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Slice, Chop and Slurp Sustainably with PLA Cutlery Set

 Packing up for a short picnic or a mini camping session out in the woods? Whether it is a small vacation or you are simply inviting some friends over for a get-together, no one wants to carry metal cutlery with them. Besides being a bit too heavy, these cutlery sets can become a hassle when you are stuck washing them after every bite.

However, before you jump off to plastic or paper cutlery, we have something greener in mind: PLA cutlery. Made from plant materials like corn starch, our compostable PLA cutlery comes with a back-to-nature promise, allowing you to slurp guiltlessly on those thick buckwheat noodles with absolutely no guilt.

PLA Cutlery: Why Ditch Plastic?

Here's a simple fact: almost everyone knows that plastic isn't really a great eco-friendly choice. However, we rely on single-use plastic the most because it is convenient. Unlike those metal cutlery sets, where you have to do the dishes later, plastic spoons, forks and knives are easy to dispose of. However, we may have something just better.

Our PLA cutlery set is made from plants, making it fully compostable. This implies that these spoons, forks or knives are certified to break down into tiny pieces and form compost. On the other hand, plastic single-use forks and spoons tend to stay around forever. Even though they eventually break down, they still manage to leave microplastics behind, which get mixed up in our food chain and can cause serious damage to our health.

What's The Hype About PLA?

PLA, also called polylactic acid, is a plant starch generally obtained from corn or sugarcane bagasse. However, our range of PLA cutlery is made from corn starch. With absolutely no toxins or chemicals, this cutlery set is purely plant-based and comes with certified promises of compatibility and sustainability.

That being said, our PLA cutlery is also certified compostable. After disposal, it breaks down into tiny pieces in a couple of days and forms compost. Also known as humus, this compost is often rich in nutrients and can be mixed with the soil to increase water retention levels and provide important soil ingredients.

Let's Check Our Store?

At EcoSoul, we strive to provide you with the finest in mess-free and guilt-free convenience. This is why we have a large selection of PLA cutlery to pick from. In short, there are four different types of PLA cutlery sets.

PLA Knife Set

Whether you enjoy slicing a succulent steak or simply cutting through a delectable chocolate cake, our PLA knives are available for you. These compostable knives are 100% plant-based and certified compostable, making them both enjoyable and low-impact for the environment.

This knife set, available in packs of 50, 100, 200, 500, or 1,000 pieces, boasts high durability, toxin-free deliciousness, and a back-to-nature promise.

PLA Spoon Set

Chop chop, it's time to embrace sustainability by the spoonful. This compostable spoon set, made entirely of plants, is here for a good time (but not for long). These compostable spoons, made from PLA and promising a return to nature, are ideal for slurping hot soup, devouring exquisite chili, or everything in between.

 Furthermore, these spoons are heat-resistant and non-toxic, making them safe for both your food and the environment.

PLA Fork Set

Enjoy slurping on those thick ramen noodles? These compostable forks will make your slurpings both environmentally friendly and devoid of toxins. With high-quality sturdiness and a sturdy design, you may enjoy tasty ramen, pad thai noodles, or other regular noodles without feeling guilty.

Plus, because it is certified compostable, you won't have to worry about cleaning the dishes afterward. Our compostable fork set, like spoons and knives, is available in quantities of 100, 200, 500, and 1,000.

PLA Cutlery Set

Our compostable cutlery set, available in sets of 24, 150, and 300 counts, represents the best of PLA. This bundle, which includes spoons, knives, and forks, is ideal for picnics or compact, intimate events that do not require a lot of cleanup.

10 Reasons to Make The Switch To PLA Cutlery

 Here are 10 reasons why PLA cutlery is a better option when compared to single-use plastic cutlery:

They are entirely made from plants.

Our compostable cutlery set is proudly plant-based and made from sustainable materials such as cornstarch or sugarcane. By choosing plant-based alternatives, you are supporting a sustainable option that reduces dependency on fossil fuels.

They have a back-to-nature promise.

Not all "green" claims are equivalent. Our compostable cutlery comes with certificates indicating that it meets rigorous compostability criteria.

They do not have any chemicals.

Traditional plastic cutlery can leach toxic chemicals into your meals. Our compostable cutlery is devoid of toxins, ensuring a safe and healthy dining experience for you and your loved ones. In short, no more concern about getting into contact with hazardous substances.

They support upcycling and a circular economy.

Embrace the cycle economy with our compostable cutlery. Unlike single-use plastics, which can sit in landfills for generations, these utensils can be returned to the soil, completing a sustainable life cycle. It's a step towards a zero-waste future.

They are very easy to trash.

Our compostable cutlery is easy to dispose of. Simply trash it into your compost bin and let nature do its thing. Instead of feeling guilty about contributing to the filling of landfills, you can now dispose of your silverware with peace of mind.

They do not get soggy.

Have you ever had a fork that became soggy midway through a meal? Our compostable cutlery overcomes all odds. They are anti-soggy and anti-mushy, ensuring that your eating experience is delightful from beginning to end.

They are made safe for children.

Are you concerned about your children's safety? Our compostable cutlery is a parent's dream, as it is fully child-safe. With no dangerous chemicals or sharp edges, you can let your children eat without anxiety.

They do not mess with the taste.

One major issue about alternative utensils is their effect on the flavor of your food. Because they are free from chemicals, our PLA cutlery guarantees that your meals keep their delightful tastes, free of any unpleasant aftertaste.

You can choose between different types of sets.

We recognize that one size does not fit everyone. That is why our compostable cutlery is offered in a range of sets to meet diverse eating demands. Whether you're throwing a sophisticated dinner party or having a simple picnic, there's a set suitable for you.

Shop in Sustainability, Shop with Purpose

Here's something to make your purchase with us even more impactful. We have collaborated with +Purpose and have decided to give back to society with every cause chosen. Every time you choose one of our causes, powered by +purpose, during checkout, we will make sure to invest 1% of the purchase in the cause on your behalf for FREE.

There's More to Explore

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