Eco-Friendly Dinnerware, Kitchenware & Personal Care Under $50


Explore Earth-Friendly Essentials Under $50

Looking for some eco-friendly bliss on the right budget? Well, we have something we bet you'll love! Explore and buy eco-friendly dinnerware, kitchenware, and personal care under $50 by exploring our best sellers below.

At EcoSoul, we firmly believe that sustainability is easy and affordable. And, our range of plant-based and compostable range of everyday essentials is here to make it even more convenient. That being said, explore some of the best eco-friendly kitchenware under $50 down below:

Buy Compostable Straws Under $50

Are you bored of those fragile plastic straws? We certainly are. Your beverages do not deserve a compromise, and our biodegradable straws, which cost less than $40, are here to help. They are manufactured from plant starches, such as maize.

These biodegradable straws include no plastic or paper. Unlike plastic straws, which remain virtually forever in our environment, biodegradable straws are merely here for a good time. These straws are certified biodegradable and come with a guarantee to return to nature by becoming compost. So, in addition to giving a great drinking experience, these straws enrich the soil when discarded, boosting water retention and supplying essential nutrients.

Buy Disposable Coffee Cups Under $50

If you want to buy disposable coffee cups with lids under $50, you've come to the correct spot. Our plant-based and biodegradable hot cups, which come with or without sleeves and lids, are manufactured from repurposed plant waste known as bagasse.

In summary, bagasse is a byproduct produced when juice is extracted from sugarcane stalks. While it is often burned to eliminate waste, we at EcoSoul believe in embracing a circular economy. Our hot cups, made from repurposed bagasse, can withstand a wide range of hot liquids without ever bowing under pressure. These cups are microwave—and oven-safe and contain no toxins or chemicals, ensuring a healthy sipping experience.

Buy Compostable Spoon Sets Under $50

Whether it's a quick camping trip or a picnic with some of your best friends, food has always been an integral aspect of any gathering. To make your mealtimes more environmentally friendly, our compostable spoons set under $50 are an excellent alternative.

Our biodegradable spoons are constructed of PLA. PLA, or polylactic acid, is a kind of bioplastic derived from plant starches such as maize or sugarcane. Our spoons are produced from corn starch and come with a back-to-nature pledge. However, unlike plastic spoons, which are created by depleting nonrenewable resources such as petroleum, these biodegradable spoons are made entirely from plants.

Also, once you're finished using them, you can throw them in your compost bins, where they'll break down into little bits and make compost. This compost may then be used to enrich the soil.

Aside from the sustainability promises, these spoons are very useful. Unlike normal plastic spoons, which tend to become mushy when heated, these spoons are ideal for scooping and biting into delicious appetizers without seeming like a sacrifice. Furthermore, they provide convenient disposal! We're attempting to indicate that you won't have to bother about cleaning the dishes later. Simply use them, dispose of them, and watch as they merge with nature. You may choose between an all-compostable spoon set and our compostable cutlery set.

Compostable Resealable Bags Under $50

If you want to buy eco-friendly kitchenware under $50, you'll probably need some resealable bags to preserve your leftovers. And, unlike those plastic containers that take up a lot of room and have to be washed after use, these resealable bags make things easier. For starters, these resealable bags are composed of PLA. PLA, derived from maize starch, is a type of bioplastic that is biodegradable and created entirely from renewable resources.

These resealable bags come in a variety of sizes and have a tight zip-lock system. They are ideal for storing anything, whether it's trail mix for travel or a complete side as leftovers. Furthermore, these compostable ziplock bags are microwave and freezer-safe. These bags are designed to be safe for your food and the environment, with no harsh chemicals or poisons, allowing you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Our resealable bags are clear, have a strong zip-lock mechanism, and are certified biodegradable. They are also available for less than $50.

Buy Compostable Knife Under $50

In addition to biodegradable and disposable spoons, we also offer compostable knife sets. These knives, like PLA spoons, are fashioned out of cornstarch. Our certified biodegradable plant-based knives, made entirely of plants and promising a return to nature, are here to complement any meal and provide planet-safe delight to every situation.

Furthermore, unlike plastic knives, which become extremely soggy when exposed to high heat, our biodegradable blades do not bend under strain. The issue is that many single-use cutlery contains a variety of toxins. Furthermore, when this silverware comes into contact with heated food, it tends to leak toxic compounds into the meal. However, with our compostable knives under $50, you won't have to worry about consuming any toxins.

Finally, our knives are compostable. Because we enjoy traveling to the ends of the globe to get our claims validated, our knives are certified compostable. That being said, once you've finished using them, our biodegradable knives will break down into tiny pieces in a compost container and become compost. This compost may then be utilized to enrich the soil and offer essential nutrients to it. In a nutshell, these knives are durable, study, plant-based, and support the circular economy. (It's a win-win, right?)

Buy Bamboo Kitchen Utensils Under $50

It's time to sauté, stir, and serve sans plastic! Our collection of bamboo kitchen utensils is constructed entirely of bamboo. These utensil sets come in a set of six and are sourced directly from the tropicals, where nature's quickest renewing resource (aka bamboo) thrives.

Furthermore, our utensil sets are not only plant-based but also quite robust. For starters, they are quite powerful. Because bamboo is one of the strongest components in nature, all bamboo basics value its durability. Second, the kitchen utensils are devoid of chemicals. In fact, due to bamboo's inherent antibacterial and antifungal qualities, bamboo utensils are sanitary and safe for food contact.

Moving on, bamboo is remarkably non-porous. Compared to wood utensils, bamboo absorbs less water and does not get fluffy with each usage. It is also suitable for unusual temperatures. So, whether you're combining some hot chili or serving some ice-cold custard, these tools will remain unaffected. Furthermore, because these utensils are chemical-free, they will not release any dangerous pollutants into your food, even at higher temperatures.

