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Wipe Effortlessly, Wipe Sustainably with Bamboo Paper Towels

Let's admit it—no one likes super sticky kitchen counters. But we have something better than those cloth towels in mind to help you wipe away the gunky mess. Our bamboo paper towels are here to help you wipe away the mess without ever compromising on your convenience. And because they are made entirely from bamboo, you would also be making an eco-friendly choice.

That being said, read on to explore some extraordinary facts about bamboo and ten reasons why you should shop for bamboo paper towels online.

 Why Choose Bamboo Over Paper?

Did you know that over 200 million trees are cut down every year to make paper products? This implies that a tree is cut down every 2.5 seconds. Because an average tree can hold up to 1 million species of plants and animals, our choices can have a massive impact on our planet.

The point here is that choosing bamboo over traditional paper towels can be a great way to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. And, unlike paper towels, which tend to break off easily and leave those messy scraps behind, our bamboo paper towels feature an uncompromising build with a high absorbency rate.

10 Interesting Things To Know About Bamboo

Unlike traditional paper napkins, which are made by cutting down trees, bamboo paper towels are a by far sustainable option. In fact, bamboo is one of the fastest replenishing resources in nature, and here's exactly what you need to know about this wonder resource:

Bamboo is a grass, not a tree.

 Yes, that's right! In fact, it is one of the tallest species of grass ever known to us. And, because bamboo is not a tree, you won't have to wipe away the trees, every time to try to wipe the mess away from your countertops. Scientifically, bamboo is a member of the Poaceae family of grass. With over 1,400 species of bamboo, the grass can be found in several forms, ranging from enormous giant shoots to tiny little shrubs. And while some types of bamboo grass are small enough to fit your palm, others can grow up to 100 feet.

Bamboo grows at an astounding rate.

When compared to trees, bamboo grows at an astounding rate. To talk numbers, some species of bamboo are known to grow 36 inches every 24 hours. Under the right temperature, bamboo can grow up to three feet in just one day and is among those plants that have the quickest growth rate.

Bamboo is highly renewable.

Because bamboo grows fast and allows for easy and fast reharvestation, bamboo is a highly sustainable and renewable resource. In fact, while an average tree may take around 30 years just to grow 600 inches, bamboo can grow 600 inches in less than 2 months! Because it is abundant in nature and offers a sustainable touch, bamboo is used to replace several types of single-use products like paper napkins.

Bamboo is pretty strong.

Did you know that bamboo is stronger than steel? Well, that is because of its remarkable weight-to-strength ratio. Because of this feature, bamboo is used in construction and is also highly flexible.

 Bamboo comes with natural antibacterial properties.

Another good thing about bamboo is that it is naturally antibacterial. Bamboo has a substance called Kun in it. The kun is usually present on the surface of the plant and limits the growth of germs on the plant. Moreover, this property can be maintained by the plant even if it is cut off and processed into some of the best bamboo paper towels. This means that bamboo essentials like bamboo paper napkins, bamboo facial tissues, bamboo toilet paper and bamboo kitchen towels naturally exhibit antibacterial properties.

Bamboo is also antifungal.

Besides being naturally antibacterial, bamboo is also antifungal. In short, bamboo has several antifungal agents, like phenolic acids, lignans and flavonoids, that increase bamboo's natural ability to limit fungal infestations, making the plant highly resilient and robust.

Bamboo is a bioindicator.

Although bamboo is super strong, it is highly sensitive to even the slightest changes in the environment. In fact, several species of bamboo have shown modifications when prone to abnormal climatic conditions. These modifications, like leaf shape, growth patterns and blooming cycles, are often studied by scientists to investigate and track ecological changes. Bamboo is also fire-resistant.

Bamboo is also fire-resistant.

Due to the presence of high silica content in bamboo fibers, the plant is often used as a construction material, especially in areas that are prone to wildfires.

Bamboo has unmatched durability.

Did you know that bamboo was the first plant to re-green after the Hiroshima bombing in 1945? Besides being a great sustainable option, bamboo is highly strong. That being said, all products made out of bamboo, like bamboo paper towels, are of durable build.

Bamboo is super versatile, and its paper can be used to make tissues.

Lastly, bamboo is a pretty versatile plant. Besides being used in construction, bamboo is also used to make other things. You can buy bamboo kitchenware essentials like bamboo serving trays or bamboo drawer organizers. Moreover, the fibers extracted from bamboo can also be used to make bamboo paper, which is further used to make paper products like bamboo facial tissues, compostable bamboo paper towel rolls, bamboo toilet paper and much more.

10 Reasons To Switch to Bamboo Paper Towels

Here are some of the best reasons why you need to switch to bamboo paper towels:

They are plant-based.

Our bamboo paper towels are made from bamboo, which is extracted from FSC-certified bamboo forests. This implies that these plant-based towels are purely plastic and tree-free. They do not rely on any non-renewable resources for production and are made only from nature.

They are certified compostable.

Our bamboo paper towels also come with a back-to-nature promise. Once you are done using them, all you need to do is dispose of them in a compost bin. These towels are certified compostable and will break down into tiny pieces, forming compost within a couple of days post-disposal. This compost can then be added to soil to increase its water retention rate and provide necessary nutrition.

They help embrace a circular economy.

 Because these bamboo paper towels are made from nature and go back to nature after every use, these products support a circular economy. Typically, a circular economy is one that is all about reusing, recycling, and upcycling. These paper towels are made from bamboo, one of the fastest-growing plants on the Earth, and go back to the soil after forming compost.

They help reduce deforestation.

Our bamboo paper towels are entirely tree-free. They do not rely on any trees or contribute to deforestation. These towels are made just from bamboo and are perfect for embracing a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on your convenience.

They are entirely chemical-free.

No chemical nasties here! Our bamboo paper towels are plant-based and do not have any sort of chemicals or toxins. In fact, they are also ECF-free and perfectly safe to wipe away the mess without playing with harsh chemicals.

They are super strong.

Because bamboo is a super strong plant, our bamboo paper towels are also pretty sturdy. They do not tear off easily when wiping away the liquid mess and offer high absorbency.

They are naturally antibacterial.

Due to the presence of a natural compound called kun in bamboo, our bamboo paper towels are also naturally antibacterial. This means that with every wipe, you are also leaving behind cleaner and healthier surfaces, apart from making a sustainable choice.

 They are highly absorbent.

Our bamboo paper towels are available in a 2-ply build. This implies that they are highly strong and tear-resistant. These towels can easily absorb moisture without breaking off and leaving scraps behind.

They are versatile.

Besides just kitchen counters, these bamboo paper towels can be used for different needs. You can use them to wipe your utensils before meal times and clean your bamboo cutting boards, cooktops, TV screens, window sills and even window glass.

They come with easy-tear perforation lines.

 Because we love making sustainability easy for you, our bamboo paper towels come with easily visible and easy tear perforation lines. This allows you to easily tear away the required amount of paper, without messing up the part you want to keep for later.

Wait, There's More

If you want to buy bamboo paper towels online, we have the highest standard and will help you make a greener impact. In addition to paper towels, our soft paper bamboo assortment includes Bamboo cleaning wipes, tissue paper, facial tissues and toilet paper. You may also browse our hard bamboo collection, which includes serving trays, chopping boards, and organizers.

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