Palm Leaf Disposable Square Plates


Embrace Earth-Friendly Meals with Palm Leaf Square Plates

Ready to go all sustainable during your meal times? Our palm leaf square plates have got you covered. Embracing the bliss of being tree-free, our palm leaf plates are made from naturally fallen Areca palm and have absolutely no trails of toxins or chemicals.

Read on to explore more about why you need to switch to palm leaf plates by EcoSoul.

10 Reasons to Switch to Palm Leaf Square Plates

Read down below to explore some of the reasons why you need to switch to palm leaf square plates:

They are plant-based.

Made from naturally fallen Areca palm leaves, our palm leaf square plates are made from nothing but plants. With absolutely no plastic or trees, these plates embrace nature's true essence and help you follow a lifestyle that is simply sustainable for the planet. Moreover, unlike plastic plates, which rely on exhausting non-renewable resources like petroleum, our palm leaf plates are made from nature's fastest replenishing resources.

They are certified compostable.

Besides being plant-based, these plates also come with a back-to-nature promise. Our compostable palm leaf plates are certified to break down into tiny pieces post-disposal to become compost. This compost can then be used to increase the nutrient value of the soil. Moreover, while plastic plates leave behind a trail of microplastics in the soil, these compostable disposable plates embrace a circular economy by going back to the soil.

They embrace a circular economy.

Starting again, these compostable palm leaf square plates are made just from plants. And, once you are done with them you can simply dispose of them off in your compost bin. The crux here is that these plates are derived from nature and go back to nature, thus embracing the very essence of a circular economy.

They are sleek and stylish.

Who said sustainability can't be fun? With our palm leaf plates, you can live a sustainable lifestyle without compromising on your convenience. For starters, these palm leaf square plates highlight the sleek patterns of nature. In short, no two plates are alike. Every plate highlights its own pattern, embracing a unique kind of story and adding elegance to your table settings.

These plates are microwave and refrigerator-safe.

Besides helping you hit just the right kind of vibe on your dinner tables, these eco-friendly palm leaf square plates are also microwave, oven, freezer and refrigerator-safe. In short, you can either bake your favorite cookies, reheat some of the leftovers or simply use plates to store some of your food in the refrigerator.

These plates are non-toxic.

To be honest, these plates contain nothing but plants. They are absolutely free from chemicals or toxins, making them safe for the planet and for you.

These plates are extremely sturdy.

Here's no more flimsy, saggy plastic plates. Our palm leaf square plates are made of a durable build. These plates are highly strong and sturdy, allowing you to serve all those juicy meals without worrying about the mess. These plates do not get soggy under pressure and maintain their shape.

They offer ease of disposal.

We bet no one loves to spend their free time doing the dishes. And, if you have ever hosted a gathering at your place, you must know how stressful it can get. But, here's no more doing the dishes later. These single-use compostable plates are perfect for any kind of gathering. Simply dispose of them in your bin, and you're done. Plus, with intricate designs and sleek patterns, these plates are a great choice to impress your guests with an element of nature.

They are available in different shapes and sizes.

Besides providing palm leaf square plates, you can also go for round palm leaf plates. Moreover, depending on your type of meal, you can pick the right size as well. Currently, we provide a wide assortment of appetizer plates, dessert plates and meal plates in a variety of shapes.

They are certified for your peace of mind.

We mean it when we say that we go to the ends of the world to get our products rightfully certified. Our palm leaf square plates are USD certified for being plant based. Moreover, we also made sure to back our back-to-promise claims by ensuring all our disposable palm leaf plates are certified compostable.

What We Have In Store?

As stated above, our collection of palm leaf square plates is here to match every kind of mood. Whether you are looking for evening munchies or a super fast, nothing-fancy breakfast, we have got you covered. Explore below our wide collection of palm leaf square plates:

6 Inch Square Compostable Palm Leaf Plates

Here's to treating your sweet tooth. End your full-fledged meal with something sweet by serving some delicious dessert on these palm leaf square plates. Made from naturally fallen palm, these plates are perfect for adding a natural touch to your meal times and embracing a lifestyle that is gentle to the planet.