Buy Bamboo Baby & Cleaning Wipes Under $50

Did you know that your standard wipes include concealed pieces of plastic and a variety of chemicals that may be extremely harmful to delicate skin?

But here's to personal hygiene that is both environmentally friendly and healthy for you. Let's start with bamboo baby wipes. Our bamboo wipes under $40 are made entirely of bamboo. These wipes are FSC-certified for being responsibly sourced and contain no harsh chemicals or poisons. These organic baby wipes are odorless, hypoallergenic, and have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties.

In short, they are safe for your baby's extremely delicate skin. When you are finished using them, just place them in your compost bins. These wipes have a back-to-nature promise and begin to disintegrate into little bits when discarded. In short, they become one with nature, nourishing rather than contaminating the earth.

Moving forward, our bamboo cleaning wipes under $40 make an excellent complement to your bathroom. These wipes provide a safe and hygienic toilet experience while also being free of plastic and trees. Furthermore, with no toxins or chemicals, these wipes are hypoallergenic, odorless, and ideal for sensitive skin.

Buy Bamboo Serving Tray Under $50

If you want to buy eco-friendly kitchenware under $50, we guarantee you'll need a bamboo serving tray to compliment your kitchen's natural and minimalist aesthetic. Our serving dishes are likewise made of bamboo, with elegant designs and a surprisingly strong construction.

In a nutshell, they are plastic and tree-free. Our bamboo serving tray is FSC-certified for being environmentally sourced and comes with handles for a more convenient experience. So, whether you like a cozy breakfast in bed or merely want to offer delicious appetizers to your visitors, the trays have you covered.

These serving trays, like bamboo cutting boards, are devoid of chemicals and toxins.

Buy Compostable Plates Under $50

We all agree that single-use plastic plates will never cut it. They are frail, full of poisons, and not ideal for a sustainable existence. However, our disposable compostable plates, for around $50, are available to complement all types of meals in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our compostable and plant-based plates are divided into two major types. If you enjoy adding natural touches to your surroundings, consider using palm leaf plates. However, if you like simplicity, our selection of sugarcane bagasse plates has you covered.

Furthermore, you may select from a broad range of shapes and sizes based on your meal requirements. Our line of plant-based and compostable dinnerware under $50, including palm leaf and sugarcane bagasse plates, is also free of toxins.

Buy Compostable Bowls Under $50

We offer palm leaf and sugarcane bagasse bowls in a range of shapes and sizes, similar to our plant-based and compostable plate collection. These plant-based bowls are non-toxic and devoid of chemicals.

These compostable bowls are also designed to complement a variety of foods and resist extreme temperatures. They are microwave, oven, refrigerator, and freezer safe, and do not generate dangerous chemicals when exposed to extreme temperatures.

Buy Bamboo Kitchen Towels Under $50

It's time to clean up the mess without wiping out the trees. Our bamboo kitchen towels are made from bamboo and include no trees or plastic. Furthermore, they are extremely absorbent and have inherent antimicrobial characteristics.

So, in addition to letting you wipe up the mess with a clear conscience, you may also appreciate mess-free places in terms of hygiene. They are also tear-resistant and provide a return-to-nature pledge. That being said, once you're finished using them, all you have to do is throw them in a compost bin, and they'll decompose into compost in a matter of weeks.

Buy Bamboo Facial Tissues Under $50

Here's something that will make your self-care routine more Earth-friendly. Made from bamboo, our facial tissues are perfect for caring for your face without worrying about your environmental impact. In fact, besides being a great choice for the planet, these bamboo facial tissues are also good for your skin.

For starters, they are natural and plant-based. This implies that they are free from any kinds of chemicals or toxins that can have a harmful reaction to your skin. Moreover, these tissues are made from bamboo, making them naturally antibacterial and antifungal. They are soft on your skin, even if you have those super-sensitive skin types.

Also, these tissues are pretty good at absorbency, too. They do not leave wet scraps on your face and help you wipe away the mess or simply caress your face without ever wiping away the trees. These tissues are also certified compostable. They go back to nature by breaking down into smaller pieces in a couple of days and become one with nature. Lastly, these bamboo facial tissues are available under $50.

Buy Compostable Kitchen Bags Under $50

It's time to bag your trash right without messing with the planet. If you are searching to buy compostable kitchen bags under $50, we have a wide assortment. Our compostable kitchen bags are plant-based and certified compostable. Made out of plant starch like corn (PLA, to be precise), these bags do not depend upon exhausting our non-renewable resources, like petroleum.

These bags are also heavy-duty. Unlike plastic bags that get super teary and heavy weight, you can store all your trash in one place without worrying about the mess. From heavy piles of waste to slithery wet waste, these PLA trash bags are just perfect for your kitchens. Offering a spectacular build, these compostable kitchen bags under $50 also lock in the odor, besides being just tear-resistant.

Buy Compostable Clamshells Under $50

Love being on the go? We have something special for you, and that too under $50. Our compostable clamshells are made from sugarcane bagasse. While this plant waste usually ends up in landfills or gets burned to reduce waste generation, we at EcoSoul believe in embracing a circular economy.

In short, we upcycle this plant waste and restore it into highly functional everyday essentials like clamshells. Available in various sizes and shapes, our clamshells containers are plant-based and certified compostable. Moreover, they are also toxin-free and microwave-safe. You can easily carry around your meal for the day in the boxes without worrying about the mess (thanks to the tight seal-lock mechanics they have.)

And once you are done, off they go to the compost bins, where they break down into compost, which can be used to nourish the soil.

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