Top 6 Sustainable Everyday Essentials to Add to Your Christmas Shopping Cart

6 Eco-Friendly Everyday Essentials for Sustainable Christmas

Ready to embrace the spirit of shopping this Christmas? It's true; Christmas is perhaps the time to fill up your shopping carts and buy the perfect gifts for your loved ones. But it's also about giving back. 

So, this Holiday Season, why not start by giving back to the planet? With that in mind, here are the top 6 sustainable everyday essentials you can shop for to make your Christmas extra special and planet-safe.

1. Compostable Palm Leaf Plates 

Hosting a cozy dinner or simply here to make your everyday meal more eco-friendly, Palm Leaf Plates are the perfect option to make every meal count towards a sustainable future. 

For starters, these plates are carved straight out of naturally fallen Areca palm leaves, making them tree-free, plastic-free, and paper-free. Plus, these plates also feature extraordinary build, texture, and quality. 

These are leak-resistant, sag-free, microwave-safe and perfect for those saucy, heavy meals. Moreover, these plates are 100% compostable and come with a 90-180-day back-to-nature guarantee.

2. Plant-Based Compostable Bowls 

Whether it's a super crunchy breakfast cereal or those saucy evening munchies, these bowls are here for on-the-go guilt-free convenience. A perfect alternative to paper plates, these plates are made from sugarcane fiber and are made to hold every kind of hood, hot or cold, liquid or not. 

Available in different shapes and sizes, these plant-based compostable bowls can be a good option for hosting Christmas dinner or simply serving some relishing munchies to your guests. 

They are also compostable, paper-free, plastic-free, tree-free and toxin-free. Apart from this, these bowls are also highly durable, anti-soggy, heat-resistant and microwave-safe.

3. Plant-Based Compostable Hot Cups

What's your favorite part of the Holiday Season? Well, for us, it's sipping on some delicious hot chocolate in a plant-based compostable hot cup. 

Available with lids, these hot cups are also made from sugarcane fiber. Certified compostable and perfect for pipping hot drinks, these hot cups are a great option in case you hate doing dishes! (Just like us) .

These cups are also heat-resistant and leak/spill-free. So, you can conveniently sip on them and accompany your friends to admire the blissful Christmas lights all around.

4. Plant-Based Compostable Party Cups 

A house party, is it? Well, these plant-based party cups have certainly got you covered. Exotic mocktails or those super strong drinks, these party cups are made out of processed cornstarch.

Being 100% plastic-free, certified compostable and tree-free, these party cups are here for a good time and no worries about doing dishes later.

5. Tree-Free Bamboo Paper Napkins

Here's to wiping your hands and not the trees. Made out of the world's fastest-growing resource- Bamboo, these bamboo napkins are 100% paper-free, tree-free and plastic-free. 

Plus, with a strong 3-ply build, these ultra-absorbant and tear-resistant napkins are perfect to wipe away all mess without ever affecting the planet.

6. Compostable Kitchen Bags 

Here's a heavy-duty bag with ultra-light footprints. Designed to store all your kitchen or bathroom trash, these kitchen bags are made out of cornstarch and are 100% plastic-free. 

With qualities like tear-resistant, leak-resistant and certified compostable, these bags help you store all your post-party mess without contributing to the landfills.

So, whether it is those Christmas parties or a family feast, these bags are perfect to keep all waste disposal in one place without the mess. 

And, That's a (Planet-Safe) Wrap

Honestly, that's everything you need to host Christmas-special dinner parties and cozy house gatherings. And, with the Christmas lights brimming up right around the corner, it's perhaps the perfect time to give back to the planet by using everyday products that are not only super convenient but also safe and gentle to the planet. 

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