6 Reasons To Switch To Bamboo Toilet Paper

Three colorful rolls of Bamboo Toilet Paper sitting on a table.

Earth Month is all about exploring new ways to embrace eco-friendly choices and follow a lifestyle that is simply more in sync with the planet. And if you are looking for more ways to go all planet-safe with your daily routine, we bet switching to bamboo toilet paper is remarkable.

With that being said, here are some reasons why making the switch to bamboo over regular paper would help you make a massive, lifetime impact, and what we have in mind to help you make the right choice.

Bamboo Paper over Regular Paper: Why Switch?

Before we get into our top 6 benefits of using our tree-free bamboo toilet paper, let's talk a bit about what's so devastating about using regular TP.

According to the data presented by World Counts, 42 million tons of toilet paper are used worldwide every year. This means that 712 million trees are cut every year, and up to 1,165 million tons of water are used to produce toilet paper. To make it simpler, over 300 million rolls of toilet paper are produced daily.

The crux is that our consumption of regular toilet paper is disrupting our ecosystem. With every tree supporting around 1 million species (on average), we are losing not just trees but also someone's home.

Moreover, besides being destructive for our ecosystem, did you know that regular toilet paper is lathered in chemicals? Every time you wipe your tushy with regular toilet paper, your skin gets more contaminated with multiple layers of toxins and harmful chemicals.

So, what's the alternative? We say switch to tree-free and PFAs-free bamboo toilet paper.

6 Reasons To Make The Switch Today

Now that you know the impact you are causing, here are some benefits of switching to EcoSoul bamboo toilet paper.

They are tree-free.

Our entire range of organic toilet paper is absolutely tree-free. Extracted from FSC-certified bamboo forests, our bamboo toilet paper is made from the fastest-growing resource on the planet. Being a grass, and not a tree, bamboo grows at an astounding rate. Compared to an average tree, which takes about 30 years to grow just 600 inches, a bamboo plant can grow the same in just 2-3 months! Moreover, bamboo is known to be super strong.

Bamboo TP is certified compostable.

Besides being plant-based, our tree-free toilet paper also comes with a back-to-nature promise. Certified for all their compostability claims, these toilet papers break down into tiny pieces after you are done with them and go back into nature by forming compost. This compost is high in nutrients and can be mixed with the soil to increase its water retention levels and provide important nutrients.

These toilet papers support a circular economy.

Because they are made from nature and go back to nature, we can rightfully say that these bamboo toilet paper support a circular economy. Embracing the very essence of relying on natural resources, consuming far less energy for production, actually serving a purpose, and going back into nature by providing important nutrients to the soil, our bamboo toilet paper range is just perfect for making a choice that is both- convenient and eco-friendly.

They are chemical-free.

Our range of bamboo toilet paper is entirely chemical or toxin-free. These PFA-free toilet paper are a great choice for wiping without worrying about exposing your sensitive skin to harmful chemicals. They are also ECF-free.

They are highly absorbent.

Who said sustainability is a compromise? We bet no one likes that feeling of your toilet paper tearing off (mid-process). But, our 3-ply bamboo toilet paper range is here to stop that. Offering a highly absorbent 3-ply build, our bamboo toilet papers are here to soak away all that mess, without making it messy. (you know what we mean).

You can save $$ by subscribing.

It's true! Running out of toilet paper is the worst nightmare. But, no more those awkward moments. Stack up on the planet-safe delight and go for their subscription with us. Besides easy and timely delivery every one, two or three months (depending upon your subscription), you will also be able to save 25% on our entire bamboo toilet paper range.

And, That's A Wrap!

Bamboo toilet paper rolls: eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper. Sustainable, soft, and biodegradable.

Going all planet-safe is easier than you could have ever anticipated (especially if we have got your back.) Offering a mess-free, cleaner and greener bathroom experience every time, our range of bamboo toilet paper is a great way to follow a sustainable lifestyle without ever compromising on your convenience. And, besides them being tree-free, certified compostable, and PFAs-free, these PFAs free toilet papers are also highly absorbent and available in different stacks.

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