Going Beyond Profit: The Collaborative Journey of EcoSoul and +Purpose 

Going Beyond Profit

Everything you buy holds a greater potential to create an impact. And, in a world where our impact often echoes through the choices we make every day, EcoSoul and +Purpose have come together to ensure everything you buy comes with the power to enact change.

At EcoSoul, we believe in a simple notion: sustainability can be embraced through smaller changes, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to curating planet-safe everyday essentials with an aim to go beyond profit. By collaborating with +Purpose, we now allow our buyers to channel investments into heartfelt causes to make a difference with every purchase. 

So, here's what you need to know about EcoSoul and +Purpose collaboration and how you can choose a cause you truly care about.

+Purpose: A Better Way To Do Good

+Purpose is a digital platform that allows brands to encourage impact investment-powered sustainability programs. In a nutshell, if you buy from +Purpose enabled brand, like EcoSoul, you can select a specific cause you want to invest in during checkout.

And the best part? You can invest in this cause for free! For every purchase you make with EcoSoul, we will make sure to invest 1% of the purchase amount in the cause you selected during the checkout.

No more donating your dollars when you buy! We care about you and the planet. That being said, our collaboration with +Purpose will help you make changes and bring about a positive impact.

How Can You Contribute? 

It's pretty simple! All you have to do is select a cause during checkout. Once you have scrolled through our vivid collection of party-ready and planet-safe products, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. 

During checkout, you can choose between different causes and select the one that you feel passionate about. Once chosen, we will automatically invest 1% of your purchase in that cause.

Causes You Can Invest In

We have a wide variety of causes you can choose to invest in. Here are some of our personal favorites:

  • EcoTree- A New Tree for Every $20

Did you know that every tree captures almost 800kg of carbon in its life? Plus, a single tree can provide daily oxygen for up to four people! In short, every single tree matters! And, at every $20, +Purpose will plant a tree.

  • Supporting Coffee Farmers with Direct Investments

Love coffee? Here's your chance to support coffee farmers. +Purpose has identified five farmers in Nicaragua, and with this cause, you can invest directly into them with much lower interest rate capital. 

  • Rural Power in South Africa

With this cause, you can help bring clean, affordable energy to several African communities, like rural villages, that are still "un-electrified" to this day. With this investment, you can power their businesses, a

  • Kuli Kulii: Breaking The Cycle of Poverty in Indian Women Farmers

Several female smallholder farmers bring us superfoods every day. However, they owe more than they earn. With this cause, you can help change that. By investing in this cause, you can help these Indian women farmers get paid more and reduce their reliance on high-interest loans to sustain a living. 

Making a Difference is Easy

The world is changing, so should your habits. With EcoSoul, collaborating with +Purpose, you can choose to support local communities while ensuring you make a planet-safe choice every day.

And because everything you buy can create a ripple effect in our ecosystem, let's make a difference today. With every EcoSoul product purchase, you can channel investments into a purpose that actually goes beyond just money-making.