How EcoSoul Is Supporting Our Forests

The rapid loss of forests all across the Earth is of great concern to us. 

Limiting the number of trees used in our day-to-day goods is at the ROOT of our mission. In fact, we love our trees so much we have worked to save over 9,000 trees and counting! From compostable plates made with sugarcane fiber to cooking utensils crafted from bamboo, we’re committed to finding ultra-sustainable alternatives to cutting down trees.

We don’t want to stop at just saving trees from being used in consumer products. We are supporting planting new trees as well. As a start, we’re excited to announce that we’ve planted 8,000 trees! The new trees are growing in India, the home country to much of our supply chain operations.

Looking ahead, we’re committing to planting 1 tree for every order placed on our website. Collectively, we’re looking forward to planting a whole lot of trees!

To continue to track our progress together, check back on our website impact page and follow us on social media!