Sugarcane Bagasse Plates Over Paper Plates: 5 Reasons To Switch Today

A plate of ravioli topped with tomatoes and basil, served on Sugarcane Bagasse Plates.

Are you looking for a guilt-free way to ditch doing dishes? If yes, we bet you must have tried disposables. And, while single-use plates like plastic or paper plates are convenient, they are not a great option if you are looking to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

But, with bagasse plates, you can enjoy what we love to call "guilt-free convenience." Made out of plant-based materials like sugarcane bagasse, we at EcoSoul upcycle plant waste and rely on nature's fastest replenishing resources for everyday essentials that are high on convenience and light on the environmental impact.

With that in mind, here are the top reasons why sugarcane bagasse plates are a better option, when compared to paper plates.

What Are Bagasse Plates Made Up Of?

Technically, bagasse is a by-product that is left behind once the juice is extracted from sugarcane. This by-product either ends up in landfills or is burnt. However, we upcycle this plant waste to create plates that are not only sustainable but also offer uncompromising quality.

All our compostable bagasse plates are made from sugarcane bagasse and are certified compostable. Made from plants, these plates come with a back-to-nature promise and go back to nature within a couple of weeks post-disposal.

5 Reasons Bagasse Plates Are Better Than Paper Plates

Here are five reasons why disposable bagasse plates are a great alternative to single-use paper or plastic plates:

They are plant-based.

As stated above, plates made out of sugarcane bagasse are purely plant-based. Unlike paper or plastic plates, which rely on non-renewable resources, bagasse plates are made only from natural resources. Moreover, unlike single-use plastic plates, they consume a limited amount of energy during manufacturing.

They are certified compostable.

Every bagasse plate available at EcoSoul is certified compostable. Certified for all compostability claims, these plates go back to nature in a couple of weeks after disposal. Moreover, unlike plastic plates that tend to stay around forever and leave behind microplastics, these plates are here for a circular economy. Despite contaminating the soil with microplastics, bagasse compostable plates become compost and nourish the soil.

They are microwave and freezer-safe.

Besides being good for the planet, bagasse plates are pretty functional, too. From heating up the leftovers to freezing some homemade chocolates, compostable bagasse plates are microwave and freezer-friendly. In fact, you can also put them in your oven or refrigerator without worrying. Moreover, because these plates are toxin-free, they won't emit any harmful radiation even after coming in contact with high temperatures.

They are toxin/chemical-free.

We mean it when we say that bagasse plates, at EcoSoul, are made from zero toxins. Made safe for food contact, our bagasse compostable plates go through several quality checks to ensure what we offer isn't just good for the planet, but also good for you. In short, they are good for you, good for all.

They are super sturdy and strong.

Do you hate those flimsy paper or plastic plates that get mushy or soggy under pressure? We sure do. But, with disposable sugarcane plates, feel free to lather your meal with some good amount of gravy, because of their sturdy build. Offering uncompromising quality and an extraordinary build, these disposable plates would never buckle under pressure.

That's A Wrap

Orange slices on a plate with a cup of coffee, served on Sugarcane Bagasse Plates.

If you're looking for the best quality sugarcane plates, we, at EcoSoul, have got you covered. Made out of the purest form of sugarcane bagasse, these plates are a great way to ditch single-use plastic plates without ever having to compromise on your convenience.

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