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Take Some Sustainable Sips with our Compostable Cups

Whether you're taking your first shot of caffeine in the morning or sipping fizzy mocktails at a gathering, your drinking routine requires a sustainable update. And, no, we are not talking about those flimsy plastic-free cups that get too soggy under pressure. Our compostable cups are made from plants and are certified for their back-to-nature claim.

Made from plant material like plant starch or upcycled sugarcane bagasse, these eco-friendly cups are here to make your morning coffee or occasional sips of drinks planet-safe. We at EcoSoul have two different options when it comes to making your drinking game eco-friendly and more convenient. Below is why our compostable coffee cups and compostable party cups are a far better option than regular single-use plastic cups.

Compostable Coffee Cups: For A Sustainable Dose of Caffeine

What could go wrong with a freshly made, super-strong Americano in the morning? Well, for it, those incredibly weak plastic or paper cups that simply cannot withstand the piping hot pressure. In addition to being slathered with toxic chemicals that can cause more damage than good, these single-use plastic or paper items are also bad for the environment.

However, our compostable hot cups are now available, ensuring that you do not harm the environment. These plant-based, certified compostable coffee cups with lids can tolerate boiling drinks without becoming soggy or mushy. Furthermore, the mugs come with a back-to-nature promise.

Our compostable cups for hot beverages are made from upcycled sugarcane bagasse. Bagasse is a byproduct of the juice extraction process for sugarcane stalks. In most cases, this plant waste is dumped into landfills where it is burnt. However, we aim to decrease our and your waste generation. This is why all our products are all about a circular economy. By upcycling this plant waste into beautiful everyday basics, such as hot cups, we ensure that we can rely on the planet's quickest-renewing resources.

Once we have extracted bagasse, we make it go through a rigorous procedure where the pulp is formed from the fibers. This pulp is then dried and stored at room temperature. After the pulp is air dried, bagasse is formed, which is filtered and diluted again into pulp. The pulp is shaped into cups and plates using a hot press machine and then inspected. We guarantee that any anomalies are trimmed and taken out during the final examination so that we can provide you with items that are exactly right for any mood.

Different Sizes for Different Moods

The following is an overview of the many sizes and varieties of compostable hot cups offered by EcoSoul.

160 oz compostable hot cups with lids and sleeves.

Do you enjoy having an additional dosage of caffeine every morning? This size is a good pick if you love coffee. Extra large and available in a lid, it's for all those who prefer a mess-free and hard-hitting coffee break.

16 oz compostable hot cups with lids.

Available with a lid, this 16oz cup is the Grande size for your sustainable coffee sips. The lids offer a good tight-lock mechanism ensuring there are no spills or mess.

16 oz Compostable Hot Cups Without Lids

If you love drinking coffee multiple times a day, this is a good choice for you. These cups, with their excellent heat resistance, are ideal for on-the-go convenience.

12 oz compostable hot cups without lids.

If you love the OG kind of coffee, this one is for you. Made from plant-based material, they are eco-friendly and a good way to make your coffee breaks more convenient.

12 oz. compostable hot cups with lids and sleeves.

These cups, which come with lids and sleeves, provide convenience during drinking while preventing messes and spills.

8 oz compostable hot cups without lids

If you enjoy drinking really strong coffee in the morning, this little hot cup is for you. Perfect for some expresso shots, this cup is easy to hold, easy to carry, and also easy on the planet.

Why Use Compostable Hot Cups? 5 Reasons Why

Our hot cups, produced from sugarcane fiber, provide guilt-free convenience. To start with, they are safe for the planet, but also super convenient. In short, you wouldn't have to use plastic cups for a short coffee break. These cups are also exceedingly easy and guilt-free to dispose away. Here are five reasons why you should make the transition now:

They're plant-based.

To reiterate, our eco-friendly hot cups are made directly from sugarcane bagasse. They are USDA-certified and suitable for everyone. They do not contain plastic, trees, or chemicals.

They are certified compostable.

 All our products are certified for all sustainability claims. This implies, that these cups are certified compostable. These disposable coffee cups, made entirely of plants, have been certified compostable. Embracing a back-to-nature promise, these products decompose into small fragments in the soil after a few weeks of disposal. Also, when these cups decompose into compost, they are pretty rich in humus, which is often mixed with the soil to provide important nutrients.

 They are toxin-free.

