Natural Bamboo Baby Water Wipes


Experience A Genṣtle Touch of Nature with Bamboo Baby Wipes

Did you know that an ordinary wipe might have hidden bits of microplastics? Even if they claim to be toxin-free, not all wipes are perfect for your baby's sensitive skin.

So, what's the alternative? We say go for bamboo baby wipes. Being entirely plant-based and certified compostable, all baby wipes available at EcoSoul are made safe for your baby's super-sensitive skin and also the planet.

Here are some interesting things to know about bamboo, and why you should always pick bamboo over ordinary plastic-infused wipes.

Bamboo Baby Wipes: Why The Hype?

Let's admit it: Every one of us wants what is best for our babies. And traditional baby wipes might not be the best choice. For starters, while these wipes might seem safe, they are secretly infused with plastics. Tiny bits of plastic are usually slathered in chemicals, which can cause a serious rash on sensitive skin.

Here, so you make absolutely no compromise on baby care, our range of bamboo baby wipes is infused with only the natural goodness of bamboo. Extracted from the FSC-certified bamboo forests, these wipes are made from plants and offer a back-to-nature promise. In short, they come from nature and go back to nature by breaking it down into smaller pieces and becoming compost.

Bamboo Over Plastic: Why Switch?

Before we get into how buying bamboo baby wipes online can be one of the best decisions, here's a bit on why plastic-infused wipes aren't a good pick. Let's start off with the ecological impact. If you aren't living under a rock, we're pretty sure you must have heard about the devastating effects of plastic—single-use plastics, to be precise.

For starters, all products made from plastic rely on the exhaustion of non-renewable resources for production. Some of the non-renewable resources exploited in this case might include petroleum. Moving on, the production of these products, including right from the extraction of these non-renewable resources to the making of the final product, involves a lot of energy.

Lastly, when you are done using them, products that are meant to be used just went, like wipes, are usually dumped into our oceans or landfills. Here, they are either ingested by marine life or mixed into the soil. Either way, these tiny bits of plastic manage to enter our food chain, and we end up consuming this plastic, which can lead to far worse effects.

Moreover, while several brands claim that their wipes are soap, chemical or toxin-free, not all wipes are plastic-free. However, bamboo stands to differentiate.

Technically, bamboo baby wipes are made from just bamboo and are compostable. This implies that once you are done with these wipes, all you need to do is dispose of them in a compost bin. Because all bamboo baby wipes are certified compostable, they break down into tiny pieces, within a few weeks of disposal and form compost. This compost can then be used to nourish the soil and increase water retention.

Furthermore, besides being a great choice for the planet, these bamboo baby wipes are super gentle on even the most sensitive skin. With absolutely no chemical nasties, they are perfect for pampering your little one's skin without worries.

10 Interesting Things To Know About Bamboo Water Wipes Baby

When it comes to biodegradable bamboo baby wipes, there's more than just planet-safe claims. In addition to being made out of plants, these bamboo water wipes baby offer a high-quality build, featuring high absorbency and a gentle touch. With that being said, here are some of the top 10 interesting facts about bamboo.

It is not a tree.

As weird as it may sound, bamboo is not a tree. In fact, it is our planet's longest-growing grass. And not just that, bamboo is also one of the fastest-refilling resources. The point is that bamboo wipes do not contribute to deforestation. With 1,400+ species of bamboo worldwide, bamboo belongs to the Poaceae family of grasses. Moreover, while some species of bamboo are as small as your palm, others can grow up to 100 feet.

It grows really fast.

Let's talk numbers on this one. While an average tree might take about 30 years to grow just 600 inches, some species of bamboo can grow the same inches in less than 2 months! In fact, there are some varieties of bamboo that can grow 36 inches in just 24 hours. Compared to other plants, bamboo is rightfully one of the fastest-growing resources in our ecosystem, and it can grow about 3 feet in just 1 day.

Bamboo is a sustainable option.

Stating again, bamboo grows (really) fast. This means that it is often used for re-harvestation. The point is bamboo is present in abundance in our ecosystem. With an astounding growth rate, bamboo is a great choice to replace single-use paper or plastic products like napkins, wipes and more.

Bamboo is known to be strong.

You would be astonished to know that bamboo is stronger than steel. How? Well, it's because of its awesome weight-to-strength ratio. This is another reason why bamboo is highly flexible and is used in construction

Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties.

Here's why bamboo is a great choice for baby wipes. Rather than containing any external toxin, bamboo has a naturally occurring substance called Kun. This Kun is found on the surface of plants and limits the growth of bacteria on the plant. However, the best part is that this Kun has the ability to sustain even after the plant is harvested into a product. This means that once the bamboo has been processed into bamboo baby wipes, the wipes will also portray natural antibacterial properties.

Bamboo is also antifungal.

With natural agents like lignans, flavonoids and phenolic acids, bamboo is also antifungal. With natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, bamboo is known to be pretty robust.

Bamboo is also a bioindicator.

Despite being extraordinarily strong and sturdy, bamboo is super sensitive to even the slightest changes in our environment. With impeccable adaptation capabilities, bamboo can modify itself as per the changes occurring in the environment. These modifications, like leaf shape, growth patterns and blooming cycles, are often studied by scientists to track and investigate ecological changes.

It is fire-resistant.

Bamboo has a high content of silica in it. This makes the grass fire-resistant, thus making it a great pick to be used in construction.

Bamboo is highly durable.

Bamboo is super strong. In fact, it was the first plant to regrow after the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, back in 1945. Because of this sturdiness, bamboo is also used to make highly durable products, apart from being used in construction sites.

Bamboo is also very versatile.

Stating again, besides being used in construction sites, bamboo is also used to make hard and paper home essentials. You can explore a wide range of bamboo everyday essentials at EcoSoul. We have the biggest assortment of bamboo-based compostable products, from bamboo cutting boards to bamboo toilet paper and baby wipes.

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