4 Unique Ways To Celebrate Women's Day, This Year

Wondering how to make the women in your life feel special? Well, with International Women's Day just around the corner, we have some unique ideas brimming.

Plus, if you love going over the board and are planning to do something that will also show your love to (Mother) Nature, we have got you covered for that too!

That being said, here are some unique and our personal favorite ideas to celebrate this day in a fun way.

Wait, Why Is Women's Day Celebrated?

Before we get into some ways to celebrate this day, let's brush up on some historical facts. International Women's Day is celebrated every year on March 8, with an aim to advocate for women's rights and equality around the world. And, the theme for every day differs. The 2024 theme for Women's Day is investing in women. This would encourage the recognizing of unique perspectives and contributions of women in our economy and society.

And, if you ask us, it's pretty us. From shopping from a female-led business to supporting a brand that gives back to marginalized women across the globe, you can make this day special not only for the women in your life but also all around the world.

4 Ways To Celebrate Women's Day

Here are some unique ways to celebrate this day.

1. Thoughtful Gifting

What's a celebration without a gift? So, while you look for some gifts to celebrate this day, make sure that it actually serves a purpose. In fact, there's no denying that gifts are more of a sentimental value rather than their actual worth.

So, decide to gift something that is relatable and has an emotional factor attached. For instance, if your wife, mother or friend loves cooking, you can choose to buy plant-based kitchenware. Yes, that's a thing now. In fact, we, at EcoSoul, have a huge variety of plant-based and compostable kitchen essentials, including cutting boards or trays made out of bamboo.

Moreover, if she loves makeup, you can also gift bamboo organizers that will help her manage all her chaotic mess in one place.

2. Get OG with a Thank You Note

We often overlook the fact that a simple act can go a long way. And, a thank you note is just perfect to express your gratitude to all the special women in your lives.

And, whether it's printed or handwritten, honestly, it's the effort that counts.

3. Investing and Donating

Okay, but this isn't as intimidating as it sounds. Believe us when we say that you don't need to put in dollars to make a difference. In fact, while shopping on our official website, you can choose a women-specific cause during the checkout, and we'll make sure to invest in that cause for you for FREE.

So, besides just allowing you to buy some amazing, Earth-friendly gifts for women, you can also choose to make a difference for marginalized women, working all across the globe.

Also, If you don't feel like investing in a cause, you can also go for brands that are being run by female leaders, which is exactly the theme for this year.

4. Educate and Spread Awareness

It's true that people do have thoughts of feminism. But, we believe that feminism is by far misunderstood rather than being overrated. So, make sure to educate the right kind of content to your children.

Other than this, educate your kids on mindful consumption choices and eco-friendly habits that are not only energy efficient but also good for the planet.