6 Reasons To Make The Switch To Plant-Based Compostable Straws

Comparison of compostable straws and plastic straws, highlighting their environmental impact.

If you just made a switch to paper straws from plastic straws, we bet you aren't enjoying the extra mushiness that often comes with paper. And, while paper straws are always better than plastic ones, they certainly ruin all the feels of sipping your favorite drinks.

So, what's the alternative? Well, the market is buzzing with yet another eco-friendly option, and that's plant-based compostable straws. And, honestly, they are worth the hype!

Plant-based straws are made from plant starch like sugarcane and cone (PLA), and offer the exact experience with that of a plastic straw, minus the guilt.

So, here's everything you need to know about plant-based compostable straws, what they are made up of, and why you need to make a switch now.

What are Compostable Straws?

All compostable straws available at EcoSoul are made from plant-based materials like PLA or cornstarch. Technically, PLA is a bioplastic. However, unlike other forms of plastic, which are extracted from non-renewable resources like petroleum, PLA is extracted from corn or sugarcane.

Moreover, given their plant-based material, these straws are compostable, making them an eco-friendly alternative to their plastic counterparts.

Being certified compostable, these straws are a great way to sip on your favorite summertime mocktails (with or without a splash of gin) without dealing with the mushiness.

6 Reasons to Make the Switch Now

Here are 6 reasons why compostable straws, available at EcoSoul, are a better alternative to plastic or paper straws.

1. They are made from natural resources.
As stated above, PLA straws are made from all-natural source materials like corn starch. With absolutely no plastic or paper, plant-based compostable straws exhaust 68% fewer fossil fuels to be produced. Besides this, these straws also require a limited amount of energy to be manufactured and certainly offer a great quality despite being plastic-free.

2. They are compostable.
All PLA straws available at EcoSoul are certified compostable. Offering a back-to-nature promise, these straws break down into smaller pieces and go back to the soil as compost within a couple of weeks after disposal.

3. They are non-toxic.
Not only are PLA straws good for the planet, but they are pretty good for you, too. Made from absolutely no chemicals or toxins, eco-friendly straws by EcoSoul are here to make all your sippings planet-safe and chemical-free.

4. They limit microplastic.
Technically, everything around us biodegrades. The difference is that while a PLA straw takes a few weeks to break down, a plastic straw might take hundreds of years to break down. And when they do break down, they often leave behind microplastic that gets mixed into the soil. This microplastic is either ingested by some animals or enters the soil where crops are grown. Either way, microplastic from single-use plastics like straws end up entering our food chain, causing harmful effects. PLA straws, on the other hand, turn into compost. Besides just biodegrading and breaking into smaller pieces, these straws turn into compost and nourish the soil rather than polluting it.

5. They don't harm marine life.
Because all disposable straws available at EcoSoul go back to nature in a couple of weeks, they don't usually end up in oceans. And, even if they do, these straws can easily dissolve in a few backs, leaving no trace behind. So, unlike plastic straws, which tend to stay forever in the oceans and end up choking marine animals, eco-friendly PLA straws are certainly here for a good time, not a long time.

6. They are mush-free.
Do you despise sipping on those super soggy straws that just kind of dissolve in your drinks? We sure do! But, unlike their plastic counterparts, our disposable straws do not get mushy. Being tree-free and plastic-free, these straws do not get mushy or soggy, allowing you to cherish all your fizzy drinks with absolutely no compromise.

And, That's A Wrap-Up

A glass of juice with a compostable straw placed inside.

Enjoy the experience of guilt-free sips with our plant-based compostable straws. Being entirely tree-free, plastic-free, and toxin-free, our  Eco Friendly Paper Straws are a perfect way to enjoy all your super fizzy drinks without ever compromising on your convenience.
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