Biodegradable vs Compostable Straws: Know Your Impact

Two glasses of orange juice and a pitcher with compostable straws

Out of all the single-use plastic being dumped in landfills, plastic straws are, perhaps, more likely to be found. While plastic straws are convenient and allow you to sip your favorite drinks without a post-meal mess, they always come with a negative environmental impact.

These straws either end up in our landfills or choke marine life by entering the oceans. But, with awareness skyrocketing, people are now swiftly shifting towards sustainable options. And compostable straws are one of the best choices that offer the delight of living a planet-safe life without compromising on your lifestyle.

With that in mind, here's why compostable straws are by far the best option. Also, read below to explore the verdict between compostable vs biodegradable straws.

What's Compostable?

Compostable products are those made from natural resources like plant materials. These products break down easily when disposed of by the microorganisms in the soil, allowing the soil to create a more healthy compost environment. In a nutshell, these products break down into tiny pieces and become compost, thus nourishing the soil rather than polluting it.

The compost formed by these products is called humus, which is a dark organic matter in soil that is rich in nutrients and retains moisture in the soil. This hummus, then, gets mixed up in the soil and adds nutrients that are beneficial for the soil and the microbes.

One of the most common compostable products is palm leaf and sugarcane bagasse tableware and kitchenware. These products are usually broken down due to microorganisms, heat, and sunlight in a compost environment (or facility). Once turned into humus, this material then returns to its base materials, consisting of hydrogen and carbon atoms.

What's Biodegradable?

Technically, everything in our environment is biodegradable. That being said, everything we dispose of turns into smaller particles, eventually. However, the only difference is that while plant-based products like PLA straws take only a couple of weeks to turn into compost, plastic straws take over 200 years to biodegrade.

However, unlike PLA compostable straws, these disposable straws and other single-use plastic products still manage to leave behind a heavy trail of microplastic that ends up in our food chain through either soil or by being ingested by an animal.

Moreover, biodegradable plastics or other products leach chemicals, contaminating marine and soil environments. They also do not provide any nutrients to the soil when they break down and often come with toxic additives that are released into the environment when exposed to sunlight or heat.

What's The Solution?

In short, you can go for compostable straws made out of natural resources to minimize your impact on our ecosystem and ditch plastic straws.

We at EcoSoul rely on natural resources to provide the best quality PLA straws. PLA, also called polylactic acid, is a kind of "bio-plastic" derived from plant starch like corn starch. With absolutely no plastic or paper, these disposable and compostable straws are perfect for having a planet-safe and convenient sipping experience.

Below are some of the benefits of using PLA straws.

1. They are planet-safe.

Unlike plastic straws, which are made by exhausting non-renewable resources like petroleum, these straws are made entirely from plants. Made from corn starch, our PKAA straws are 100% plant-based and plastic or paper-free.

2. They are compostable.

Because these straws are made from plants, they easily break down into tiny pieces and nourish the soil by becoming compost. Moreover, we have made sure to back all our compostability and sustainability claims, making all our straws certified compostable.

3. They are toxin-free.

Unlike plastic products that emit harmful chemicals once in contact with heat, these straws are 100% toxin or chemical-free. In short, these straws are made safe for your drinks and the planet.

4. They are highly functional.

No more relying on those super flimsy paper straws that get mushy in your drinks. Made only from plants, these straws are anti-soggy and anti-mushy. Also, they offer an easy and convenient shopping experience and are available in different sizes as well.

That's A Wrap

Compostable straws: eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws. Made from biodegradable materials.

If you are looking for a better and planet-safe sipping experience, we recommend checking out PLA straws. Made from no plastic or paper, these plant-based and compostable straws are perfect for all kinds of gatherings. Being compostable, these straws go back to nature and help you embrace a circular economy.

Besides just Organic straws, you can also check out our entire PL range, consisting of PLA party cups, trash bags, and more.