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12 Oz Compostable Bowls

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Here for a snacking delight or enhancing a zesty dip, these plant-based compostable bowls are exactly what you need.

Made to hold every type of food, hot or cold, liquid or not, these bagasse bowls are also leak-resistant, super sturdy and sag-proof. With these, you can have a super crunchy breakfast, evening munchies and everything in between without contributing to the landfills.

  • Made from upcycled sugarcane fiber, bagasse
  • 90-180 days back-to-nature guarantee
  • Product Dimensions: 12 Oz
  • PFAS free


Strong & Sturdy

Uncompromising Quality




Microwave & Oven-Safe


Certified Compostable


Our plant-based, compostable bagasse bowls are crafted from sugarcane fiber. Simply put, bagasse is the leftover sugarcane fiber that remains after extracting juice from the sugarcane stalks. By repurposing this natural extract, we make your gatherings guilt-free and gentle towards the planet.

As a great polystyrene alternative, bagasse is suitable for hot and cold foods. Moreover, it is also water-resistant and comes with anti-sag and anti-leak properties. The bowls, made from bagasse, are also durable and microwave-safe.

Not just biodegradable, these bowls are also 100% compostable. In a nutshell, these bowls can break down into smaller pieces and nourish the soil. So, they are made from nature and go back to nature.

Simply put, compostable products are those that break down within 180 days of disposal and nourish the soil. Our bagasse bowls are certified compostable and start to break down within 90 days of disposal.

Composting is when microorganisms present in the soil break down a compostable product into smaller pieces. You can compost these bowls in your home by disposing them off in a compost bin. However, if you don't have a backyard or a compost bin, you can dispose of them in a simple trash bin. Once they end up in a landfill, they'll break down and nourish the soil within 180 days.

Technically, wherever you want. These bowls are meant for single use. However, because of the strong build and super sturdy texture, these bowls can go more than being used for just one meal. You can host parties, have your meals, enjoy delicious entrees and everything in between.


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