Palm Leaf Disposable Square Bowls


Embrace Earth-Friendly Meal Delights with Palm Leaf Square Bowls

Fancy some nachos with salsa? Well, make sure you go all planet-safe with your dippings. Our palm leaf square bowls are here to help you make your munching sessions more fun and Earth-friendly. Made out of naturally fallen Areca palm, these Compostable bowls are just perfect to compliment all kinds of settings with their sleek textures and sturdy build.

Explore why you need to choose these disposable palm leaf square bowls over plastic ones, and some cool, creative ways to use these bowls.

Palm Leaf over Plastics: Why Switch?

We bet you must have used single-use products some time in your life. We admit they are convenient, and offer easy disposal. However, they have far more devastating effects on our ecosystem.

For starters, single-use products like plastic bowls and plates are made from non-renewable resources like petroleum. Moreover, they rely on a massive amount of energy when in production. This includes electricity, human power and transportation.

And, once you are done using them, they either end up in our oceans or are dumped away in landfills. Either way, these plastic products take a very long time to break down into tiny pieces (about 500 years), and when they do, they still manage to leave a long trail of toxins and microplastics behind. These tiny bits of microplastics end up in our food chain and cause severe harm to our health, besides just disrupting the entire ecosystem.

Palm leaf bowls, however, are plant-based. In fact, our palm leaf square bowls are USDA-certified for being made only from plants. Typically, these bowls are made from naturally fallen Areca palm and are mainly handmade to avoid a massive production cost and impact. Moreover, these Leaf bowls also come with a back-to-nature promise. Being certified compostable, all palm leaf bowls, available at EcoSoul, break down into smaller pieces within a few weeks post disposal and become nutrient-rich compost. This compost can then be added to the soil to increase its nutrient value and increase water retention levels, thus benefiting soil health.

The crux is that these eco-friendly palm leaf square bowls embrace a circular economy. They are derived from upcycled natural resources, go back into the soil, and benefit the ecosystem.

Behind The Scenes: Making of Palm Leaf Square Bowls

At EcoSoul, all palm leaf products follow the same making process. We start by collecting naturally fallen Areca palm leaves. Traditionally, every tree is known to shed leaves. So, instead of lucking the finest leaves from the tree, we rely on extracting the naturally fallen leaves.

Once the leaves are collected, they are soaked in spring water to get rid of dust, debris, etc. The water is usually at room temperature. After soaking, the leaves are cleaned with fresh water and hand-washed. This allows us to remove even the minute trait of germs or dirt from the leaves, so only the best reaches your tables.

After following a lengthy cleaning process, the leaves are then air-dried and left hanging until all the moisture is soaked off. After cleaning and drying, these palm leaves are flattened out with hands and stretched so they can best fit the molds. Once the leaves are flat enough to fit the mold, these leaves are molded into desired shapes under a hot, high-pressure press. Because we make sure to make all our products toxin-free, we do not use chemically infused binding agents, like glue, to stick these leaves together. Instead, we use modern technology heating presses that use high steam technology and allow the leaves to take a solid form of the mold.

Once the leaves acquire the right shape of bowls, these compostable soup bowls are then trimmed for sharp surfaces. After the final product is ready, these palm leaf square bowls go through rigorous quality checks and testing to ensure they maintain high levels of quality standards.

10+ Reasons to Switch Today Ready to make the right choice?

Here are 10+ reasons why you must choose palm leaf bowls over single-use plastic bowls.

They are plant-based.

Starting again, our palm leaf bowls are entirely plant-based. Made only from naturally fallen Areca palm, these leaves do not contain substances that may be extracted from non-renewable resources. They are made entirely from plants and return to the soil.

They are certified compostable.

Our compostable palm leaf square bowls are also certified for their back-to-nature claim. That being said, after you are done using them, all you need to do is dispose of them in your compost bin. Once discarded, these bowls break down into tiny pieces within a few weeks and turn into compost. This compost can then be used to nourish the soil quality and provide the needed nutrients.

They embrace a circular economy.

Because these palm leaf bowls are made from nature and go back to nature, they rightfully support a circular economy. A circular economy is one that supports recycling, upcycling and reusing. It is also about ensuring every substance made stays in nature and may be used again. Single-use plastic plates, however, stand to differ, In most cases, plastic plates and bowls are made, used and thrown away. They rely on non-renewable resources and do not give anything back to nature. On the other hand, palm leaf square bowls are made from upcycled plants, require less energy to manufacture, actually serve a purpose, and go back into nature by forming compost.

They improve soil health.

As stated above, our palm leaf bowls are certified compostable. Once you are done using them, they become compost and can be added to the soil to increase its nutrient value. The compost made by such products is generally known to improve the soul's water retention and can allow it to better hold on to the nutrients, thus leaving behind healthy soil.

They help reduce single-use plastic waste.

Did you know that out of the total plastic produced worldwide, 50% of it is single-use plastic? And, where does it end up? Technically, our oceans or the landfills. Either way, they end up floating the surfaces of our oceans or choking our marine life, leading to massive loss of marine life. Palm leaf bowls, however, pose as a perfect alternative to single-use plastic bowls, They are not made from any non-renewable resources and can naturally decompose, without leaving a trail of microplastics or toxins behind

They help reduce deforestation.

Let's admit it. At some point, you must have thought about paper plates as a better, greener alternative to single-use plastic plates. And, while they are better, they are not a great deal either. In fact, did you know that over 200 million trees are cut down every day to make paper? This means that a tree is cut down every 2.5 seconds. And, technically, over 1 million species are known to reside on an average single tree. While the numbers are enormous, your smallest choice of choosing a planet-safe lifestyle can make a huge difference.

They are strong and sturdy.

These palm leaf square bowls are incredibly sturdy. Despite being made out of plants and having absolutely no chemicals, our palm leaf bowls feature superior quality and a strong build. They don't buckle under the pressure and do not get soggy, even if you use them to serve thick dips or liquid condiments.

They are microwave and refrigerator-safe.

Besides being strong and sturdy, our palm leaf square bowls are also microwave, oven, freezer and refrigerator-safe. Moreover, these bowls do not have any chemicals. So, when heated in a microwave, they won't emit any harmful toxins into your food. In short, these biodegradable bowls are made safe for your food and the planet.

They are sleek and stylish.

The bowls have a sleek natural texture, representing some rustic and elegant natural prints. No two bowls are alike; every bowl highlights its own kind of tale with unique lines and prints.

They are chemical or toxin-free.

These disposable bowls are made entirely from plants and do not contain toxins. In short, they do not emit harmful substances into your food, even if heated in a microwave

They help support local communities.

Besides being plant-based and highly sturdy, these bowls also help you give back to the local communities. In short, with every purchase, you support all the local workers working in palm leaf factories and help them earn a safe and stable earning.

Wait, There's More

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Certified For Your Peace Of Mind

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