Tips To Be Sustainable on your Weddings with Compostable Plates

Table set with Eco Soul Compostable Plates and compostable cutlery made of Bagasse and PLA

Do you have your big day all planned up? If yes, we are guessing you are still choosing compostable tableware over traditional tableware options. And, if this though sounds a bit too scary to have disposables in your wedding, we are here with something that is both sustainable and fancy.

Yes, we are talking about compostable plates. And, no matter how they sound, they are just the perfect choice to be zero-waste at any kind of gathering, including a day as big as your wedding. So, here's everything you need to know about having compostable plates at your wedding for a super stylish yet sustainable event.

Wait, What Are Compostable Plates?

Compostable plates are usually made out of plant-based materials like sugarcane bagasse or naturally-fallen Areca palm leaves. We sell a wide variety of palm leaf plates and bagasse plates, which are certified compostable.

Yes, that's true. We've gone to the ends of the world to get our products certified. So, besides them being USDA-certified for being plant-based, we have also backed their back-to-nature promise. This implies that once you are done using them, all you have to do is dispose of them in a compost bin. These disposable plates are certified to break down into compost within just a couple of weeks after you dispose of them.

The compost formed can be mixed in with the soil to offer some important nutrients and increase the soil's water retention levels.

What We Have In Store For You?

Our sustainable yet fancy disposable plates are a great way to make the planet feel special on your big day. Here to help you host a zero-waste gathering, we have everything from something minimalist to extra premium for you. That being said, here's what you can go for when planning a zero-waste wedding:

Compostable Bagasse Plates: For Something Minimal

If you are someone who loves something cozy and minimalistic, our bagasse plates are here to handle those saucy dishes without ever breaking down. Made from upcycled sugarcane bagasse, these plates are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

From appetizer size to full-fledged meal size and compartment plates, these plates are also microwave-safe and freezer-safe. In addition to this, they are absolutely free from any toxins or chemicals. And, unlike those super saggy, single-use plastic plates, you won't have to worry about the mess, because they will go straight to the soil after sitting a few weeks in your compost bin.

Compostable Palm Leaf Plates: For An Extra-Premium Feel

If you love going over the top and want something to match your aesthetic, our palm leaf plates are what you need. Made from naturally-fallen Areca palm leaves, these USDA-certified plant-based plates are also certified compostable.

Featuring sleek and natural patterns all throughout the surface, these leaf plates are here to handle all those appetizing appetizers, fulling mains, and something sweet like your wedding cake. They are freezer-safe and microwave-safe. Plus, they are free from any chemical nasties, ensuring no toxin enters your food, even if you decide to reheat them in a microwave.

7 Tips for A Sustainable, Zero-Waste Wedding

Switching to compostable plates for weddings is exactly what you need to be planet-safe for your wedding. However, if you are looking for some brownie points, we have got you covered.

Here are some easy tips you can follow to be sustainable on your big day:

  • Reduce your travel emissions by choosing a local venue that is located centrally or offers shuttle services.
  • Go organic and local by choosing your food menu depending on season veggies and supplies.
  • Whether it is buying your wedding cake or the decor, try buying through a local vendor or a small business.
  • Save the leftovers and donate them to avoid food wastage.
  • Give away some green vibes by choosing sustainable decor and adding a rustic appeal to your setting.
  • Send out sustainable invitations, whether through an E-invite or recycled paper.
  • Get married out in the open for some illustrious views and reduced electricity consumption.

That's A Wrap-Up

A table set with Eco Soul Compostable Plates, Compostable Fork, and Bamboo napkins.

It's true that a wedding can be pretty huge to plan on. But, with the right choices and going for sustainable alternatives, you can be gentle to our planet. Simply choose compostable plates and ditch using single-use plastic plates. Moreover, you can also use recyclable and sustainable decor to add a rustic yet elegant vibe to your minimalist wedding.