Our eco-friendly and disposable coffee cups with lids are devoid of dangerous chemicals and contaminants. They are BPA-free and do not produce chemicals when in contact with beverages. In summary, these compostable cups are designed to be environmentally and personally safe.

They are microwave-safe.

These cups are designed to endure harsh temperatures. In short, they are perfectly safe to reheat your cold, stale coffee. You can run them in a microwave without a worry. Also, they are entirely toxin-free, so they won't emit any harmful substances in your drink when heated.

They are strong and sturdy.

Despite being plant-based, fully compostable, and devoid of pollutants, these cups are extremely durable and powerful. Featuring a sleek design, these cups are here to handle the heat and will make your coffee breaks a bit more planet-safe and mess-free.

Compostable Party Cups: For Guilt-Free Fizzy Celebrations

 Planning a party may be stressful, especially if it's at your home and you'll have to clean the dishes later. And, while single-use plastic items, such as plastic cups, are not ideal for those looking to be environmentally responsible, our compostable cold cups are here to help. These cups, made from natural plant-based ingredients such as corn starch, are certified compostable, lightweight, sag-free, and toxin-free. All cold cups available at EcoSoul are produced from plant-based materials such as PLA, a starch derived from plants such as sugarcane or corn. EcoSoul's cold cups are 100% cornstarch. Furthermore, because they are plant-based, these cups are compostable. Meaning, these cups are certified to break down into smaller pieces and form compost, which can be mixed in with the soil to increase the nutritional value of the soil. Traditionally, plastic cups are made from nonrenewable resources such as petroleum. Because they drain these man-made resources, manufacturing requires a significant amount of energy, time, and money. Compostable party cold cups, on the other hand, are completely plant-based. They are made from the planet's quickest-renewing resources, such as corn starch, and need substantially less energy or time to produce. Different Sizes for Different Moods We provide compostable cold cups in two sizes to meet all of your needs, no matter how extravagant or simple they are. These cups, available in 12 oz and 16 oz sizes, are perfect for any party atmosphere, whether it's pounding down beverages, relaxing with a sip, or everything in between. 12 oz Compostable Party Cups These 12oz cups are ideal for keeping your minimalist drinking parties clean. These cups are compostable, making them easy to dispose of and very light on the environment. 16oz compostable party cups Here's something powerful, sustainable, toxin-free, and lightweight (cheers!): These compostable cups are ideal for carrying heavy beverages and will save you from having to clean up later. They are 100% compostable and environmentally friendly, making them ideal for holding a party without causing a mess or guilt. Why Use Compostable Party Cups? 5 Reasons Why Let's face it: our plant-based cold cups are here so you can party stress-free without having to clean the dishes. With that in mind, here are five reasons why compostable cold cups are a better choice than single-use plastic cups. They're plant-based. These cups are constructed entirely from plant-based materials, such as cornstarch. These chilly cups, made from nature's quickest renewing resources, are light on the environment. These cool cups, built from plants and designed for everyone, have a heavy-duty structure but an ultra-light footprint. They are certified compostable. We went to great lengths to guarantee that all of our products, including these environmentally friendly cold cups, are compostable. Certified compostable, these cups return to nature by breaking down into small bits after a few days of disposal. They are toxin-free. These chilly cups are chemical and toxin-free, making them safe for both you and the environment. Because they contain no contaminants, they keep all of your beverages safe for you. Furthermore, after they are composted, they do not emit or release any hazardous compounds into the soil. They are strong and sturdy. They are quite powerful and durable. So, whether it's standing up for all of your effervescent festivities or accompanying you to those late-night party soirees, these cold cups have you covered. They are easily disposed of. Once used, just place them in your compost bins. If you don't have a compost container at home, you can go to the local composting center. Once discarded, these cups will decompose within a few weeks. Wait, There's More! Besides offering a huge product assortment of compostable cups, we have more in store for you. Our collection also includes compostable and plant-based tableware, kitchenware, partyware, personal hygiene range, and much more, all being plastic and tree-free.

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Certified For Your Peace Of Mind

We believe that certifications are vital to transparency and the overall health of our planet. That’s why we always validate our products to ensure that they’re better for people and the environment.

While not every certification is appropriate for every product, we go to the ends of the Earth to attain the right certifications for the right materials — so you can have peace of mind that you’re doing right by the planet.