7 Fun Activities To Do During Spring

An outdoor dining setup with a variety of food and drinks on eco-friendly serving items.

It's officially that time of the year. The chilly winters are behind us, the snow has melted, and we no longer need to drag ourselves in heavy coats. With the flowers blooming, birds chirping, and the sun hitting just the right spot, spring is officially here. And we have a lot in mind to make this time of the year super special and fun.

From doing solo things to hosting family dinners, spring is all about connecting with nature and boosting yourself up after gloomy days. That being said, here are the top seven fun activities to do during spring.

1. Plan An Outdoor Brunch

With the weather getting warmer, you can take just the right advantage of blooming outdoors by planning a perfect brunch. Just gather your people, plan a great menu, set up a cozy blanket right beneath a lush tree and dive right into the goodness of some brunch items while chatting with your friends. And, if you want to make it more convenient, stack up some compostable and plant-based plates, disposable soup bowls and much more. These products are plastic-free and pretty easy to dispose of. Simply dispose of them in a compostable trash bag, and you are all set.

2. Host A Backyard Barbecue Party

Who doesn't love barbecue? Coz, we sure do! Fire up the grill in your backyard, invite some friends or family over and host a spring-special backyard barbecue party. Moreover, you can enjoy some delicious grilled treats on our palm leaf plates. Made from naturally fallen Areca palm, our plates are plant-based and certified compostable. Moreover, besides offering a guilt-free way to host a fun party, these plates are here to handle all the juicy and piping hot weight of your favorite wings without buckling under the pressure.

3. Invite Your Friends Over For A Tea Party

Tea time, anyone? Whether you like boiling hot tea or love fighting the heat with iced tea, you can go for our PLA cold cups or hot cups. Here, you can handle any kind of drink. You can simply sip some tea, enjoy some crispy gooey goodies, or dunk some crisps and dips without ever worrying about a post-party mess.

4. Feed The Ducks

Here's something to unwind and relax. Step out of your home, along with your family or alone, and visit the lakeside to feed some ducks. Take some time to unwind at a local lake or pond to foster a connection with nature. Take some duck-friendly treats with you, and savor the simple delight of feeding these adorable ducks. It's a peaceful and comforting hobby that connects you with the local fauna and lets you enjoy the beauty of spring.

5. Go On A Romantic Lake-Side Painting Date

A picnic basket filled with sandwiches, drinks, and fruit on the shore. Eco-friendly products used for serving food items.

Take a romantic painting date at a picturesque lake by embracing your inner artist. Place your easels along the water's edge and allow the gorgeous surroundings to spark your imagination. Bring bowls, bamboo paper napkins, and palm leaf plates for a stylish and eco-friendly accent to enhance the event. While spending precious time with your loved one, paint a picture that perfectly captures the beauty of spring.

6. Have A Picnic

Savor the traditional picnic's simplicity with a springtime touch. Bring your preferred nibbles, cool drinks, and a soft blanket, then choose a beautiful relaxing location. Use biodegradable plates, throwaway bowls, and compostable cups to improve your picnic experience. This not only lessens trash but also allows you to completely appreciate the natural world's beauty without endangering the ecosystem.

7. Bake Some Spring Cakes

Satisfy your sweet taste by making some adorable cakes with a spring theme. Try capturing the essence of the season by experimenting with flavors such as strawberry, lavender, and lemon. Use palm leaf plates and compostable cutlery for a little bit of sustainability while presenting your delicious meals. These plant-based substitutes make baking guilt-free and tasty while also adding an environmentally sustainable touch.

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