Top 5 Reasons Why Compostable Cold Cups Are Perfect For Eco-Friendly Party Ragers

Three compostable cold cups filled with drinks and ice cubes.

Did someone say party? We bet it's super fun to go a bit easy and relish some delicious food and drinks at an all-night rager. But, hosting one is not an easy task, especially if you are left with doing the dishes later.

And, while those party cocktails are best served in disposable cups, plastic is not always a great choice if you are hosting a planet-safe gathering. In this case, compostable cold cups can be a great way to embrace fizzy celebrations without making a huge impact.

And, all our compostable cold cups, available at EcoSoul, are plant-based. Made from plant materials like corn starch, our cold cups come with a minimal environmental impact and are still here for guilt-free sippings and fun. So, here are 5 reasons why our compostable cold cups are our personal favorites for hosting a cozy gathering.

What Are Eco-Friendly Cold Cups Made Of?

Before we get into reasons to switch to our cold cups, here's a bit on what exactly they are made of. Technically, single-use plastic products like cups are made by exhausting non-renewable resources like petroleum. However, we rely on only renewable resources to offer the best convenience with absolutely no guilt.

That being said, our cold cups are made from PLA (polylactic acid). Also known as bioplastics, PLA is derived from plant materials like sugarcane or corn starch. With absolutely no plastic or paper, these cups are plant-based and come with no toxins.

Moreover, these cups are also certified compostable. With a back-to-nature promise, these organic cold cups break down into tiny pieces within a couple of weeks post-disposal. So, unlike plastic cups that tend to stay around forever, these cups are merely here for a good time.

5 Reasons Why Compostable Cold Cups Are A Good Choice

Here are 5 reasons why compostable cold cups are our personal favorite-

They are plant-based.

Made straight from plants, these sustainable cold cups are a great alternative to single-use plastic cups. Moreover, they do not rely on exhausting non-renewable resources during manufacturing as they consume comparatively less energy.

They are certified compostable.

Our compostable cold cups with a back-to-nature promise. With a promise to be around for a good time and not a long time, these cups are certified compostable and become compost within a few weeks post disposal. So, unlike plastic, which either ends up in the oceans or enters the food chain by mixing into the soil, these cold cups become compost and nourish the soil. In short, they leave no trace behind.

They are toxin or chemical-free.

Besides just being plastic or timber-free, these sustainable cold cups are also toxin-free. Made safe for all your fizzy celebrations, these cups do not have even the slightest traits of harmful chemicals, allowing you to enjoy a good time in a healthy way.

They offer superior quality.

Besides being an eco-friendly alternative to plastic cups, these eco friendly cold cups also offer convenience. Unlike those super mushy or soggy plastic cups, these PLA-based cups do not buckle under pressure. You can easily enjoy party drinks (with or without a heavy splash of brandy) without worrying about them getting mushy.

They offer post-party convenience.

Let's face it: we have all tried to host planet-safe parties. But, it's pretty apparent that single-use products are, in fact, pretty convenient. Unlike delicate glass cups, where you have to spend the next day washing them, disposables definitely help save a lot of time and effort. And, if you are looking for an alternative to plastic cups, these cold cups have got you. Offering a guilt-free convenience, these are high on the parties and light for the post-party. So, here's to ditch doing dishes later.

That's A Wrap

Three individuals proudly display three cups of lemonade, served in compostable cold cups.

Offering a planet-safe alternative to single-use plastics, our compostable and disposable cold cups are a great way to enjoy parties without worrying about making an impact. Offering heavy-duty quality with an ultra-light footprint, these cups are here for some fizzy celebrations with the post-party mess.

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