6 Reasons to Switch to Bamboo Disposable Napkins

A woman sitting at a table with a plate of food, accompanied by Bamboo Disposable Napkins.

Whether you are planning a formal dinner party or a casual, cozy brunch on your patio, napkins surely play a pretty vital part in your table setting. Unlike cloth napkins, tissues are quite easy to use and dispose of. However, what about the environmental impact?

Given the rate at which the world is shifting towards a sustainable lifestyle, bamboo disposable napkins have surely emerged as a great alternative to paper napkins. Let's admit it, they are stronger, sleek, and, yes, an eco-friendly option, compared to traditional paper napkins.

And, if you are trying to give that brunch a sustainable touch, you are at the right place. Here are six reasons why disposable napkins, made from sustainable bamboo, are a great option for all your plans.

They are gentle to the planet.

Bamboo paper napkins, available at EcoSoul, are made from the fastest-growing bamboo in the world. Being plastic-free, timber-free, and paper-free, these napkins are here so you can wipe your hands, and not the trees.

Moreover, because these are completely plant-based, they go back to nature by breaking down into smaller pieces and turning into compost, once discarded into a compost bin.

They are chemical or toxin-free.

Starting again, our bamboo paper napkins are made from just bamboo. And, they have absolutely no toxins or chemicals. In fact, they are super gentle to even the most sensitive of skin.

They have natural antibacterial properties.

Naturally, bamboo has several antibacterial and antifungal properties. And, because our disposable dinner napkins have nothing but bamboo, these napkins are pretty gentle on the skin. With such properties, you can surely look forward to a hygienic way to wipe the mess away.

They are highly absorbent.

Unlike paper napkins, where you have to use more than one tissue to wipe your messy hands, our bamboo disposable napkins are highly absorbent. Meaning, they help generate less waste and still manage to solve the purpose.

These napkins are tear-resistant.

We bet all of us can relate to traditional paper napkins tearing off when wiping wet hands. However, with bamboo napkins, that's not the case. Besides featuring a highly absorbent build, these napkins are also tear-resistant. They offer a mess-free and guilt-free way to wipe away the mess.

Bamboo paper napkins are compostable.

For starters, bamboo paper can easily dissolve in water and does not need to be recycled to be used again. This is pretty vital because these napkins won't be clogging your pipes.

Besides having an impressive biodegradability feature, the used napkin can easily become compost in a couple of days after being discarded. This can, then, be added to your backyard soil. The point is that bamboo napkins are made from all-natural resources, so besides helping you cut your reliance on non-renewable resources, these napkins also go back to nature and nourish the soil, on the way.

And, That's A Wrap

A wooden table accompanied by bamboo disposable napkins.

Bamboo paper napkins do have a number of benefits. And, if you are ready to explore more of our bamboo range, don't forget to try our bamboo toilet paper!

Make sure to explore our entire bamboo collection to make your shift to a sustainable lifestyle more easy and guilt-free.

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