10+ Creative Ways To Use PLA Ziplock Bags Like A Pro

A pla ziplock bag accompanies a sandwich, knife, and a bag of lettuce on a cutting board

In the wacky world of sustainable living, we have something for you that would help you go beyond mundane storage solutions. Yes, we're talking about PLA locks, made out of natural resources like cornstarch.

So, buckle up because here are 10+ jaw-dropping, eye-popping, and downright creative ways to use our plant-based compostable resealable bags like a pro.

Snacktime Picnic Setting

Thinking of hosting a cute lunch evening? Grab your favorite munchies, sort them into different resealable bags and voilΓ  - your munchings just got planet-safe. And, because our PLA resealable bags come in different sizes, you can easily carry around huge pretzels, some tiny nuts, or absolutely anything in between.

Portable Pancake Delight

Who said pancakes are reserved for breakfast? Simply whip up a batch of your favorite kind of batter, squeeze the batter into our PLA bags, and store them in your refrigerator to create your gooey pancake art anytime you want. However, our cornstarch ziplock bags are refrigerator and freezer-safe. So, you can store your batter for however long you want and whip up some goodness when you feel like it.

Leftover Lovables

Bid farewell to trashing all your leftovers. You can use our plant-based resealable bags to store your leftovers in the refrigerator and repurpose them the next morning. Also, have you ever tried repurposing your leftovers? They taste amazing and help you reduce your waste, too.

Barbecue Time

Who loves barbecue? We sure do! And, to elevate your cooking game, you can use our PLA ziplock bags for marination. The airtight seal ensures that your meats and veggies soak up all the flavorful goodness, turning an ordinary dish into a culinary masterpiece.

Back-to-School Tactics

We never seed our resealable bags only for cooking. So, whether you are starting out the new year in school or it's your first day at work, you can use your cornstarch bags for storing absolutely anything, even your stationary.

Herbs 'n' Spices Sensation

Capture the essence of each season by creating a seasonal spice blend. Mix your favorite herbs and spices in a PLA ziplock bag, label it, and unleash the flavors of summer, fall, winter, or spring into your dishes year-round.

Perfect Smoothie Preps

Streamline your morning routine by prepping smoothie ingredients in advance. Portion out your fruits, veggies, and add-ins into PLA ziplock bags. When it's time for a refreshing blend, just toss the contents into your blender – easy, breezy, and delicious.

Midnight Ice Cream Sessions

Make sundae preparation a breeze by using PLA ziplock bags to store your favorite toppings. Sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate chips become a party in a bag, ready to add a touch of sweetness to your ice cream creations.

Salad On-The-Go

Revolutionize your lunch routine by prepping salads in PLA ziplock bags. Layer your greens, veggies, and dressing separately, seal the bag, and shake it up when it's time to enjoy a crisp and flavorful salad on the go.

Travel Buddy for Toiletries

Whether you're hitting the gym or embarking on a weekend getaway, use Cornstarch Resealable Bags to organize your toiletries. These eco-friendly travel buddies keep your essentials secure and leak-free.

Homemade Popcorn Pouch

Two PLA Ziplock bags filled with food items placed on a green surface

Bring the movie theater experience home by using PLA ziplock bags for popcorn seasoning. Mix your favorite flavors, add popcorn, seal the bag, and give it a shake. Movie night just got a whole lot tastier.