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Make Your Coffee Breaks Sustainable with Bagasse Hot Cups

Do you enjoy coffee (as we do)? Whether you are a frequent coffee drinker who can't seem to operate without a good dosage of caffeine or simply want to enjoy some occasional sips of tea to complement your zen mood, our bagasse hot cups, with their eco-friendly build, are here for all of your drinking needs.

Yes, these hot cups are manufactured entirely of plants and contain no tree, plastic, or chemicals.

And here's all you need to know about these cups and why you should acquire one immediately.

Bagasse Hot Cups: What's The Hype?

What does not go well with a freshly made, super-strong Americano in the morning? Well, for it, those fragile plastic or paper cups that can't withstand the piping hot pressure.

Aside from being loaded with toxins that might do more damage than good, these single-use plastic or paper goods are also bad for the environment.

But our bagasse hot cups are here, so you won't harm our ecology. These compostable cups are plant-based and certified compostable, so they can endure boiling drinks without becoming soggy or mushy. Plus, these cups come with a promise of returning to nature.

 What Are These Cups Made Of?

All hot cups, at EcoSoul, are made straight out of upcycled sugarcane fibers, called bagasse.

 Bagasse is a byproduct of the juice extraction process for sugarcane stalks. Typically, this agro-waste winds up in landfills or is burned to dispose of the mess. However, we believe in adopting the circular economy. And, by upcycling this plant waste into beautiful everyday basics like hot mugs, we ensure that we can rely on the planet's quickest renewing resources.

Once extracted, this agro-waste undergoes a rigorous procedure under a pulping machine to recover the fibers. The extracted fiber is dried and stored. After air drying, the bagasse is filtered and diluted into pulp to suit the molding machinery.

The pulp is shaped into cups and plates using a hot press machine and then inspected. We guarantee that any anomalies are trimmed and taken out during the final examination so that we can provide you with items that are exactly right for any mood.

Bagasse Over Plastic: Why Switch?

In a nutshell, bagasse is an environmentally friendly, compostable alternative to typical cup materials such as plastic or styrofoam.

Unlike plastic cups, which are created using non-renewable resources such as petroleum, these bagasse hot cups are made entirely of plants. Furthermore, because there is no tree included, you will not contribute to deforestation.

Finally, these eco-friendly cups are far stronger and more lasting than standard single-use plastic or paper cups. They can tolerate high temperatures and are perfect for those hot morning beverages without causing too much damage to the environment.

10+ Reasons Why Bagasse Hot Cups Are A Good Pick

Our hot cups, produced from sugarcane fiber, provide guilt-free convenience. For starters, they are environmentally friendly but also quite handy because you won't have to bother with post-meal clean-ups. These compostable hot cups are also exceedingly easy and guilt-free to dispose of. Here are 10+ reasons why you should make the move now:

They're plant-based.

To reiterate, our eco-friendly hot mugs are created directly from the plant, namely sugarcane bagasse. These cups are produced from plants and are suitable for everyone. They include no plastic, tree, or chemicals. These cups are USDA-certified

They are certified compostable. 

We mean it when we claim we go to whatever length on Earth to have our items accredited. These cups, made entirely of plants, have been certified compostable. Embracing a back-to-nature promise, these items decompose into small fragments in the soil after a few weeks of disposal. Furthermore, these cups decompose into humus, a nutrient-rich compost that feeds the soil and increases soil retention.

They support a circular economy.

With a back-to-nature commitment, these cups ensure that all resources remain in our environment. In a nutshell, a circular economy emphasizes recycling, reusing, and upcycling. We upcycle plant waste that would otherwise wind up in landfills or burn into usable items. And, once you've finished enjoying your favorite hot beverage in them, they simply blend into the earth.

They are toxin-free.

Our eco-friendly hot mugs are devoid of dangerous chemicals and contaminants. These goods are BPA-free and do not produce chemicals when in touch with your beverages. In summary, these cups are designed to be environmentally and personally safe.

They are microwave-safe.

These cups are designed to endure harsh temperatures. This means that if you need to reheat stale coffee or simply make it hotter to your preference, you may do it with confidence because they are microwave-safe. Furthermore, because these items contain no chemicals or poisons, they produce no toxins even when exposed to high temperatures.

They are freezer-safe.

In addition to being microwave and oven-safe, these bagasse hot cups are freezer and refrigerator-safe.

They come with a lid.

We provide sugarcane bagasse hot cups in a variety of sizes and designs. If you're usually on the run, go for hot cups with a cover to prevent spillage. Furthermore, hot cups with lids and sleeves provide a handy grasp no matter where you are.

They're lightweight.

These cups are ideal for on-the-go convenience. They're very lightweight and ideal for holding your cup during busy meetings, navigating traffic, or simply relaxing with your pals in the evening.

They are available in a variety of sizes.

As previously said, we provide hot cups in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit any mood. Whether you want an additional dosage of caffeine or want to limit your coffee intake, these cups have you covered.

They are tough and durable.

Despite being plant-based, fully compostable, and devoid of pollutants, these cups are extremely durable and powerful. With a better design, these cups will not buckle at extreme temperatures and will complement your morning or evening beverages without leaving a mess.

They're sleek and trendy.

Who said eco-friendly things didn't look good? These hot cups manufactured from sugarcane bagasse are elegant, trendy, and ideal for accompanying your coffee (or tea) time.

Different Sizes for Different Coffee Moods

The following is a summary of the many sizes and varieties of compostable hot cups offered from EcoSoul.

160 oz compostable hot cups with lids and sleeves.

Do you enjoy having an additional dosage of caffeine every morning? If so, then this 16-ounce hot cup is for you. Available with lids and sleeves, these cups are ideal for guilt-free, mess-free, and quick coffee breaks.

16 oz compostable hot cups with lids.

This cup also comes with lids, allowing you to enjoy exceptionally lengthy coffee breaks. These cups include a tight-lock mechanism that keeps the steaming mess inside.

16 oz Compostable Hot Cups Without Lids

This one, which does not have a cover, is ideal for folks who enjoy consuming coffee numerous times each day. These cups, with their excellent heat resistance, are ideal for on-the-go convenience.

12 oz compostable hot cups without lids.

 These cups, which come without a cover, provide just enough room for a traditional coffee break and have an exceptional build with no pollutants.

12 oz. compostable hot cups with lids and sleeves.

These cups, which come with lids and sleeves, provide convenience to your drinking time while preventing messes and spills.

8 oz compostable hot cups without lids

If you enjoy drinking really strong coffee in the morning, this compact hot cup is for you. This cup, which is made entirely of plants, does not release any hazardous chemicals into your drinks and so contributes to environmental sustainability.

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