Biodegradable Tableware: Why You Need Them In Your Kitchen?

Benefits of using Biodegradable Tableware in your Kitchens

There are green alternatives to almost everything. Locally grown food for chemically synthesized food, tap water for bottled water and compostable bags for plastic trash bags. And one such alternative is biodegradable tableware. 

For starters, they are sustainable, durable and available in different shapes and sizes. Plus, if you don't want to spend your time doing dishes, they can be a great deal due to their disposable nature.

So, if you are searching for some ways you can live sustainably, biodegradable tableware and kitchenware can be great for you. Read on to explore why you need biodegradable home essentials in your kitchen.  

Safe for the Planet

Wondering how is that possible? This tableware is made from compostable materials like sugarcane fiber or palm leaves. And, when you put them in the soil after use, they don't have any chemicals to pollute the soil. Neither do they contain bioplastics. This enhances the quality of soil, making it a good choice for the planet.  

Made from Renewable Resources  

The base ingredients for biodegradable tableware are mostly sugarcane, cornstarch or palm leaves. All these ingredients are renewable or natural resources. Meaning, they are available abundantly and do not take centuries to grow. Also, most compostable tableware follows green manufacturing.  

No Cleaning Mess 

The primary objective of using plastic cups, plates or bowls is that you don't need to wash them. The same is with biodegradable tableware. The only difference: they are stronger and safer for the environment. So, not only would this choice reduce plastic pollution, but it would also work as a great way to reduce your chores.  

Safe for Kids 

You could find plastic food storage containers helpful in keeping food organized, but you need to realize how bad it is for the environment and the health of your children. When heated, plastic containers produce toxins, including phthalates and bisphenol-A (BPA). 

Tableware made of biodegradable materials, such as pulp from sugarcane, is created entirely from agricultural waste. Children can use these without any risk. Additionally, these sugarcane pulp plates and cups are suitable for use in the microwave, refrigerator, and freezer. Isn't that amazing? You are helping the environment and keeping your children healthy and chemical-free by switching to biodegradable tableware. 

More Durable than Plastic  

These biodegradable plates are equal in terms of usage. Due to their strength and durability, sugarcane pulp plates are frequently preferable over paper plates. 

There are many advantages to tableware made from organic materials like sugarcane pulp.  

Zero Landfill Mass

Decreased waste is one of the main advantages of utilizing sustainable dinnerware. Most of the time, this garbage is just added to landfills. You can easily compost these products at home because they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. You can use them as manure in your backyard after two to three weeks. Good enough, isn't it?  

Reduce Ocean Pollution  

It is not breaking news that whales are dying from ingesting plastic. This sobering fact gives us a peek at the horrifying ways in which we are ruining the planet by killing these lovely and helpless aquatic creatures and pouring our plastic rubbish into the ocean. 

Every year, 18 billion pounds of single-use plastics of all kinds end up in the ocean. Our precious ecosystems, coral reefs, and marine life are now primarily threatened by plastic, which has emerged as a significant problem. Inadvertently consuming floating pieces of plastic in the ocean are birds and marine life. Ocean pollution will be decreased by using biodegradable tableware. 

Practicing Sustainable Living with EcoSoul  

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