5 Eco-Friendly Must-Haves For A Spring Picnic

A picnic table with fresh fruit and vegetables on ECO-Friendly Plates, Spoon, Fork, Bowls.

Ready to feel the blooming air and lushful flowers all around you? Spring is here, and honestly, there's a lot to connect to nature besides just taking a simple walk. And, when it comes to celebrating spring the right way, picnics are first to click.

With that being said, planning an eco-friendly picnic is way easier than you thought. With the right products and some sustainable tactics, you can host a fun time that is high on the fun and super light on the planet.

Here are 5 eco-friendly products you need to serve your bougie brunch items in style and sustainability.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Who said our cutting boards are only for chopping or slicing? To compliment your picnic aesthetic, you can easily use them to present a spectacular cheese platter.

Highly durable and robust, our bamboo cutting boards are made from bamboo, one of the fastest replenishing resources in the ecosystem. Besides being sustainable, these cutting boards are also lightweight, chemical-free and naturally antibacterial. Moreover, they can easily add some rustic touches to your brunch platters.

Compostable Plates

Let's admit it, picnics are more about popping some delicious bites rather than just enjoying the scenery. And, to help you plan a mess-free eating, you can use compostable, plant-based plates. These compostable plates are usually made out of palm leaves or sugarcane fibers and are perfect to add that serene vibe to any setting. We offer compostable disposable plates in different sizes and shapes in two categories. Our palm leaf plates are a great way to add some wood-like elements to your natural setting. However, if going minimalistic is your thing, you can add our plant-based sugarcane bagasse plates, which offer a back-to-nature promise.

Compostable Cold Cups

How about some fizzy drinks with those extra cheesy or spicy appetizers? You can switch to plant-based compostable cold cups rather than plastic cups, which contribute to a lot of waste. Plant-based ups are usually made up of plant starch like corn or sugarcane.

All cold cups available at EcoSoul are made from corn starch. Besides helping you plan an eco-friendly picnic without the mess, these cups are also pretty functional. Better than ordinary plastic cups, these cups are available in different sizes and are strong enough to handle all kinds of drinks, from fizzy to something alcoholic. And, if you love some mojitos, make sure to carry some plant-based and compostable straws with you, also made from corn starch.

Compostable Bowls

Whether you want to offer creamy dips or piping hot chili to complement tacos, compostable bowls are perhaps the best option. Made from plant materials like sugarcane or palm leaves, these disposable soup bowls are microwave-safe and toxin-free and add an aesthetic effect with their sleek and stylish build.

Compostable Cutlery

A person holds a cup of coffee and a slice of pie, enjoying a picnic with food served in sustainable soup bowls, plates, and cups.

With everything sorted, make sure to add some plant-based and compostable cutlery to your picnic basket. Our compostable cutlery is made from corn starch and is absolutely timber—or plastic-free. Made only from plants, our cutlery has no chemicals and is just perfect to complement some springtime brunch items with style and sustainability.