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Serve in Sustainability, Serve In Style with Bamboo Serving Trays

Looking for a great way to serve your guests some of the best appetizers without making a huge impact on the planet? We have it all in store for you. Our bamboo serving trays are here to help you serve some delicious appetizers or enjoy a cozy breakfast in bed, all of it without actually contributing to deforestation.

Unlike regular wooden trays, our bamboo trays are made straight from FSC-certified Bamboo forests and are also USDA-certified for being plant-based. Moreover, besides them being a great pick for the environment, these trays offer supreme functionality and durability.

So, if you are looking to switch to more sustainable ways of cooking, eating and serving your food, here's what you need to know before you buy our bamboo trays online. Also, explore ten reasons why bamboo is a better option when compared to wood and how you can help us make a difference.

Bamboo Serving Tray: Here for a Greener Future

Made from the planet's fastest replenishing resource- Bamboo, our bamboo trays are plant-based and allow you to follow a lifestyle that is simply more in sync with the planet. With an intricate and sleek texture, these trays are also pretty light to hold and come with handles, offering a comfortable experience.

 So, whether it is serving some delicious food items to impress your guests or simply enjoying a super cozy breakfast in bed for those lazy mornings, these bamboo trays have certainly got you covered.

 Made From Bamboo, Not Wood

 Unlike regular wooden or plastic trays, these bamboo trays are super light on the planet and high on fun. Here to help you serve right, they are made from nature's most renewable resources and are super strong enough to handle all your heavy meals or drinks at once. Moreover, with no plastic or toxins, this is a great choice for someone who is new to sustainability.

Why Choose Bamboo Over Wood? Some Amazing Facts

 While bamboo can grow up to 100 feet, we must mention that it is not a tree. It is, in fact, grass. Compared to trees, which might take about 30 years to grow just 600 inches, most species of bamboo are known to grow the same amount within just two months. To keep it simple, bamboo can grow 35 inches every day.

Furthermore, bamboo is an important factor in maintaining a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. A single grove of bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than any other tree.

Bamboo has a tensile strength of 28,000 psi, making it one of the strongest construction materials. In fact, it can withstand harsh weather conditions. It was the first plant to "re-green" following Hiroshima's atomic devastation in 1945.

 Below stated are some facts on bamboo you might not be aware of:

It is highly sustainable.

Bamboo is a fast-growing grass, which makes it extremely sustainable. It develops and may be harvested in a few years, making it a sustainable resource. However, the sort of wood used determines its sustainability. Some hardwoods take longer to grow and may not be as sustainable as bamboo.

It is known for its hardness.

 Bamboo is known for its durability, which makes it an excellent material for bamboo cutting boards. It is more resistant to scratches and knife marks than other softwoods. However, hardwood cutting boards may be more susceptible to scratches.

 It comes with natural antibacterial properties.

Bamboo's natural antibacterial properties can help prevent germs from developing on the cutting surface. However, wooden surfaces are less hygienic. While some hardwoods, such as maple, have natural antibacterial properties, they differ depending on the type of wood.

It has a greener environmental impact. 

Bamboo production has a lower environmental impact because of its rapid growth, and it requires fewer pesticides and fertilizers than other conventional hardwoods.

 It is aesthetically appealing.

 Bamboo cutting boards frequently have a light color and a distinct grain pattern, lending them a modern and sleek appearance.

 9 Reasons To Make The Switch Today

Here are 9 reasons why you should switch to our bamboo trays rather than wooden ones:

Plant-Based Bliss 

These bamboo trays are fully composed of plants, notably bamboo, which is the fastest-growing plant in our ecosystem. These trays are entirely plant-based, including no plastic, wood, or trees.

No Chemical Nasties

 These trays are made without any chemicals or toxins, making them both environmentally and culinary safe.

Natural Antibacterial Properties

Did you know that bamboo contains natural antibacterial properties? In other words, our bamboo collection contains antibacterial properties and provides a safe and clean surface for serving meals.

Antifungal Properties

Besides being naturally antibacterial, bamboo also offers natural anti-fungal properties. These inhibit the growth of dangerous molds on your bamboo trays, even if they come in frequent contact with moisture.

 A Scratch-Resistant Surface

 Unlike wooden trays, these are scratch-resistant, even when used with boiling hot food. Their rigorous quality and superb structure have no influence on the build because they are manufactured to withstand intense temperatures.

Light-Weight Build

No more dragging along bulky wooden utensils. These bamboo serving trays are light and super portable.

 Multiple Use Cases

 Our bamboo serving trays are very adaptable and can be used in a variety of ways. For starters, you can use them to serve some drinks to your guests. Moreover, some might like them to use it for their cozy breakfast-in-bed rituals. And, if you love going over the top (like we do), you can also use them as platter trays or simply decorate some visually appealing appetizers at a house party or a bougie soiree.

Resistant to Moisture

 These trays are water-resistant, which helps to maintain the non-porous texture. So, whether you're serving sizzling hot gravies or sautéing delicate bits of meat, you can be confident that these trays will not absorb any moisture.

Super Strong & Sturdy

 These bamboo trays are extremely durable and have an unrivaled lifespan. Although they are quite lightweight, they feature a strong wood-like feel and a heavy-duty construction.

Caring for Bamboo Serving Trays: Easy Tips

 We admit it: our bamboo serving trays are exceptionally strong and sturdy. However, you can make them live longer by following these really simple yet quite efficient strategies to care for our bamboo trays:

Gentle washing is always the best.

Start by carefully washing your bamboo trays in warm water. Avoid using harsh cleaners or dishwashing chemicals, since these may eliminate the bamboo's natural oils. If there are stubborn stains or odors, combine mild dish soap and warm water. Scrub lightly with a soft brush or sponge, being careful not to use too much pressure.

 Soak it in.

You can sometimes soak the trays in a mixture of white vinegar and water. This natural cure works to disinfect and deodorize. In a bowl or washbasin, combine one part white vinegar with four parts water. Submerge the trays for a few minutes before fully cleaning them with warm water and air drying.

Oil Rubbing

Apply food-grade mineral oil or bamboo tray oil on a clean towel. Spread the oil evenly over the whole surface, including the edges and corners. Allow it to soak for many hours, preferably overnight. This feeding schedule prevents the bamboo from drying out and helps resist water absorption, keeping your trays in good condition.

No more dishwashers.

While many kitchen items find peace in the wash, your bamboo trays prefer a more hands-on approach. The high heat and moisture found in dishwashers can cause the bamboo to fracture, bend, or lose its natural color. Hand Wash your trays regularly to keep them in good shape.

Towel It Dry.

To remove any lingering moisture, thoroughly towel dry with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid air drying in a humid environment since prolonged moisture exposure might result in warping and mold growth.

Proper Storage

When not in use, keep your bamboo trays in a dry, well-ventilated area. Avoid placing them on a damp surface or keeping them in direct sunlight, since both can destroy their structure.

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