Compostable Hot Cup Benefits: Here's To Planet-Safe Coffee Breaks

Two compostable hot cups beside a coffee maker

If you can't get started on your day without a hit of caffeine, we bet we're on the same page. And, because we absolutely love those early mornings or mid-day coffee breaks, our compostable hot cups are here to make them planet-safe.

Our eco-friendly hot cups are made from plant materials like sugarcane bagasse and are certified compostable. Moreover, with no plastic, paper or timber, these cups are well-insulated, lightweight and come with a lid.

Read on to explore some reasons why our compostable hot cups are better than plastic or paper coffee cups, and why you need to make the switch today.

What Are Compostable Hot Cups Made Of?

As stated above, compostable hot cups are made from all-natural source materials like sugarcane pulp. We upcycle plant waste and rely on the planet's fastest replenishing resources to curate everyday essentials like coffee cups to make your lifestyle easier and planet-safe.

In a nutshell, a sugarcane residue, like bagasse, which is left behind after extracting juice from the sugarcane stalks, usually ends up in landfills, where it is burnt. However, we use this agro-waste and carve products that help minimize waste generation and are also easy on the planet. These organic hot cups are certified compostable and FSC-certified for sustainable sourcing of source material.

7 Benefits Of Compostable Hot Cups

Here are seven reasons why you need to make your coffee breaks eco-friendly with these hot cups:

1. They are plant-based.

These cups are 100% plant-based and do not contain even a single trace of paper, plastic or timber. Moreover, unlike single-use plastic products like plastic cups, which rely on non-renewable resources like petroleum during production, these cups are made out of renewable resources and consume a limited amount of energy during production.

2. They are certified compostable.

These cups are backed for all their compostability claims. Being certified compostable, these cups go back into nature within a few weeks post-disposal. In short, once they are disposed off, they break down into tiny pieces, become compost and nourish the soil, rather than leaving a long trail of microplastics behind.

3. They are toxin-free.

Your coffee is meant to be healthy for you and the planet. This is why all our compostable hot cups do not contain any chemicals or toxins. So, pour those pipping hot caffeinated drinks or let it boil in the microwave because these cups do not emit any radiation even if exposed to extreme temperatures.

4. They embrace a circular economy.

If you are one to follow a net zero-waste lifestyle, these cups are for you. Embracing the concept of circular economy, these cups are made out of plants and go back into the plants after you use them. After disposal, these cups nourish the soil by forming compost. Moreover, because these cups have 0% plastic, they do not leave microplastics in the soil.

5. They are light on the disposal.

The reason why most people go for single-use cups is that they don't have to deal with washing their glass or ceramic cups after every shot of coffee. However, EcoSoul believes in Guilt-Free Convenience. You can simply dispose of them after use in your compost bins. These cups will automatically become compost, thus, helping you live a zero-waste lifestyle. Moreover, because they come with an easy disposal, you don't have to worry about doing the dishes later either.

6. They come with a lid.

If you are someone who loves taking their coffee on the go, these sustainable hot cups have got you covered. Available with a lid, these disposable hot cups offer a spill-free and mess-free sipping experience. Moreover, with a tight lid mechanism, these cups keep your coffee in place even if you are juggling through stressful meetings, making your way out of traffic or simply having a chill time with your friends.

7. They are microwave-safe.Β 

A bowl of sugar with a compostable hot cup.

With heat insulation properties, these cups are absolutely microwave-safe. Moreover, you can easily pour piping hot beverages without worrying about them emitting any chemicals.