Plant-Based Sustainable Cutlery: A Rising Trend For An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

A white ceramic vase filled with compostable cutlery.

Any plans for a mid-day picnic or a beach getaway? Whatever your definition of a fun getaway may be, it's evident that our reliance on single-use products like cutlery is undeniable. They are easy to carry and super easy to get rid of (almost).

What we are trying to imply is that while single-use plastic cutlery might be convenient, they are not the best option, especially if you want to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Plastic cutlery, once disposed of, tends to stay forever in our ecosystem and breaks down into tiny microplastics, hence disrupting our food chain. On the other hand, compostable cutlery, made from plants, is yet another emerging trend offering eco-friendly eaters a convenient option to reduce their environmental impact.

To be honest, sustainable cutlery is available in different types, including birchwood and plant starch. And, here's everything you need to know about these cutlery sets. Read on to explore what compostable cutlery is and why you should make a switch.

What Is Compostable Cutlery?

Like the name implies, compostable cutlery is single-use products that are compostable and tend to go back to nature within a couple of weeks after disposal. Unlike plastic, they don't tend to stay around forever and nourish the soil by becoming compost.

Traditionally, the realm of sustainable cutlery offers a lot of options. But if you are searching for the best ones, PLA cutlery has definitely become our favorite.

What is PLA Cutlery?

PLA is short for polylactic acid. In simpler words, it's a biodegradable material extracted from plants like sugarcane or corn. More popularly known as corn starch, PLA is a well-emerging option when it comes to ditching single-use cutlery.

PLA eco-friendly cutlery, available at EcoSoul, is made from plant-based materials like corn starch. With absolutely no plastic or paper, a compostable cutlery set made from PLA is also compostable. Moreover, unlike plastic cutlery, cutlery made from corn starch is chemical-free and requires limited energy to manufacture.

Benefits of PLA Compostable Cutlery

Besides just being an eco-friendly alternative to single-use cutlery made from plastic, cutlery sets made from corn starch are pretty functional, too. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose PLA cutlery over plastic cutlery.

1. They are made from natural resources.
Traditionally, plastic cutlery is made from non-renewable resources like petroleum. However, PLA is a kind of bioplastic that comes from plants like sugarcane or corn. In fact, PLA single-use products require 68% fewer fossil fuels to be produced. Moreover, their manufacturing also requires a limited amount of energy.

2. They are compostable.
Because eco-friendly cutlery made from PLA is plant-based, it goes back to nature in a couple of weeks post-disposal. In simpler words, once you discard a used PLA cutlery, these single-use items break down into tiny pieces into the soil, becoming compost. This compost can, then, be used to nourish the soil, hence promoting a circular economy.

3. They are toxin-free.
All plant-based compostable cutlery sets available at EcoSoul are toxin or chemical-free. They are made safe for all your meals and the planet, too.

4. They are super sturdy.
Ever witnessed a plastic spoon getting all flimsy when in contact with hot food? Sustainable cutlery, on the other hand, does not sag or get mushy. With high-temperature resistance and an extraordinary build, they are a great option to relish all your super-hot dishes without flimsiness.

5. They are easily available.
If you are looking to buy the best quality compostable cutlery online, we at EcoSoul, have got you covered. Offering certified compostable PLA cutlery, you can shop them in sets or individual packs. Visit us now to explore our cutlery range. Moreover, besides just PLA cutlery, we also have a wide variety of cups, straws, and trash bags made out of PLA.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

Well, no! PLA - disposable cutlery set is a perfect way to ditch single-use plastic cutlery. However, it is recommended to ensure the product is certified for all claims.

We at EcoSoul, offer PLA cutlery that is plant-based and certified for compostability. So, if you are looking for outstanding quality and minimal environmental impact, you know where to find us.

Is It Worth The Hype?-The Conclusion

White compostable forks and spoons neatly arranged on a vibrant yellow background.

Yes, PLA cutlery set are a great pick to reduce your ecological impact without compromising on convenience. They are sturdy, strong, and chemical-free. Moreover, with certain attributes like plant-based and certified compostability, our cutlery sets are perhaps a great way to switch to a lifestyle that is not only eco-friendly but also pretty convenient.