8 Inch Square Compostable Palm Leaf Plates

Ready for some delightful appetizers to get you started? With our palm leaf square plates, available in a size of 6 inches, you can easily add a natural yet elegant touch to your meals. Perfect for holding fancy evening appetizers or a sloppy sunny-side-up kind of breakfast, these plates do not buckle under running pressure and ensure you have a stress-free and guilt-free time.

10 Inch Square Compostable Palm Leaf Plates

These palm leaf square plates are here for a full-fledged meal. They can handle super-greasy steaks, gravy-filled meat loafs, or absolutely anything in between. And because these plates are made without chemicals or toxins, they don't emit harmful chemicals into your food, even after being heated in a microwave.

10 Inch & 7 Inch Square Compostable Palm Leaf Plates

Here's a perfect starter pack to try out our palm leaf square plate collection. Available in sizes 10 and 7 inches, you can choose up to 200 counts, depending upon your requirements. This pack is a great choice for spring brunches, house parties, or family gatherings.

Why Choose Palm Leaf Over Plastic?

Choosing palm leaf plates versus plastic has various environmental and health benefits. Palm leaf plates are produced from naturally fallen palm leaves, making them biodegradable and eco-friendly. Unlike plastic, which may take centuries to break down and contribute considerably to pollution, palm leaf plates degrade naturally and return to the soil without leaving toxic residues. Furthermore, palm leaves are a renewable resource that can be obtained without hurting the plants, making palm leaf plates a more sustainable alternative to plastic made from nonrenewable fossil fuels.

Palm leaf plates require less processing than plastic, which results in a smaller carbon impact. Plastic production includes the extraction of petroleum or natural gas, as well as refining and manufacturing processes that emit toxic chemicals and greenhouse gasses. Palm leaf plates, on the other hand, are simply collected, cleaned, and molded, which helps to reduce their environmental effect.

Palm leaf plates are also often chemical-free since they are manufactured from natural materials that do not require additions or synthetic chemicals. Plastic plates may contain hazardous chemicals like BPA and phthalates, which can seep into food and cause health hazards. Palm leaf plates, on the other hand, provide a safe and environmentally sustainable way to serve meals without sacrificing health.

How Are Palm Leaf Plates Made?

We at EcoSoul believe that sustainability isn't a big concern. It's simple and inexpensive, and you may quickly have a significant, lifelong influence with the correct decisions.

To make our palm leaf round plates, we begin by harvesting naturally fallen Areca palm leaves. Typically, trees, including palm palms, lose leaves. So, rather than selecting the best plant from the ree, we rely on harvesting all naturally falling leaves to guarantee that plant waste is upcycled along the route.

Next, the retrieved palm leaves are cleaned, rinsed, and trimmed to remove any irregularities. This is normally accomplished by washing them under water to remove any adhering dirt. Later, these leaves are also hand-washed and rinsed once again.

Once the dirt and debris have been removed from the leaves, they are left to dry. Typically, they are air-dried by hanging them for a set amount of time.

These leaves are hand-stretched and secured before being sent through a mold. After that, the leaves are molded into the appropriate form or size using a hot steam press. Because we ensure that all of our goods are chemical-free, these plates do not contain any external or chemical-based binding agents, such as glue, to hold the leaves together in the proper form. In actuality, the leaves are steam-pressed until they adopt the exact shape of the mold. Once the desired shape is achieved, these palm leaf plates are trimmed and undergo vigorous quality checks before they reach their dinner tables.

Wait, There's More

\We have more in store for you. Apart from our extensive variety of palm leaf plates, be sure to browse our other collections as well. We provide a diverse selection of tableware, drinkware, cookware and personal hygiene items produced from nature's most rapidly renewing resources, such as bamboo, bagasse, palm leaves and corn starch.

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Certified For Your Peace Of Mind

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