Compostable Snack Resealable Bags - 3.34" X 7"

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Embrace a greener lifestyle with our plant-based resealable bags made from Cornstarch. Designed to keep your food fresh while reducing plastic waste, our eco-friendly bags are the perfect choice for sustainable storage and organization.

  • Crafted from renewable resources like cornstarch
  • 90-180 days back-to-nature guarantee
  • Product Dimensions: 3.34" x 7"
  • Compostable Certified


Durable Built

Anti-Soggy & Anti-Mushy


Free from Toxins or Chemicals

Certified Compostable

Made from Cornstarch


Plant-based or PLA resealable bags are made from polylactic acid, a bio-based plastic made from renewable resources like corn-based resin. This resealable bag set is 100% plant-based and eco-friendly. Moreover, unlike plastic resealable bags, these resealable bags require less energy to be molded into the right shape.

Yes! Unlike their plastic counterparts, these resealable bags are made from plant-based, renewable materials. Moreover, they consume less energy during manufacturing and are certified compostable.

No matter how alike these two might look, PLA resealable bags are a great substitute for plastic resealable bags. Besides being eco-friendly and compostable, this single-use resealable bag is also pretty convenient. They are lightweight, easy to handle and anti-soggy.

PLA resealable bags are made from corn and do not contain petroleum-based plastic. This makes them 100% plant-based, aka vegan.

Yes, PLA resealable bags are 100% plant-based and are safe for food contact. Made with food-grade material, this resealable bag is planet-safe and party-friendly.

Simply put, compostable products break down within 180 days of disposal and nourish the soil. Our PLA resealable bags are certified compostable and start to break down within 90 days of disposal.

Composting is when microorganisms present in the soil break down a compostable product into smaller pieces. You can compost these bags in your home by disposing of them in a compost bin. However, if you don't have a backyard or a compost bin, you can dispose of them in a simple trash bin. Once they end up in a landfill, they'll break down and nourish the soil within 180 days.

PLA resealable bags and other essentials are sourced and biodegradable. They are made from plants and go back to the soil within 90-180 days.

Simply put, PLA is a plastic made from plants, usually corn. In a nutshell, PLA resealable bags do not contain BPA. Neither is there any safety concern when using PLA with food.


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