. However, bioplastics like PLA are plant-based and created from lactic acid, a renewable resource. The fact that PLA is biodegradable (compostable, to be precise) and is extracted from plants is the reason why it has an upper hand over the plastic. In fact, when discarded into oceans, PLA everyday essentials tend to break down within a set time frame, making it remarkable and easy to ditch single-use plastic products.

What About Functionality?

We get it, plastic is, perhaps, pretty functional. But, so is PLA. Simply put, products made from PLA are pretty functional, minus the part that they stay around forever (literally.)

In fact, PLA products like sandwich bags or party cups are pretty durable. Besides being planet-safe, PLA cold cups, available at EcoSoul, are lightweight, leak-proof, sag-proof, toxin-free, and pretty durable. They are also available in different sizes and are perfect for all-night-ragers. Check them out here.

Besides compostable cups, PLA kitchen utensil sets like cutlery or straws are also convenient and planet-safe. Moreover, besides just being sustainable, these products are perfect for not doing the dishes later too. Let's admit it, the last thing someone wants to do after hosting a gathering is have to do the dishes later. PLA products and other plant-based everyday essentials available at EcoSoul are here for a guilt-free convenience.

In short, no more doing dishes later.

What's Better? Paper Cups or PLA Disposable Cups?

Comparison of PLA paper cups and paper cups.

Well, most people tend to switch to paper cups when it comes to ditching single-use plastic. However, that's not a sustainable alternative either. Did you know that over 20 million trees are cut down every year to produce single-use paper cups?

Besides this, they are not functional either. Paper products like straws or cups tend to get super mushy after a while, which actually feels like a compromise. PLA products, like PLA cold cups, on the other hand, offer an uncompromising quality. They do not sag or get mushy and are also leak-resistant.

Are PLA Products Chemical-Free?

PLA is, indeed, healthy for the planet and you! Products made out of polylactic acids are food-contact safe and do not contain any harmful toxins or chemicals. In fact, their production also consumes less energy and can be used as compost, thus nourishing the soil.

In simpler terms, these products are here to create a circular economy. Talking about toxins, all PLA products at EcoSoul are toxin/chemical-free. They are made from plants, made for you.

Where Can I Shop PLA Products?

Want a shortcut? Visit here to explore our PLA collection.

You can also go for PLA compost bags (trash bags), which are plastic-free and tear-resistant. These trash bags lock in the odor and go back into nature when you compost them.