Top 6 Brands For Bamboo Everyday Essentials

Bamboo toilet paper, environmentally friendly choice for a greener bathroom routine.

Who said sustainability can't fit the right aesthetic? If you are one of those who love adding a raw, natural touch to your kitchens, bamboo essentials can be a great addition to your spaces.

Unlike wood essentials, products made out of bamboo offer an ultra-strong build and have natural antibacterial properties. However, where to look?

With sustainability brimming in almost everyone's habits, it's hard to find a good brand that sells legit bamboo essentials. This is why we are here. Read on to explore the top 6 brands that are selling the best bamboo everyday essentials. Also, explore why you should switch to bamboo essentials over ordinary wood products.

4 Reasons to Switch

Before we get into the antics of exploring the top 3 brands out of our favorite 7, below are some reasons why you should be exploring certified bamboo products.

Plant-Based Bliss

Unlike plastic or wooden cutting boards or other kitchen essentials, bamboo products are made straight out of lush tropical forests. And, if you go for the right brand, you can buy the best quality and certified products that are free from any toxins, timber or plastic. Moreover, bamboo paper products like bamboo paper towels, toilet paper or tissues are also compostable. Some brands like EcoSoul offer a back-to-nature promise with all bamboo paper products, claiming that these products break down into tiny pieces after a few weeks post-disposal.

No Chemical Nasties

Besides being planet-safe, bamboo essentials are made safe for any kind of food contact. With a heat-resistant build and heavy-duty properties, these products do not emit any kinds of toxins into your food.

Strong & Sturdy

Did you know that bamboo was one of the first plants to "re-green" after the Hiroshima bombing of WWII? This implies that bamboo is one of the strongest plants (not trees) in our ecosystem and has an exceptional growth rate. Most bamboo species tend to grow several inches in just 24 hours. In short, bamboo essentials offer an uncompromising build and are here to handle all those saucy delights without ever buckling under pressure.

Natural Antibacterial Properties

Apart from its durability, bamboo also has multiple medicinal properties. In short, bamboo and all products made out of bamboo have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. They are made safe for any kind of food contact and also add a hygienic touch.

Top 6 Brands To Go For


carrying forward a strong belief that the world isn't only ours, EcoSoul upcycled plant waste and relies on the planet's fastest replenishing resources to provide high-quality everyday essentials.

EcoSoul's bamboo category includes a wide range of products, ranging from serving trays with handles, bamboo cutting boards, kitchen utensils and drawer organizers. Moreover, besides the hard bamboo range, you can also explore bamboo pulp products like bamboo facial tissues, toilet paper, towels and wipes.

These products come with a back-to-nature promise and offer uncompromising functionality, despite being planet-friendly. Also, besides the bamboo range, you can also explore other plant-based essentials made out of palm leaves, cornstarch and sugarcane bagasse.

Seek Bamboo

While this brand does offer a variety of products, including hair care and skin care, if we talk about bamboo kitchen essentials, they offer bamboo toilet paper, bamboo straws, cutlery sets and bamboo brushes.

Moreover, while bamboo paper products are not listed with product details like ply count and wipe count, Seek Bamboo is a good choice to give your homes a green look.

Rizome Bamboo

Claiming themselves as a Miracle Timber, Rizome Bamboo has a lot to offer, including boards, veneers, panels, and laminated lumbers.

Offering a good variety of products to make your spaces light up with some planet-safe bliss, the brand has little to offer when it comes to bamboo kitchen essentials and bamboo paper products.

Totally Bamboo

A family-owned company, Totally Bamboo offers a wide range of bamboo kitchen essentials, ranging from cutting boards to utensil sets. However, if you are looking for bamboo paper products like bamboo toilet paper, you would have to look elsewhere.

Moreover, because the brand does not seem to state its sustainability claims, it's best to do your thorough research before a purchase.


Offering a promise of sophistication and an eco-friendly lifestyle, Kohl's is yet another brand offering a huge range of bamboo products, including bamboo wickers, bamboo laundry hampers and X-Frame laundry hampers, there's little to explore when it comes to bamboo kitchen essentials.

While you can explore a lot of variety in the bamboo range, the products are mostly inclined towards laundry and storage. Moreover, they also do not have bamboo paper products.


If you're looking for the perfect dental kit, made out of bamboo, Skarpari is here for you. Offering a wide range of products from different categories, including knives, jewelry, home goods and apparel, Skarpari is a good choice, even if the brand is not inclined towards typical home essentials and kitchenware products.

That's A Wrap!

A person placing a Bamboo Cleaning wipe on a counter to clean and sanitize the surface.

There it is! The best products you can find when looking for bamboo range. And, while brands like Kohl's and Rizome Bamboo do have a good range of other home essentials, if you are looking for the right kitchen essentials to make your culinary expeditions eco-friendly, make sure to check out EcoSoul.